Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Cuteness: Cool Pencil Case & a Super CUTE Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Are you someone who loves stationery? Someone who loves cute stationery? Yes? Super cute stationery? hehe.. have a look at these pictures and you would know what im talking about!
Pastel Fabric Diaries / Journals
Koala Eraser Collection

Converse Shoe Pencil Pouches

Aren't they super cute? Want to see more of their products? 

Check them out HERE

Now lets come to my giveaway :-) Its my very 1st giveaway so i wanted to give out something really cute! was kind enough to sponsor this Super CUTE giveaway! So lets see the prizes --->

Are you excited?! I am! hehe.. this giveaway will have 2 winners! And these are the prizes --->
Hope you like the prizes. Everyone is welcome so please join my giveaway and invite all your friends too! Its really simple.. just read my guidelines and fill the form below.


Please make sure you fill these fields properly as i will not enter you unless all the information is given and is valid. (these fields will have a red asterisk mark on it)


The more entries you get, the higher chances you have of winning :-)  

These are the links needed to join my giveaway.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL  


Have a Pink Day :-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

212 Men Carolina Herrera

Today is this months perfume review day :-) And i decided to review one of my most favorite men's perfumes. ;-) 

Are you wondering what fragrances are great for men? Confused on what to buy for your man on his birthday?

Have a look at this perfume and see if its something that your man would love to have.

212 Men Carolina Herrera

Top notes-  spices, petit grain, lavender, green notes, grapefruit and bergamot; 
Middle notes- ginger, green pepper, gardenia, violet and sage; 
Base notes- labdanum, sandalwood, musk, guaiac wood, vetiver and incense.

An elegant silver metallic bottle.. very manly. A bit too heavy to carry around but since men dont carry perfumes with them in their handbags :P its not an issue. The design is very attractive and the lid is magnetic! So you just hold the lid close to its bottle and its just clicks on. How sexy :-)

Its a very clever design.. and very convenient.

The fragrance -

The fragrance like its bottle is very manly and very strong.. a very strong sporty fragrance. A man's perfume so boys please stay away. Something that lasts all day long! The smell doesnt fade at all!! I wouldnt recommend it for daily use unless you're someone who loves to draw too much attention to yourself. Perfect for night time use especially during special occasions.  

What i have here is a gift set - 

Image from Google

It comes in a really nice silver metallic box and inside you get the perfume and a shower gel. 

The shower gel smells divine :-) just like the perfume but much more stronger and concentrated. It has a watery texture so you have to be careful when pouring it out onto the loofah. A little goes a long way.. so just a few drops and then you will smell fresh all day. The bathroom will smell of your perfume all day too :P

The perfume and the shower gel both have a long lasting fragrance.. the perfume stays on your clothes even after one machine wash!! So careful how much you spray onto your clothes.

Will i recommend?

A perfect gift for your man :-) He will definitely love it unless of course he doesnt agree with strong scents. Give it a try and let me know ;-)

Have a Pink Day :-)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marks & Spencer Extremely Chocolatey White Chocolate Rounds [YummiLicious]

Hello Ladies :-) Me having a CHOCOLATEY day and wanted to share it with you :-) 

Have you tried this?

Its sooooooooo yummy! Perfect for white chocolate lovers.. maybe a little too much sometimes.. but its a good treat for someone who wants to indulge in a bit of biscuits and alot of chocolate.

Have you tried this?
Loved it? 

Share your yummilicious stuff with me ;-)

Have a Pink Day :-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PALLADIO Herbal Thickening Mascara

Hey Ladies ;-) Everyone's talking about natural ingredients.. natural makeup.. no chemicals. So i thought of posting a review on a herbal mascara! Heard about the brand PALLADIO? Yes? This is their mascara that i have here.

PALLADIO Herbal Thickening Mascara

Pretty isnt it? 

Its a 2 in 1 mascara. Thats the mascara wand and those are the brushes.

It has an eye lash brush and an eye brow brush

This is what it looks like ---------->

My thoughts :

I dont know what to expect from a herbal mascara. This is the first time i used a natural mascara and im surprised how much i liked it. :-) 

Reasons to love this product:

  • Its a natural product and its great to switch to all natural products and avoid chemicals getting into your body
  • It does thicken eye lashes slightly and makes it look long and pretty
  • Its not waterproof so its really easy to wash off
  • Doesnt clump

Reasons to not love this product:
  • Its best to avoid using this mascara on rainy days, really hot days and sad days 
  • If you are someone who cries alot.. please remember its not waterproof!
  • The shade i have is black/brown. The tube and the mascara looks very brown but it doesnt show on your lashes.. its just like any other black mascara. So if you want a brown shade.. this isnt the one for you. If you want jet black shade.. this isnt the one for you.
  • No cat eye effects

Will i recommend:

I love the idea that this product is natural and since i dont have to travel alot and stay out alot with makeup on, i dont have a problem with this mascara and would recommend it to all those who hate stubborn water proof eye make up.

If you want a mascara for everyday wear.. something that doesnt have to last for hours and hours.. you can try it. :-)

Is this your type of product?

Now its time for your thoughts!
Have you used this product?
What are your reviews?
Have a Pink Day :-)

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