Wednesday, April 30, 2014

YonKa Vital Defense Anti-Oxidant Anti-Pollution

Call me weird but i would admit it anyways - i always felt my skin was drier during the summers than in winter. LOL! Yes i sound ridiculous but its true. Ofcourse its true .. and why is my skin drier? Well Because of its Mr. Air conditioner! As much as i would admit it gives comfort in these warm desert summers .. i still am not a great fan of this little man. Seriously i dislike him for so many reasons. For starters - my nose gets blocked and i always can not figure out if i feel too cold or not cold enough.Its just a personal preference that might not make much sense to you.

So after realising that some of my most loved day time creams did not work that well! WEIRD! But i dont blame the cream because i know its my skin that seems to be kinda different these days. I took out my Yonka Vital Defense face cream which i only use if and when im going out because i feel its more suitable for outdoors and also it is pricey so you know how we love to keep it in possession for as long as possible. Oh yeah something like that!

It looks really light and yes it feels really light too but dont think for a second it doesnt work well because surprising it totally soothes my skin and makes the dry patches go away! Totally moisturises and makes skin soft without making it greasy or feeling heavy. Use it under your make up and it feels and looks really amazing. AWESOME!

The Good Stuff:

Feels light and perfect for day use
Protects skin from pollution
Comes on light and allows use of makeup easier
Moisturises and soothes out dry skin during the summer

The Not so Good Stuff:


So ..

So i took it out and i am using it at home as well because my skin needs that extra love and protection. It may seem pricey but if you are someone who is working outside alot and prone to skin damage this might be something you would want to try out! And also make up lovers can safely add on the colours without worrying about feeling too heavy or greasy! And also paraben free! Love it! 

Shopping Spot:

If you are interested in looking at more products from this brand, keep up with their news, giveaways and all that - CONNECT WITH THEM BELOW:

Hope you liked the review! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Zebra Leggings Giveaway! OPEN WORLDWIDE!

Rowme is giving away this pretty pair of leggings to one of my lucky fans! YAY! 


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Ends 27th April! 

Best of Luck!

Btw, the stripe leggings will be  $ 15.99 on April 24th . Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans : 10% Offleggings  It'll help you save another 10% for the leggings on  April 24th .

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Moisture Mask [Normal Skin]

So now i will go cleanse my face, apply this on my face and neck and will be back in a bit for the rest of the review. And yes i have already used 1 application 2 weeks ago .. i dont remember the finer details so i will have to use the other one now so that i can tell you what i feel.

Its spring here .. well its really warm but since i stay indoors all day long my face feels really tight and dry at the end of the day due to air conditioning so i thought maybe my face needed some refreshing and moisture. So i thought this might be helpful.

Comes in 2 separate sachets which is really convenient so its 2 uses in one packet. Very affordable too.

Kinda very thick lotion like texture that does not dry .. i mean even after leaving it on my face for 15 mins .. its still wet and feels like i got a layer of body lotion on my face. NOT GOOD.

Basically i DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE and i will tell you why. 

1. Did not feel refreshing at all - i wanted something cooling and fresh but all i got was a layer on lotion on my face which felt like body lotion!

2. Did not dry at all - there was absolutely no change in texture even after leaving it on my face for 15 mins .. i wanted some change??!

3. Face did not feel super clean - i kept thinking if my face was washed well enough .. it just felt very odd.

4. Did not moisture at all There might have been a 0.001% change but trust me thats only because i tried my BEST to see if there was any change. NOT GOOD.

So ..

I was totally disappointed. It just did not do anything at all. TOTALLY pointless!! 

Shopping Spot:

Ansar Gallery QR 5.75

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The Walk In Closet Qatar is giving away one set of 24 make up brushes to one of you! Why wait?

Upto 75% OFF for Easter! YAY! Happy Shopping!

Romwe is having one of their awesome sales! 

Happy Easter day

Up to 75%off. Hurry up!

More than 1000 styles. There is always a suitable one for you! 

Start from Apr 15th, end on Apr 22nd.

Shipping within 24 hours.

By the way, the white lace blouse in 3D embroidery will be $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%.

Beginning at 1:00am GMT April 17th,

Lasts only 24 hours, limited pieces available. 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in Glossy Black [Waterproof]

Eyeliners are like a must obviously and cute little ones like these?! Well you know the answer. I have been using this for awhile now and yes i like it. Its beautiful .. the black is so intense and looks beautiful on my Sri Lankan eyes .. if you know what i mean.

The black as you can see is BLACK AS EVER AND GLOSSY! And please do not judge my eye lining skills as you might have already noticed, i can not draw straight lines to save my life. Seriously i am BAD and doing the winged eyes is like what do i say - writing a statistics paper. Yes you are right, i am bad with numbers and straight lines.. ok even curvy lines. Also looking at the brush.. you might have noticed its perfect for thick winged eyes rather than thin eye lining.

Ok so the waterproof test results are here!





The wand is perfect for winged eyes and thick lining.. not so great for thin lines. Amazing glossy black colour.. stays on for a couple of hours (4-5 hours) and looks gorgeous. A really good eye liner for casual wear.  Wish it wasnt pricey i mean its not that pricey but not cheap either.

Shopping Spot:

City Lifestyle QR 40

BTW they got an amazing offer going on right now - Check it out!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Cute Geek Tshirt is on SALE RIGHT NOW!

"Geek" Print Grey T-shirt you have never seen before! 

Sold at the price of $ 9.99, original price is $ 26.99, up to 63% off. 

Only 300 units are in stock. 

Hurry up! 140 pieces for size S, 80 pieces for size M, 80 pieces for size L 

Only at 1 o'clock am GMT April 10th, only 24 hours! 

Worldwide free shipping, shipped in 24 hours

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Win 3 OASAP new tees, yes, you heard me right, 3 pieces![OPEN WORLDWIDE]

Have a glimpse at OASAPs spring-summer tee new-ins?

Great, because now we offer a chance to win your most loved 3 tees from:

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Good luck!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Closet Ideas: Dressing up for Spring!

I dont really own many dresses so i thought i would add some nice dresses to my closet this spring. This is one of the few i bought this month. Has a vintage touch to it, super cute and is a nice color too. Thought you might like to see closer.

Has a really cute tie back belt so i didnt have to worry about the size and whether it fits and all that. 

So paired up with my most favourite vintage bag and here you go! A perfect spring outfit. Dont you agree?

Shopping Spot:

Orange belted dress from Romwe
Vintage Kisslock bag from Oasap 

Hope you loved my outfit ideas! Do let me how you are planning to dress up this Spring!

L'Occitane 5 Essential Oils Volumizing Shampoo

After months of trying so many shampoos .. nothing really worked for me. I had a hair fall problem that was getting worse after trying more and more new products .. i almost gave up but before that - i tried this one .. well .. AND ofcourse i loved it! Let me tell you why!

Shampoos are pretty straight forward - it works or doesnt .. there is nothing in between .. there is no .. well .. That .. well .. this story. Atleast thats how i see it. So no long stories just simple facts .


A very light pleasant citrus scent that lasts only while lathering up and totally disappears after .. i wish it lasted longer because it smells so fresh and totally lights up your mood.


Taking that picture was quite a task! The shampoo kept running down my palm. Its a really runny light texture. Lets say like a gel type face wash but super light.


Does not trigger hair fall! My hair fall has reduced so much after using this shampoo

Feels real gentle on my hair but cleanses WELL

Volumes hair 

Smells so fresh


Has SLS!!! 

Like most volumizing shampoos .. it dries hair quite a bit so a conditioning mask is a must atleast one a week

Lathering needs too much product

So ..

I LOVE THIS SHAMPOO! My hair fall has come down like sooooo much. This is the only shampoo i can use without being paranoid. It takes a little time to show results but eventually you can see your hair is improving very well. Only problem is that i need to keep up with my hair masks to make sure that my hair doesnt feel too dry. It is pricey but totally worth it if you are looking for something gentle for your hair. 

Shopping Spot:

L'Occitane, Landmark QR 99

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My March Empties and Romwe Winner!

Since im in my BESTEST moods today [NOT] I decided to get rid of the trash i have been collecting in my dresser drawer and clear it. Yes, i am in a terrible mood.. dont ask me why. Just annoyed that i am annoyed obviously for something that i shouldnt be annoyed about.. being annoyed is annoying.. and its more annoying when you talk about! You know what  i mean.


Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Colour Cream 
5-68 Medium Chestnut:

I will NOT tell you anything about this product. It did not work on me. NOTHING HAPPENED. If you still want to see my review and what my hair looked like before and after. See my FULL REVIEW HERE

Avene Cicalfate Antibacterial Repair Cream:

This is my miracle cream! I use it on my hands when its dry.. on my feet when my skin peels.. on wounds that have healed so i can avoid scars. Pretty much on everything! I love it! ITS AMAZING! You can use it on your face and body for repairing problematic areas. Paraben free, fragrance free and preservatives free. MY MOST FAVOURITE CREAM EVER!

Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion:

I bought this hoping it might work on my dry feet.. it didnt. But it was really lovely for tired feet and did make it all worth buying UNTIL it turned white and became fishy!!!! I had left it sitting on my dresser drawer for a couple of weeks and totally forgotten about it.. one day i remember and take it out.. the lotion had become white in colour and it smelt fishy.. not that fishy.. i mean literally fishy. Weird! I didnt want to risk using it anymore so i had to simply pour it out in the sink. What a waste! It still have time and didnt expire but had gone bad for reason unknown. Really disappointed.. had this ever happened to you?
It was pricey too! QR 95

The Body Shop Papaya Body Scrub:

It did have this weird artificial scent of papayas but it was a really good scrub and did the job perfect! Kinda drying.. so if you got super dry skin you might not like it.. drying but i did love the smooth feel it gave. Will not repurchase but did not disappoint.

The Halal Cosmetics Company Ultimate Anti Ageing Cream:

THE BEST ANTI AGEING CREAM I HAVE EVER USED! Seriously! Its the most moisturizing rich cream i have used till late. Free from parabens and other nasties.. cruelty free! I had always thought i didnt have any fine lines or any ageing problems at all.. but turns out i was wrong. Though i didnt have any super serious wrinkle issues.. i think i did have some fine lines around my eyes which kinda smoothen out and became less visible after using this cream. Its really amazing! Kinda pricey but it works. Really! FULL REVIEWS HERE.

Bella Cotton Large Round Make up pads:

These are the big sized 100% cotton make up pads! Its really easy to work with and i realised these huge ones are so much more interesting to use than the regular size. And yeah it was pretty cheap too. Will repurchase.

Dove Regenerating Nourishment Hand Cream:

I do like my Dove hand creams.. the one with shea butter is something i have used again and again - SEE HERE its cheap and works well. I wanted to try more varieties so picked this one. This is the night cream.. well i expected it to be more rich and moisturizing but it totally was the opposite! It was a lighter version and didnt moisture as much as the shea butter version. Too bad! It was pleasant, lovely scent and all that but for dry hands i think the shea butter one works so much better. Too bad.. it didnt work for me.

So those were my empties! Hope you liked them! And now we can go to the lucky winner of this week!



Congrats to the lucky winner.  Please make sure you MESSAGE me within 48 hours TO MY Facebook page through yours! If you fail to message me in time i will be choosing a new winner!

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