Friday, March 30, 2012

Gettin' Lippy Lip Balm

You must be knowing about this really fun lip balm tube that has 3 flavors in 1 tube! Amazing isnt it :-) I was finally able to get hold of one of them.. and here are my thoughts!

This Gettin' Lippy lip balm that i have here is from the Valentine's Day Edition and has 3 sweet Valentine's Day flavors - Pink raspberry, White chocolate and Red candy kisses! The tube is ofcourse is a simple transparent lip balm tube.. nothing special about it. But have a look at the stuff inside.


A typical chapstick like texture.. comes on clear on the lips!


All 3 flavors smell so yum yum! 

The Fun Stuff:

Its really nice having 3 lovely flavors in one tube.. if you dont like the flavor you're using now.. just take a sharp knife and cut it off and start with the next one. But dont worry i dont think you will hate any flavors!

Makes lips feel so soft and smooth! Comes on rather thick onto your lips but provides a really light shine to it so it doesnt shout out to people that you got lip balm on. Its a good everyday wear lip balm.

The NOT So Fun Stuff:

Leaves a rather weird after taste on my tongue and in my throat.. its really slight but its there. I wonder why. I wish i can get rid of it somehow.

DOESNT have a taste! Come on, when it smells so awesome.. it should taste good too!!


Its a fun lip balm.. you should definitely try it out! They got loads of different flavors! Im not sure how good it is for chapped lips because my lips are perfectly fine at the moment. If you're looking for a fun lip balm.. you can try one of these for sure!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

The 2 NEW WINNERS of the Pink Clouds Tints and Highlights Giveaway are..

2 of my winners did not reply on time so i am choosing 2 new winners.. 

Analyn Alonsagay 

Please email me to or message to my Facebook within 48 hours or i will choose another winner!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Winners of the Pink Clouds Tints and Highlights giveaway are..

The Lucky Winners of the Roots Only Comb Applicator are -

Mandy Hopkins 
Misfa Farook
Alice Tan

Please email me to or message me through my Facebook page within 48 hours OR i will choose a new winner! 

Have a Pink Day :-)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BonBliss Sweet Satsuma Scrub 2 Go (Mini Solid Hand Scrub)

All those who follow me on my Facebook would know that i won this scrub on a giveaway hosted by BonBliss. My Facebook is full of giveaways and fun stuff so please do hop onto my Facebook and have a look! 

As the name says.. this product is a luxurious treat for your skin.. no chemicals, no SLS and no parabens! Nothing harmful in it! Enriched in so many nourishing oils.. its a really moisturizing formula. So awesome. This is actually a hand scrub but the instructions say you can use it on your body too so i mostly use it for my feet and knees. The scrub comes in a cute little tin and is really handy especially if you are travelling its convenient. You can pop this into your handbag and start your journey.

There are 15 cubes in here! Wrapped up like cutey little candies!! Arent they so cute? I usually use one cube for each feet and give a generous scrub! But if you're worried that you're using too much product.. then you can use half a cube on each feet and that works fine too.


Its a salt and sugar formulation so it doesnt foam. NO foam or lather. Just crumble a cube into your hands and rub it into your wet skin. I massage it for a few minutes and i feel the sugar and salt melts in leaving a layer of oil onto my skin. At first you might feel its really greasy but once you wash off the scrub and wipe your skin. You feel that your skin feels fresh and totally moisturized. 


I choose Sweet Satsuma and its a wonderful smell of oranges! LOVELY!! Its like wrapping my feet in a pool of sweet orange juice! I love the smell.. its a very sweet orangy smell. Smells just like Orange flavored candy!

Does it work for me?

I chose to use this scrub on my feet because i realised my feet needed some special attention and this scrub really helped moisturize my feet and provide gentle exfoliation. There is nothing harsh about this scrub.. it provides really gentle exfoliation and adds a layer of nourishing oil to make it soft and smooth. Im totally loving this scrub and i use it on my driest areas.

Will i recommend?

This is a must try! A must have.. you can use it very often like i do.. or use it on special occasions to give your skin a treat. Check out BonBliss and see what scents might interest you because they got loads of different scents so im sure there will be something you will love to try as well!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raw Chocolate Face Pack from raw gaia [My Mini Spa MUST HAVE!]

Just enjoyed a delicious chocolate face pack and relaxing now :-) I really love this face pack! So do you want to get a quick chocolate facial with me? 

Raw Chocolate Face Pack from raw gaia 

I love face packs! Especially organic ones! It always a good idea to treat yourself to a good chemical free face pack at least once a week. Helps improve your complexion and makes you look and feel fresh. 

This face pack comes in a pretty glass jar which i love! i love products that come in pretty packaging! Its a small jar that is filled to the brim with chocolate powder! 

Ingredients - Raw Chocolate Powder which has the highest known source of antioxidants in the world-, Red clay, organic turmeric and organic amla fruit powder.

Shall we start our facial day ------------>

1. Take a little raw chocolate powder onto a small bowl, a teaspoon or even 1/2 teaspoon is enough for your whole face

2. Mix it to a few drops of water and apply it to your face. Looks just like melted chocolate and smells totally DELICIOUS!! So lickable!!!!!

3. Leave it on your face for 10 mins and wash off with water

4. WARNING: your face will look reddish brown in color!!!!!!! Dont be alarmed LOL. Take your favorite cleanser and cleanse your face well. I use my Liz Earle cleanser and wipe off the remains using cotton pads dipped in warm water.

5. Using cotton pads, wipe your face with your toner. Make sure you remove all the brown color from your face

6. Moisturize!

Haaaa! Thats a load of work but trust me its worth it!

Will i recommend?

Its a really delicious face pack! You can use it once or twice a week. Makes your face feel soft and smooth! I always notice my face looks more brighter after this treatment. Love it! 

Product was sent by company for reviews but that has no effects on my honest opinions.

Have a Pink Day :-) 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pink Clouds 'Tasty March Giveaway' Win a bunch of products from Sweets Cosmetics!

Heya Ladies! Sweets Cosmetics is sponsoring this really AWESOME giveaway on my Facebook so HOP onto my Facebook and ENTER RIGHT NOW! 

Have a Pink Day :-)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Cuteness: Hello Kitty Charm with UV Reactive Beads from Stefi's Boutique!

Hello to all those who love Hello Kitty :-) Dont you want everything around you to be Hello Kitty! Its such an addiction isnt it!?

See this cute little charm that i got from Stefi's Boutique, i have attached to my mobile phone. Dont you love it?

Can you see the little Hello Kitty in there? Isnt it so cute??!! I really hope you can see because my camera doesnt focus so close anymore.. i wonder why. This is all i can zoom. Anyways those who arent that fascinated by Hello Kitty and are YET to be addicted.. i know you're wondering whats so special about this charm. Whats so awesome about it? Well its the pretty little UV reactive beads that are attached to it.

See those beads!! When kept inside the house.. the beads are transparent. Once you take them out it changes color according to the amount of UV rays around! Isnt that awesome! I was waiting all morning for some sun to actually show you the color changes BUT for some reason Colombo had her least sunny days today LOL Talk about timing! LOL. I think today must have been the day i would welcome some UV rays in here! hehe.. Anyways there was little change in color as you can see the beads are changing from being transparent to little yellow.. then purple.. and then blue. The more UV rays there is, the darker the beads become. So i think this charm is like an indicator to us girls to remind us when to load ourselves with sunscreen. :-) I carry this around at all times since its attached to my mobile and its really fun to see how the color changes from place to place! And to be UV ALERT at all times!

Dont you want one of these? You can check them out at Stefi's Boutique! They got lovely charms, painted false nails and so much more! 

So this is my March Cuteness! What is yours?

Have a Pink Day :-)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MAC Lightful Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - Does this look fake?

Hello Ladies! I need to clarify something! I picked this product up a long time ago and i never really used it.. just wondering.. IS THIS FAKE? 

Is this the real thing?

Thats the powder with glitter.. i know its weird! Its shiny powder.

This powder gives a matte finish

Thats the sponge i guess!


Have you ended up with MAC fakes? How did you find out?

Have a Pink Day :-)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oriflame body & mind sweet dreams mist [Lavender and Passionflower]

Its been so long since i reviewed a fragrance so i just picked this one up and started :-) Have you tried this one? Did you like it?

Actually im not a great fan of lavender scent.. i really dont know why i picked this one up. It looked so appealing on the catalogue and also i thought i might be able to use it at night to help me fall asleep. Not that i have a sleeping problem or anything. LOL. I dont know. Sometimes i am just too curious to try stuff.

Scent - 

Its a very passionflowery scent. Not very lavendery.. but there is a slight VERY slight lavender smell. LOL. I know these arent real words but i hope you understand what im trying to say. Its not something i would say WOW but its not terrible either. Its just BORING.

Lasting power - 
Once sprayed onto your skin.. its just smells kind of not so interesting and the scent vanishes soon. BUT you should try spraying it onto fabric and the smell lasts soooo long. Perfect to spray onto your pillows or bed sheets if you can actually stand this scent. I mainly use it to scare away the ants! No kidding.. really! If i want to chase ants away i use this mist. :-)

Will i recommend?

No. Its not special.. its just an ordinary body mist which smells really boring that it actually scares ants away! If you have ants at home.. maybe you can give this a try. 

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