Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Get Ready For Bed.. My Night Time Routine and GIVEAWAY!

Before you shake your head real fast and say 'YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING' Let me tell you - this is my most elaborate night time routine. I dont get to do everything everyday but i do try!

Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity:
This is my basic day and night face Cleanser. Its paraben free .. well im not super happy with it. ITS OKAY. Dries out my skin a little too much and if i ever get it into my eyes .. GOD! Its the worst thing EVER. [QR 45 from Boots]

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Remover Eyes & Lips: 
I use this for super quick eye makeup removal .. on days when i only got eyeliner on and want to get done fast. Works well and doesnt sting.

Yonka Paris Lait Nettoyant Cleansing Milk:
This is something new i have been trying out lately. Seems nice. Its paraben free. I use it when i have a full face makeup. Reviews will be up in a couple of weeks. [QR 145 from Chic and Posh Beauty Lounge]

Spa Ceylon White Jasmine Facial Cleansing Balm:
[Full Reviews here] I love this! And try to use it as much as possible. Perfect for a full face makeup day and doubles up as a great facial treatment. 

Nivea Water Lily & Oil Shower Gel:
Smells super amazing! I really dont see any moisturizing effects but the scent is totally refreshing and uplifting. MUST TRY! [QR 12 from Al Meera]

Lotion Yonka:
This toner comes in a beautiful luxurious glass spray bottle. Looks so lush and is really amazing. You dont have to wipe it off like a regular toner .. you can spray it on and massage it onto your skin. [QR 155 from Chic and Posh Beauty Lounge]

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth:
[Full reviews here] Paraben and silicone free! Really Helped my skin smooth and healthy looking an unknown. Love it and going to be finishing it soon.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream:
[Full reviews here]   Moisturizes the eye area well and helps with dark circles. Its a really good basic eye cream That i am enjoying at the moment. [Buy 2 get 1 free on the Vitamin E range offer going on at The Body Shop Qatar till 18th March]

Ultimate Anti Aging Cream from The Halal Cosmetics Company:
[Full reviews here]   Its rich and totally amazing! Makes my skin so soft and smooth! LOVE IT! Has really great ingredients That help with anti aging. would I recommend this if you are looking for something rich for your skin.

Mikyajy Ganooja Body Lotion:
Not so moisturizing .. but love the scent! I use it along with the body mist and its so amazing. Long lasting scent. Absolutely girly.

Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream:

The Body Shop Hemp Intensive Hand Butter:
[Full reviews here] Smells strong but works well on dry hands and feet! I mostly use it on my feet these days .. love it!

Brilliant Love Heart Lip Essence:
[Full reviews here]  This is a part of a full lip care treatment system. I love using this essence alot because it makes my lips soft and also has a nice pink tint to it which makes my lips look plump and nice.

Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil:
This one is for hair loss! I use it at night and let it stay so i can wash off my hair in the morning. Smells so strong and horrible! My husband says it Seems to be working for him but i am still trying it. Reviews will be up soon.

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Aloe Vera Water Grass Hair Oil Mist:
Smells so amazing! I use it for a bit of scent and also to add shine to my hair. Its so awesome! Just got to be careful not to use too much and your hair will end up looking and feeling greasy.

Mikyajy Ganooja Body Mist:
[Full reviews here] I LOVE THIS SCENT SO MUCH! Its fresh and floral. I use it day and night. Love it! I also sometimes use the body lotion along with this and i love it! [QR 39 at Mikyajy Ezdan Mall]

Johnson's Baby Cologne - Morning Dew:
I use these as deodorants and it smells so amazing.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Eau De Toilette:
I know everybody must have tried this! Smells so good! Feminine and nice. Usually I use it at night. Love the scent. [The Body Shop Qatar has their Buy 2 get 1 free offer on this range going on now till 18th March]

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Comment below telling me what special product you like to use before your bed time

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Best of Luck! Giveaway ends 6th April 2014


  1. This looks like a very tedious process!! Nice post :)

  2. GFC bernadeta bomba
    I use before my bed time Original Source Orange and Ginger Bath foam, cream at night and balm

  3. Done :)
    FB: Sylvia Bomba
    My special product which I am using before my bed time is night cream, eye cream and body balm Nivea.
    I would like to win :

  4. I use only cleanser and night cream by Innativa (eco-biological produtcs) and Shea Butter for my body! :D
    I like this skirt:
    gfc: lonely_star
    fb: Venera Giannetto

  5. Grt post thanks for sharing :) I am daily using lavera body gel moisturizer and nivea lip balm daily :) and thanks for the giveaway :)
    I love to win :
    GFC: Afsana amir ali
    FB: Afsana prasla

  6. Wow, thanks! I like use night cream by Bottega Verde! ^^
    fb: cogito ergosum

  7. gfc theannakitchen
    googleAnna Bueti

  8. Hi Pink CLouds,
    Lovely giveaway :)

    Already a GFC follower, GFC Name: Meenakshi Kapur
    I would love to win this within $15 as this is of fav color Purple
    Really hope to get lucky :)

  9. Hi Pink Clouds,
    Lovely giveaway :)

    Already a GFC follower, GFC Name: Meenakshi Kapur
    Before going to bed, I usually apply coconut oil on my hands and massage it which not only norishes my hands but also gives them strength

    I would love to win this within $15 as this is of fav color Purple

    Hope this is International giveaway, could not find so just entered :D
    Really hope to get lucky :)

  10. have a long list of items which you use at night.....:P....and I am in love with this monkey...its so cute.......xoxoxoxo....^_^

  11. i like to use locciate night cream before i go to bed !
    fb fan- courtney b

    i would get this gorgeous dress

  12. I work in a night shift and my skin looks totally dry after a 11 hour tired day. So I apply Almond oil to my face which gives my face its dose of softness and suppleness
    I am your FB fan as Chaitra Dev and so I am a fan on google plus as well.

    I would love to flaunt myself in

  13. I don't really have a favorite product to use but I do use olive or coconut oil on my face, specially on my eyelashes, they work wonder for your eyelashes :)

    GFC: Rayna M
    FB: Rayna Miller

  14. I use baby lotion for just about everything!!

    FB: Jc Loh

  15. i use the cherry blossom body butter from bath and body works..ann the body shop make up remover plus thr same cologne u used..and alittle bit if yardley powder for that touch of flavour

  16. just a good night cream to keep the skin from drying up.
    nam12 [at]

  17. GFC Isis
    Isis Oliva Lourenço
    like to use Cologne Johnson's Baby
    i want

  18. Following via GFC & facebook- Shamsath Begum
    I usually using a moisturising cream. I used different type of creams but currently using johnsons baby cream. And almond oil for eye area. Then Johnson's baby cologne.
    I love the leggings and make up sections of romwe site.

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  20. GFC: Sania
    FB: Sania Wasif
    I wash my face with neutrogena deep cleanser before bed time ..
    i would like to win their jewellery section ..

  21. GFC: Sania
    FB: Sania Wasif
    I wash my face with neutrogena deep cleanser before bed time ..
    i would like to win their jewellery section ..

  22. Indhulekha din work for me :(

    Nice giveaway I have entered.
    Subha Bose

  23. GFC: Dennysse
    FB: Cismaru Camelia
    I use Neutrogena Deep Cleanser before going to bed.

  24. gfc - kuki braga
    fb - helena braga

    Neutrogena Deep Cleanser

  25. Hello!
    in the night i use: wash my face with a natural clay soap, Beautycycle cleaner water and Oriflame 3D.

    GFC: Susana Silva
    fB : Susana Silva -

    Thank you

  26. I wash my face with a natural sulphur soap for mixed skins before bed time
    GFC/FB: Tiana Ba

    I really love this dress:

  27. Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity is the product which I'd like to use before my bed time.
    I would like to win this dress:
    GFC & facebook follower: Divya Asha

  28. Perfect post tanks for tips!!
    new post

    i like to use kiehls eye cream
    gfc-swaggy maggy ,fb-glam gal

  30. Thank you for the Lovely Giveaway. I have followed all the steps.
    The product I would like to use before bedtime is Lotion Yonka. I found its review the best.
    I would like to win this lovely dress <3 and wear it on my (coming soon) birthday.
    hoping for the best. Fingers crossed :)

  31. i love to use my night cream!
    love it:

  32. I use Avon Rich moisture hand Cream every night before bedtime.

    I would love to win the ROMWE Sleeveless Lace A-line Ruffles Black Dress

    I follow you on facebook and GFC

  33. I use a night cream and put vaseline on my dry lips!!
    I'd like to win this!

  34. Great giveaway!! Thanks!!
    I use Johnson's Baby Goodnight lotion!
    I follow on Facebook: Aleka Nikolaidou
    On GFC: Alex Nikolaidou
    I would love to win this:
    or this:

  35. I use a Yves Rocher night lotion.

    GFC & FB: Mary María

  36. Hi Pink Clouds,
    Lovely giveaway :)

    Already a GFC follower, GFC Name: Punam Gupta
    Before going to bed, I always apply Oriflame Night Cream .

    I would love to win this within $15
    Following on fb -
    hope to get lucky :)

  37. i actually use a random moisturizer, my skin is dry but not pickey ;)
    and i love this

  38. i love to use Payot Pate Grise on occasional pimples before bed time, it helps to minimize them overnight.

    Already 'Like' you on FB /Elena Rudaya/
    I am already your follower via GFC /Endless Summer/
    I would love this T-shirt -

  39. So lovely routine!I love this post!
    Thank you for this nice giveaway!
    Fb:Jens Ken Lundstrom
    GFC:Helena Oops
    Beore be time I use mandel oil or my ski an specialy for my face.
    I love this item:
    Shared on fb:
    Fingers crossed!

  40. Fb: Samantha Peres
    GFC: Samantha Peres
    Share on fb:
    I llove this item:

  41. GFC: Lulu
    FB: Olesia Flegka
    I put raw coconut oil on my face before bed)
    I like this tshirt:
    shared on FB:

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. My special product which I am using before my bed time is night cream and eye cream
    GFC: T Iv.
    Facebok: Tina Ivanisevic


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