Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Colour Cream (5-68 Medium Chestnut) used on JET BLACK HAIR!

I'm no COLOUR EXPERT .. just a girl who wants to add some colors to her hair .. its been 3 years since my last time. Anyways just to be super clear on my 'hair situation' let me tell you this - I have colored my hair only 2 times before. Once at the saloon with the whole bleaching process and i Ended up with fire engine RED highlights! (It was actually pretty cool) and later 'a bunch of girls trying to color our hair incident' That went totally WRONG. So after 3 years and all that i have a full head of hair hair totally FRESH That has no color on them. You know what i mean. So i Decided to try something new .. picked this product up and dived right in. (Actually no, i did the allergy test and i suggest you do too! Always) 

I really dont know why i went in for a safe color .. i think i was a little nervous .. i didnt want to end up looking like a silly clown.

It came with a cream color tube, a bottle of developer and a pair of gloves. So you just got to take a bowl and squeeze in both the color and developer cream and mix it well. Apply it onto your hair and let it sit. I let the colour stay on my hair for the maximum time allowed ie 45 mins.


So after approximately 45 mins. Washed and dried - and then .. well nothing happened. There was NO COLOUR WHAT SO EVER. Mr I made.  Husband inspect my hair super well and his reactions were:

In normal day light: Did you really color your hair?
In room brighter light: Hmm .. well maybe i see something or maybe not
In sunlight: Oh yeah there is a slight shine kinda brown red something
Light at night: Seriously you need to get it done at a saloon

Then after 3 days and 3 washes .. there you see the picture and i think only now i can see SOMETHING or i dont know if my mind is tricking me .. but trust me without the flash i dont really see much.

So ..

As you can see well obviously there was no color at all .. i mean its pointless if you have to torture  keep asking someone to look really close and tell you if there is something anything .. LOL! So it was a flop really. BUT the good thing is that my hair did not feel dry or weird or damaged AT ALL which means that maybe i didnt cause too much damage to it .. my hair feels just the same as it did before colouring. Maybe because it has liquid keratin? Anyways the box says that it washes away in 28 washes so i will wait a little and try something different maybe? Ombre maybe? I dont know. 

Shopping Spot:

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  1. nice pick and color is hardly visible dear, :)

  2. Hardly visible....wastage of time as well as money.....But your hair look shinny....xoxoxo....:D

  3. your hair was obviously too dark for this color. Look at the chart and look at your nearly black hair


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