Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[Home Deco and Winners Post] Add just the POP of Pink to your room!

When i was younger i had decided i wanted my house to be 'Black and White' then i thought 'Pink and Purple' and yes the idea of a total barbie pink house stayed on my mind throughout my teenage years and even after i got married. We stayed at my parents the first 2 years of marriage so the pink house plan wasnt really going to work as my parents had this whole antique... well Aladdin's cave like theme going on there. Which i admit was so beautiful ofcourse.. with the HUGEST BED EVER and a HUGE VANITY and all that. Oil lamps and tall copper vases and stuff.. it definitely was a nice theme. BUT i wanted MY pink house after all and then we moved to Doha! This meant a house for ourselves and we could pretty much do anything with it. After loads of thought i realised a pink house would probably make the 2 men in my life (Mr. Husband & Mr. Baby) gag. So i settled down to colours.. all colours.. mostly pastel. Which i realised is an amazing theme by itself! My house is still undergoing its bad days so i will not be showing you more pictures as yet. So pastel theme seems to be totally fun (i must admit) but my love for pink was there as always and then yes.. i decided i will add a pop of pink here and there.. and so in came this beautiful HOT PINK SATIN RUFFLE PILLOW into my life/house/room. What do you think?

You can see the striking pink! Its definitely the hottest girly pink colour you can get. The pillow is made out of satin, its so silky smooth, stitched to perfection and a total pleasure to cuddle with. And looks really dressy and nice. A total princess kinda pillow if you know what i mean. Ofcourse a really beautiful pillow like this one needs some companions so i will get some more cute pillows to accompany her.. maybe those huge flower pillows. Those are definitely real cute.. what do you think? Let me know below!

Shopping Spots:

Polka Dot Pillow Covers - Carrefour
Red Bed sheet - Carrefour
Hot Pink Satin Ruffle Pillow - AmoreBeaute
Little Cheeky Monkey - A gift from a friend

You can also shop AmoreBeaute on:

Amazon HERE and HERE

So hope you liked my Home Deco post this week and now we can happily move onto our Winner for today!

Winner of the Learning Minds giveaway - Shanneene Symons

Congrats to the lucky winner and please make sure you MESSAGE me TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me your full address and contact number within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

This giveaway is open for redraw so in case the above winner DOES NOT RESPOND IN TIME - i will be choosing a new winner. All you got to do is comment below telling me how you add a POP OF PINK TO YOUR ROOM AND ALSO WHERE YOU LIVE.


  1. wow Me into redraw..
    I add pop of pink into room by making little stars on the roof of pink color..

  2. That pillow reminded me of MAC Girl about town lippie ;)

  3. Count me in for the redraw.
    I live in Noida, India
    Loved the pillow!!


  4. Because I love pink :-)
    I live in Lahore, Pakistan

  5. I live in Lebanon Indiana.
    I added a pop of pink to my bedroom curtains.


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