Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love the Mango Cream Perfume from Pacific Perfumes

Its been quite sometime since i posted a blog post.. i have been crazy busy! All good things though i promise! Finding it a bit difficult to sit down for 10 mins and have my ME TIME. Anyways i am totally trying so here i am.

Perfumes come in all forms and yes perfume oils and creams are one of my most favorite types because of their lasting power. I got some sample sized perfumes from Pacific Perfumes and thought i might want to tell you how much i like them. Here you can see is a sample sized cream perfume. The full sized ones are really so cute in their wooden tub lip balm like packaging. Super CUTE!

The best thing about Pacific Perfumes is that - they have these really exotic scents, packaged 100% green and certified cruelty FREE! So thats like my favorite kind of company and so yes i want to try ALL OF THEIR SCENTS.

I have used up almost everything. Its super easy to use. Just like lip balm.. get some onto your finger tips and massage it on your pulse points. I usually add perfume to my wrists, behind my ears, the side of my neck and under my chin. Just a tiny bit here and there and you will be totally ready to smell mangoes! PERFECT!


Its a scent of mangoes - its all mangoes! A sweet, sugary yet cologney scent of mangoes! ITS YUMMY! Its very feminine and soft. Not too soft but the right amount of fragrance to keep you interested. Sensitive noses will also like this scent as it doesnt knock you off.

Lasting power:

Stays on for a long time. A couple of hours at least. You will smell sweet and sugary and almost yummy enough to EAT!


Love the fact that the company is cruelty free. This scent is a must try for mango lovers and all girls who love to feel sweet and girly with the right amount of SUGAR. Totally loving it and might go in for a full sized soon.

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