Monday, January 20, 2014

[Giveaway] Let those Butterflies in!

Arent these butterflies like the CUTEST thing EVER? Well im not sure if i mentioned this before but i am house moving and yes this time it will be us moving into a more compact space and there will be loads of DIY stuff going on (hopefully). I am hoping i can set up my house the way i have pictured it in my mind for sometime now.. and while looking for some cute wall art i found this AMAZING ETSY STORE CALLED Mon Amie Paperie and then i found this set of cutie little 3D Butterflies! YAY! Anyways so finally i managed to speak to the lovely owner and set up this giveaway! *smiling wide* Hope you're happy!

The giveaway is pretty simple - just fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY! 

There will be 3 lucky winners + Open international! 

Best of Luck!


Mon Amie Paperie ON FACEBOOK

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Romwe Valentine's Giveaway!

Win this really beautiful dress from Romwe! 
Open Worldwide!


1. Join Pink Clouds through Google Friend Connect

2. Add a comment on the product page via Facebook account to show your love to the dress :

3. Let me know you have commented on the product page and your Google Friend Connect name below


Btw, the amazing dress will be only $16.99 on 23rd Jan GMT. Save 53%.

Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans: forVday

It can save another 10%, valid on 23rd Jan GMT only. Don’t miss out, girls!

Friday, January 17, 2014

[GIVEAWAY] Spice up your Kitchen sponsored by Gneiss Spice!

Today we have this really lovely giveaway sponsored by Gneiss Spice! This is definitely an amazing starter kit for your kitchen.. its super useful and also very pretty looking. So to win this - Set of Ten hand-stamped magnetic jars filled with ORGANIC spices, Enter below! Best of Luck everybody! 



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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes

I went into Boots to buy a face scrub - saw the whole 'buy 1 get 1 free offer' on these.. bought the scrub and well i just somehow ended up buying this product. Weird. I have never read a review on this before and i really didnt need an eye serum.. or well thats what i thought then.. but what do i think now? 

This is an eye serum. It actually took me sometime to decide whether it was a skincare product or a makeup product but then with some help and discussion with Mr. Husband (poor him) we just had to conclude that this was skincare. Tired-Eye Brightening moisture serum with Instantight and Puffease - 360. OH wow! Honestly no idea what that means in technical terms But it sounds promising BUT i am a person who usually DOES NOT fall for these weird phrases and words.. BUT i think i just did and well these things happen. Right. So basically bla bla bla its a serum for your under eyes that help deal with puffy eyes and dark circles, helps bright up the eye area. Yes. Thats pretty simple and straight forward.

Comes with 3 roller balls! Its definitely something that is interesting to use since its so easy to glide on and also helps massage your eye area really gently. LOVE THAT! The packaging is quite handy for an eye product.

This is what the serum looks like. Its really that lavenderish shade that reflects to the light really well making your eye area illuminate and kinda gives the whole glowy healthy eyes effect. It shines quite a bit but applying the right amount just totally makes you look super fresh and wide eyed. 


Instead of explaining and explaining i thought i would simply cut it short and get right to the point.

Brightens up my eye area making me look less lazy and less sleepy

My dark circles have reduced 80% in less than 1 week which is quite amazing and unbelievable

Is a decent base for concealer and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles

My eye area feels smooth and totally moisturized

The roller balls massage so well and gives a nice cooling effect once applied


I cannot comment on puffy eyes because i dont have that issue but its so awesome for dark circles! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! ITS AMAZING! ITS WEIRD BUT IT WORKS! It has cucumber juice which i think is the reason why it makes my dark circles go away so super fast. Definitely one of those 'wow' eye products that i have used in a long time. The only downside is that it has parabens (WHY???) and yes it is quite pricey.

Shopping Spot:

Boots, Landmark QR 70 for 15ml

[PR INFO] The Nature’s Co. January special Post Party Pampering Beauty Wish Box! Just one day left to order!

Two weeks into the New Year, most of us will have already broken at least some of our new year’s resolutions. No need to feel guilty – we know how difficult it is adhering to those well-meant commandments typically fashioned in a haze of a little too much food and liquor. But not to worry! The Nature's Co. January “Post Party Pampering Beauty Wish Box” will put you right back on track (well, at least when it comes to beauty) providing you with all the essentials you need to unwind, cleanse and focus on crafting a more relaxed, more healthy you. 

The Nature’s Co. New Year special Beauty Wish Box aims to help us say ‘good-bye to the nasties and hello to the goodies’ after all of the partying, eating and late nights we party-girls indulged in, maybe in a little too much excess, over the festive period. At this time all you need is detox, exercise and relaxing to gear yourself up for the new year. Themed Post Party Pampering, this Beauty Wish Box offers an insight into 6 deluxe size sample beauty products that will help your skin, hair and body detox, rejuvination, restoration and nourishment. To complete the post party detox regime the Aura Thai Spa in association with The Nature's Co. is providing mesmirizing spa treatments at exclusive discounts to all Beauty Wish Box subcribers.

Rescue your beauty with the much needed pampering you deserve this new year!

Subscription costs are as follows:

Month Subscription – Rs. 595/-
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Also get 35% Discount Vouchers on full sized products on subscription to sample size. And a complimentary spa coupon at TNC stores.

To subscribe you could visit the below mentioned link:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Giveaway: The Little Black Dress from Romwe!

Isnt this absolutely GORGEOUS?!

Romwe little black dress for Valentine’s day!

Only $27.99, up to 35%off!  24 hours only on 16th January.

How to Enter:
Comment under the product page and try to get as many likes as you can!
The comment which gets the most “likes” will be prized with a free one as gift!

They will choose one lucky girl every day before 16th Jan.!

Already started! Don’t miss, girls!


Romwe will be choosing one winner a day which means we all have a great chance in winning. I would love love to win this dress and i would love for you girls to win it too so i thought of a plan! How about we all like each other's comments? Fun? Yes lets share the fun!

So all you got to do is - Please like my comment. I have commented under my name 'Pink Clouds' or 'Zatheela Abdul Rasheed' and then comment below telling me the name using which you commented. I will go like your comment too.

Best of Luck Girls!

Friday, January 10, 2014

[Store Sneak Peek] Evening Dresses 2014

Well here we are with another 'Window Shopping Session' and its going to be totally dressy and beautiful! I am going to be looking at Evening Dresses today from an online store called DressV. 

Check out the store here:

This website has dresses for all occasions, really beautiful elegants ones. I decided to look into Evening Dresses today because i thought it might be something you would like to see. This online store ships worldwide and the prices seem really reasonable, the choice of dresses are also quite wide with so many options available. So shall we get started?!
That looks soooo simple and elegant. Dont you think? Also looking through the products i just realised that these dresses can be totally customized according to what you like. You can go with what the picture looks like or you can even change the colour according to what you like. They have a huge collection of colours for you to select from.

These dresses are definitely much cheaper than what you get in your local stores which is awesome. You really dont have to break your bank to look like a Princess! I like that!
So yes they got all kinds of dresses - simple, elegant or even really really grand ones. Its so beautiful. The fact that the colours can be customised is definitely a plus if you are something who has a certain design or colour in your mind.. you can totally get your dream dress come true. You know what i mean. Lovely. 

Looking at these dresses and the designs i just have to think back to the days when i was in college and we always had a bad time trying to find dresses for our fashion shows and wedding dress competitions. I really wish i knew these sites back then. And yes when i was going to get married i had to look all over the place for a good dress maker.. i wish i have seen these lovely online stores. It would have made things much more easier and yes alot cheaper.

Anyways i hope you liked my Window Shopping session today and my choices of dresses. If you are interested in looking for more lovely dresses please do check out their website here: 

They do have a wide range of designs and colour selection. They ship worldwide and seem to have a reasonable price too. I havent shopped from them as yet but will definitely keep this store in mind if i ever have to buy some Princess like clothing. You know what i mean! Also they have wedding clothing, bedding sets, lingerie, shoes, accessories and so many other stuff! Ofcourse i will show you more stuff later. Do hop on their and have a look! Enjoy Window Shopping LADIES! Im off now.. its raining so hard here.. its time for some tea and make some lunch!

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The Body Shop Hemp Intensive Hand Butter

Its Winter so i decided to stop with the experimenting of hand creams and just go get my most favourite one ever! The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector - Read my review here. But i saw this one, got sidetracked and bought this instead. Well.. this is also from the Hemp range so no harm in trying something new.. right?!

Before we start talking hand creams i must let you know that my whole hand issue is all done now.. i dont have any weird dryness or any other peculiar problems but ofcourse my hands are super sensitive to the weather, over washing and doing the dishes lol. Yes not trying to be a diva but house chores totally make my hands go bad EVEN though i wear gloves at all times. Weird but its true. I got hands that want to be kept like a Queen.. but i am not a Queen (too bad) so my hands dont really get that kinda royal treatment. I try to relax my hands alot but a girls got to do house chores! So its all hand creams, treatments etc. I wanted something to keep my hands soft and smooth and my review is totally based on that.


A thick creamy butter. Its the 'wouldnt pour out when tilted' kinda butter. You know what that means! 


Its a REALLY medicine like scent! A stronger version compared to The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector . It doesnt really bother me because i just want something good for my hands but if you got a sensitive nose then please do check out the scent before you buy it. Its either a 'its okay, i dont mind' or a 'omg that is STRONG' so its always better to find out first.

Does it work?

Ofcourse you know i love it. Its a total no nonsense hand butter. It works. It makes your hands so soft and smooth.. treats the dry areas and keeps your hands healthy. ITS so so good! Definitely! I must admit this Hemp range has been the best i have ever tried! I am still looking for something better (and cheaper) but this is my total must have for dry hands!

I know you would want to try if its greasy or oily.. well its really difficult for me to answer that so i wanted to show you. This is what my palm looks like after its moisturized. It actually depends on what type of hands you have... if you have normal hands im sure you may feel this product is tad greasy and heavy but for dry hands you might feel its shiny. Yes its shiny but not greasy or too heavy because you obviously want something rich for your hands. So just have a look and im sure you get the idea of what it feels once applied.


Is it winter? You got dry hands? Tried everything but not so happy? Want something for overnight moisturizing? Need a good foot cream for super dry feet? Try this! Its so good. And yeah i use it on my feet too and i love it! The best foot cream ever! I dont see parabens on the ingredients list so YAY to that!

Shopping Spot:

The Body Shop Qatar - QR 45 (Originally QR 60)

Its on offer right now so i think its the right time to get your shopping done. Seems like they have an offer on alot of items in the stores right now. Go have a look and yes i am planning to go too so lets do a great haul! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

[Store Sneak Peek, Winners and Redraw] Celebrate Colours with

So todays 'Window Shopping Session' will be really colourful and full of celebrations! Oh yes it is Indian Clothing! YAY! Arent you excited?! Indian clothing must be like the most popular type of clothing all over the world and they got all the beautiful colours and their clothing is definitely the most happiest ones EVER! Right?! Anyways i wasnt really so well past few days so i am hoping these colours totally light up my mood.

So lets get started! We are now going into our store:

Jomso is an online clothing store that delivers WORLDWIDE so you can shop from almost anywhere you live as long as you got a valid shipping address. They have a really lovely collection of Sarees, Shalwar Suits, Lehengas, Kurtis and Accessories. Modern, traditional.. you got them all here. I know the whole Online Saree Shopping experience is totally picking up these days.. everyone wants to buy these really amazing Sarees that those beautiful bollywood actors wear.. their lovely Anarkali Suits and what not. Dont you worry because they have a whole range of Bollywood lookalike clothing HERE! So let me just show you some really nice items that i liked.


These are like such pretty Sarees that you can buy for a wedding or really fun occassion where you can totally get dressed up! But if you are going to be dancing away.. how about a Lehenga?


And ofcourse if you want to dress up a tad simple.. these Anarkali Suits are amazing!

Anarkali Suits

And some beautiful clutches to go with these clothes!

So did you enjoy the whole window shopping session? I really hope you did and here are the links of the store for your reference. Do have a look at the store and let me know what you like most!

Anways here are the LUCKY WINNERS OF THIS WEEK:


Daily Accessoriez Scarf - Spring Cade Stracener

Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you MESSAGE me within 48 hours TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE!

These giveaways are open for redraw in case the above winners DO NOT respond so to enter go to JOMSO.COM and see what you love the most, comment below and enter again HERE

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Mikyajy Groovy Compacts - Jungle Fever

Mikyajy has the cutest packaging EVER! All their makeup is so girly and colourful! This is one of their Groovy Compacts. Its small, handy and super easy to travel with. The compact is sturdy and closes safe so you can just drop it into your handbag and you're ready to go. It has 3 levels: Eyeshadows, Lip colours and Blushes. This is called Jungle Fever and has a selection very jungle girl like colours.. well i will show you and you can see!






The packaging is sturdy and absolutely pretty! Love it!
A good mix of different shades and tones
Love how they included pretty much everything you need for a days look
I adore eye shadow No.4 and both the blush
The brushes are quite handy 


The eye shadows are not super pigmented - i needed 2-3 swipes to get good colour
Eye Shadow No. 6 and No.7 look really alike to me
The lip colours are sheer and totally come on like a gloss wish they were more pigmented


I really like this compact! I must admit it is pretty awesome for the price! Well its cute and has alotta fun colours to play with. Definitely a must try if you are into travel sized, cute little makeup kits. I got mine for QR 49, i guess they were on an offer then but you can get it for QR 55 at the most. What can i say - i am glad with my purchase and will go back to the store for more!

Shopping Spot:

Mikyajy at Ezdan Mall QR 49

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