Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Soap & Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes

I went into Boots to buy a face scrub - saw the whole 'buy 1 get 1 free offer' on these.. bought the scrub and well i just somehow ended up buying this product. Weird. I have never read a review on this before and i really didnt need an eye serum.. or well thats what i thought then.. but what do i think now? 

This is an eye serum. It actually took me sometime to decide whether it was a skincare product or a makeup product but then with some help and discussion with Mr. Husband (poor him) we just had to conclude that this was skincare. Tired-Eye Brightening moisture serum with Instantight and Puffease - 360. OH wow! Honestly no idea what that means in technical terms But it sounds promising BUT i am a person who usually DOES NOT fall for these weird phrases and words.. BUT i think i just did and well these things happen. Right. So basically bla bla bla its a serum for your under eyes that help deal with puffy eyes and dark circles, helps bright up the eye area. Yes. Thats pretty simple and straight forward.

Comes with 3 roller balls! Its definitely something that is interesting to use since its so easy to glide on and also helps massage your eye area really gently. LOVE THAT! The packaging is quite handy for an eye product.

This is what the serum looks like. Its really that lavenderish shade that reflects to the light really well making your eye area illuminate and kinda gives the whole glowy healthy eyes effect. It shines quite a bit but applying the right amount just totally makes you look super fresh and wide eyed. 


Instead of explaining and explaining i thought i would simply cut it short and get right to the point.

Brightens up my eye area making me look less lazy and less sleepy

My dark circles have reduced 80% in less than 1 week which is quite amazing and unbelievable

Is a decent base for concealer and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles

My eye area feels smooth and totally moisturized

The roller balls massage so well and gives a nice cooling effect once applied


I cannot comment on puffy eyes because i dont have that issue but its so awesome for dark circles! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! ITS AMAZING! ITS WEIRD BUT IT WORKS! It has cucumber juice which i think is the reason why it makes my dark circles go away so super fast. Definitely one of those 'wow' eye products that i have used in a long time. The only downside is that it has parabens (WHY???) and yes it is quite pricey.

Shopping Spot:

Boots, Landmark QR 70 for 15ml


  1. Oh my!! Sounds very promising!! beautiful review dear <3

  2. sounds good...definitely getting this!

  3. Looks amazing and tempting...well reviewed dear

  4. This sounds great... even i have recently got dark circles thanks to the late night sleep. Would surely give this one a try.
    Nice review.

  5. looks nice!
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  6. Loving the sound n look of it:)love sng !

  7. This Soap and Glory "You Won't Believe Your Eyes" really sounds like a terrific product - may well be worth a try!

  8. I'm loving the balls!! I need this because I have dark circles too (not puffy eyes though) and a brightener would probably help a lot. I really want to buy this due to your glowing review but it sucks that it has parabens! X


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