Monday, December 30, 2013

Green Apple Lip Balm from H&M

Well i must warn you guys.. i think there will be loads of reviews on moisturisers and all sorts of hydrating (and NOT) products this winter. I THINK. I HOPE. Its getting kinda real cold here and looks like i will need new products to handle this climate. WOW. That is fun but also it just feels like a bad time to experiment. What do you think? Anyways this lip balm is one that i got from H&M awhile ago. I posted a picture of it on my Instagram awhile back. Its a really pretty packaging.. a cute little tin package. I decided to drop it in my handbag and totally forgot about it. I do use it every now and then but it wasnt really something i used on a daily basis.. but since its WINTER i decided i am going to test this one. FOR YOU!

Looks like a cute little tin suitcase. So CUTE! I just love how it clicks when you close it. LOL! I dont know why i am excited about little things but its nice to notice little stuff.. what do you think?


Has a faint sweet scent of apples. Definitely not green apples.. more like red sweet ones. Quite nice.. alot like apple candy. Nothing too special.. but nothing weird or artificial for my nose.


Glides onto the lips just like vaseline would do.. makes lips feel soft and totally smooth for a little while and it just wears off.


OK let me admit it - this isnt exactly something you can use for your chapped lips.. it heals BUT it takes a day or two. In winter a day or two with chapped lips is totally NOT GOOD. 

Healing power is low
Moisturization is OK 
Price is BAD - Costs QR 29 

This is pretty pricey for something that doesnt really do much. Finally it just comes down to its packaging! Its a really cute little tin lip balm, if you are totally looking for something nice to drop into your handbag and carry around - Yes this is so cute and eye catching. Chapped lips, winter, dry lips, no nonsense lip balm - NO this is not for you!

Shopping Spot:

H&M, Villagio 
Costs QR 29

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

[CLOSED] Dressale Free New Year Giveaway : Win Amazing Dresses worth $200

Here we are with an amazing giveaway sponsored by Dressale! Have you seen their online store? They got so many lovely dresses, accessories, shoes and so many things! YAY! 

For the New Year they are generously giving away 10 dresses! Isnt that awesome?! The best part is that - Even those who do not win will get a $15 coupon if they enter the giveaway! No cheating! Make sure you follow all the steps to qualify.


1. Register on Dressale

2. Like Dressale & Pink Clouds on Facebook

3. Follow Dressale & Pink Clouds on Twitter

4. Comment below telling me the email address, your Facebook name & Twitter id 

5. Have a look at all the dresses HERE and APPLY FOR WHAT YOU WOULD LOVE TO WIN


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Yes its MAIL DAY! And You are a Winner! [Romwe's NEW Winner is HERE]


I love getting my mail especially getting them all together and i love love seeing what you get too. So please let me know your haul post links below! And yes lets get started! YAY!

This is the super popular Zippered Black Panel Woolen Coat that was on sale on Romwe awhile ago! Everybody was going all crazy getting one so i thought ok WHY NOT! Its winter and i do need a coat! It looks really handsome LOL Yes its one of those boyfriend coats.. its more guyish. Its comfortable, warm and HANDSOME. I just tried it on.. still need to wear it out soon. Excited!

HAHA! This is so cute! Dont you think? Not my usual style but it was so cute and i just had to add it to my closet. Oh yeah i am a girly girl LOL. Im not sure if its still available on sale but do check out Romwe.

This is a pretty top i got from Everbuying. Thank you so much for sending me this pretty top. Its slightly a bit big for me but i totally love the transparent skirt and the whole high low thing going on here. I will post a Closet Ideas post featuring this one real soon.

THIS IS THE MOST CUTEST TOP EVER! TRUST ME! I know it doesnt look so flattering here in this picture but it is so cute! The cat is kinda creepy but the whole irregular hem thingy going on right there is so cute. Let me show you!

Do you see that? When you wear it.. it looks like a cute little dress.. and with tights or leggings.. im sure it will be amazing. Especially in this cold climate.

Here comes the BESTEST part of my haul! I was so eager to see the accessories i ordered.. i dont usually buy many accessories especially online.. i dont know. But i am so glad all the pieces look really so pretty! Let me show you the items more closer.

OMG! I am so in love with these! The Moon and Sun earrings were on my wishlist forever! They were kinda pricey so i was hoping they would go on sale and THEY DID! So just had to grab them. So so beautiful! And the butterfly necklace is so pretty too. Love them both and totally cant wait to wear them.

A set of cute little ear studs from Romwe! Love them! So sorry i keep saying love love amazing pretty the whole time but i cant help it! This cuteness is totally getting to my brains. 

Never tried these before.. so thought of giving it a shot. Its the 10 sheet set from Romwe. Looks so interesting. Will be trying them out soon.

So those were the items i got in my mail! So happy with everything. Hope you liked them as well. Please do leave your comments below.


For more giveaways:

Congrats to the lucky winner and please make sure you MESSAGE me TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me the email address using which you are registered on Romwe.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Romwe Giveaway: Win a FREE Gift and Last weeks Winners ARE ANNOUNCED!

As always Romwe has come up with another FUN GIVEAWAY for you girls and boys! Also they got this super sale going on as well!

Xmas knitwear sale! Up to 80% off!

Starting from $12.99! Until the end of the month! 

And Giveaway:

Comment under the products from the SALE HERE and try to get as more likes as you can!

The comment which gets the most “likes” will be prized with a free one as gift!

How does that sound? Easy? Hard? Come on lets get STARTED! 


Winners of Last Week's Romwe Giveaway are..

Dulce Russo
Asifa Majid

For more giveaways:

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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Today's amazing giveaway is sponsored by SammyDress! They are generously giving away a gift voucher worth $40 to one lucky person from Pink Clouds! YAY! Before we get to the giveaway rules - Let me show you some of my most wanted items from their online store! Beware! IT WILL BE A HURRICANE OF LOVELY COLOURS!!

Aren't these such beautiful colours! These are just some of them! You should go have a look at their website NOW!


1. Like Pink Clouds & SammyDress on Facebook
2. Follow Pink Clouds through Google Friend Connect
3. Go to their website HERE and check out what item/items you LOVE and comment below! Mention the URL, colour and size details

Ends January 1st 2014


An Amazing Giveaway sponsored by Romwe! 2 Lucky Winners will get a voucher worth $30 each! 

So follow the rules and BEST OF LUCK EVERYBODY!!


1.Follow Pink Clouds through GFC

2. Like Pink Clouds on Facebook and Click on LIKED AND CLICK ON GET NOTIFICATIONS 
   (see picture below)

3. Go to Romwe's XMAS BIG SALE and have a look at what product/products you love and comment under the picture on their website e.g:

4. Comment below the URL of the product/products that you commented on the website.


Friday, December 13, 2013

[Closet Ideas and Winners] How much is TOO MUCH Lace?

Lace isnt really my day to day thing.. its always something i would like to keep for a special day. But then again sometimes you are totally tempted to try out new trends and styles yeah. Especially seeing all those beautiful outfit of the day posts done by beautiful ladies - makes you want to move out of your world and travel further. So i won this really pretty lace sweater from Sheinside  along time ago. Well must be a year ago but i never wore it. Ofcourse when i was living in the tropical island i really didnt  need a sweater (obviously) but after moving to Doha i thought, why not. Its time to bring out the warm clothes and try them out!

Isnt it so pretty and girly! I love it! Its not something you can only wear during winter.. it can be worn during the cold rainy seasons too! Ofcourse this can be worn with a pair of floral jeans or leggings and will look absolutely amazing BUT then i was looking through my closet and found this cute Lolita Skater Skirt i got from Chicnova and SNAP! I thought - lets wear these together and yes! It was so girly and my sweater top totally became a cute little lace dress!

Well i think you might just be wondering - REALLY?! The lace are both a slight different shade!! Oh yes its true.. the skirt is more towards a cream colour and that i think adds loads of character to this outfit.. rather than be a full white lace dress.. this is a more nice combination. What do you think? Do you like it? Is it too much lace? 

And now we move onto the Winners of the Week!


Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you MESSAGE me TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me your full address and contact number within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

These giveaways are open for redraw so in case the above winner DOES NOT RESPOND IN TIME - i will be choosing a new winner. 

All you got to do is comment below!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

e.l.f Studio Baked Blush - Peachy Cheeky

Well yes so finally i am getting to try out the blushes from e.l.f! Everybody was talking about them EVERYWHERE! I know i am a bit late but here i am! This is my version! Why do i sound so excited?! GOD! I dont know.. i think its the MILKY BAR i am eating right now.. is it? but ANYWAYS..

My pictures are all gloomy and from another planet today because it is getting REAL COLD HERE! Like super cold! Which is nice ofcourse but i think i will need some socks for my feet! AH! I hate that! It just makes me more lazy.. does winter make you a lazy girl? Is it just me? Back to what i should be talking about - this blush is a really pretty peachy shade. You can see its beautiful and has a lovely gold shine to it. Not like scary glittery shine but the lovely gold glow kinda shine. Im sure there is a word to describe that but i am so behind in this make up world vocabulary stuff. But i will catch up sometime. SOON. definitely. Hope so. MAYBE. OK I THINK IT IS THE MILKY BAR THAT IS MAKING ME HYPER LIKE A LITTLE TODDLER AFTER ICE CREAM. AAAAAAAAH!

Isnt that so gorgeous?! I know. Well actually that is not 1 swipe! Its a couple of swipes so its not like so super duper colour pigmented in one swipe which is okay i guess, it depends on your preference. Some people love their blushes to be like loud and pigmented while some like to have something that they can build up on. So this is the build it up kind.


Its a really beautiful colour! Good quality for the price definitely. Would look so lovely on fair skin im sure but for my dusky skin for some reason i felt it was more nicer as a highlighter than a blush. Its a really beautiful highlighter especially because of that gold shine and glowyness it gives. But as a blush.. well i think it just wasnt something i would wear. I felt the colour didnt really show up on my face as it did on the swatch. Maybe it was too shiny or the colour was coming on too light on my skin. Whatever the reason - this is a really nice highlighter but as a blush - i will pass! Its just not ME.

Have you used this? What are your thoughts?

Shopping Spot

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Victoria's Secret My Desire Ultra-Softening Body Butter

WOW! Its Monday already! Its unbelievable how time just flies threw. Anyways its getting really cold here and i am getting more lazy than EVER! All i do is - enter some fun giveaways online, work a little and get offline.. its been a long time since i posted a product review. Also i have been watching loads of Malayalam movies lately and been really enjoying it! Starting to understand the language more and yes it really is a refreshing change.

I have been trying to use this up past few days.. i bought this at the Sale at Centrepoint. Check out my HAUL POST HERE. Anways this is like my very first body butter from Victoria's Secret and i must admit i did have my expectations super high on this one. I mean the words ULTRA SOFTENING really did get to me! I mean it does sound really really moisturising yeah?


Smells really fruity! I dont catch any scent of grapefruit, mangoes or jasmine! I just think of apples when i sniff this one. The scent is really 'out there' but not over powering. It does shout out 'BODY BUTTER ALERT' though to those around you. Well i dont really know if i like the scent or not.. ITS OKAYISH. Not something i hate but definitely not something that swept me off my feet. Its just.. OK. My husband, on the other hand, totally HATES the scent and whenever i use it he knows. The wrinkling of the nose is on full display lol and he says 'Oh so you used your new body butter today' well with all smiles and funny faces. Definitely not a pleasant sight LOL and definitely not appealing. GOD WHY!

So obviously on the scent front i am totally disappointed.. i mean its kinda odd that a bunch a fruits can actually drive a husband away i mean seriously!!? WEIRD.


Its thick and like whipped cream. You need to massage it for a minute or two to let it sink it. It doesnt really sink into your skin fully because i feel it just sits on top like a layer of white skin. Not annoying but i dont know.. it just sits there. It has a really really light shine so yes you do see a glow for a couple of minutes as soon as you apply the product onto your skin. 


Well nah. If you got normal skin, if its summer time, if you like fruity scents - yes its quite okay. Definitely not enough hydrating for a body BUTTER but if you are looking for a lotion type product then its fine really. If you got dry skin - this wouldnt be right for you especially for the price.. i mean its not exactly cheap you know.


I didnt really talk about the staying power of the scent because whenever i use it.. i am totally busy hoping the scent fades off soon because i dont want to risk my husband coming home and totally running away. He can NOT stand the scent. REALLY. But i must admit the scent does stay long and totally envelopes your house so if its a lovely scent then its amazing but if its something you dont really like - its like you are locked up in a little box and left to breathe onto something you want to run away from. So its risky! Please take a sniff before you buy.

Anyways we all have different opinions on scents and our nose+brains are totally different! Who knows you might just love this one.

Shopping Spots:

City Lifestyle, Centrepoint
Victoria's Secret, Landmark

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