Sunday, December 8, 2013

Victoria's Secret My Desire Ultra-Softening Body Butter

WOW! Its Monday already! Its unbelievable how time just flies threw. Anyways its getting really cold here and i am getting more lazy than EVER! All i do is - enter some fun giveaways online, work a little and get offline.. its been a long time since i posted a product review. Also i have been watching loads of Malayalam movies lately and been really enjoying it! Starting to understand the language more and yes it really is a refreshing change.

I have been trying to use this up past few days.. i bought this at the Sale at Centrepoint. Check out my HAUL POST HERE. Anways this is like my very first body butter from Victoria's Secret and i must admit i did have my expectations super high on this one. I mean the words ULTRA SOFTENING really did get to me! I mean it does sound really really moisturising yeah?


Smells really fruity! I dont catch any scent of grapefruit, mangoes or jasmine! I just think of apples when i sniff this one. The scent is really 'out there' but not over powering. It does shout out 'BODY BUTTER ALERT' though to those around you. Well i dont really know if i like the scent or not.. ITS OKAYISH. Not something i hate but definitely not something that swept me off my feet. Its just.. OK. My husband, on the other hand, totally HATES the scent and whenever i use it he knows. The wrinkling of the nose is on full display lol and he says 'Oh so you used your new body butter today' well with all smiles and funny faces. Definitely not a pleasant sight LOL and definitely not appealing. GOD WHY!

So obviously on the scent front i am totally disappointed.. i mean its kinda odd that a bunch a fruits can actually drive a husband away i mean seriously!!? WEIRD.


Its thick and like whipped cream. You need to massage it for a minute or two to let it sink it. It doesnt really sink into your skin fully because i feel it just sits on top like a layer of white skin. Not annoying but i dont know.. it just sits there. It has a really really light shine so yes you do see a glow for a couple of minutes as soon as you apply the product onto your skin. 


Well nah. If you got normal skin, if its summer time, if you like fruity scents - yes its quite okay. Definitely not enough hydrating for a body BUTTER but if you are looking for a lotion type product then its fine really. If you got dry skin - this wouldnt be right for you especially for the price.. i mean its not exactly cheap you know.


I didnt really talk about the staying power of the scent because whenever i use it.. i am totally busy hoping the scent fades off soon because i dont want to risk my husband coming home and totally running away. He can NOT stand the scent. REALLY. But i must admit the scent does stay long and totally envelopes your house so if its a lovely scent then its amazing but if its something you dont really like - its like you are locked up in a little box and left to breathe onto something you want to run away from. So its risky! Please take a sniff before you buy.

Anyways we all have different opinions on scents and our nose+brains are totally different! Who knows you might just love this one.

Shopping Spots:

City Lifestyle, Centrepoint
Victoria's Secret, Landmark


  1. Ooh...scented products scare me... it's best to try it out first before buying...lovely review :)

  2. love VS body butters smells heavenly!

  3. I love the creamy texture of it but I'm surprised it's not that hydrating seeing as it's so thick! Love VS though x


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