Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wishlist: SUPER CUTE Night clothes from VIVI Clothes

Whenever i spot an online clothes store.. the first thing i look at is obviously the Night wear section! HAHA! Its an obsession!! Sleep clothes shopping is my most favorite!! I wonder how many of you are like me?! If you share my obsession please let me know. 

Anyways i came across this lovely online clothes store called VIVI Clothes and they got a really huuuge collection of night wear!! Comfortable, sexy, cute, lacy, dressy.. whatever you like they got it!

Here are my top 10 picks -------->

So what do you think of my picks? Cute yeah?! I chose different styles for different moods (if you know what i mean) So which ones do you like? Let me know!

Anyways if you are interested in buying from this store:

Super easy navigation
Loads and loads of choices of clothing 
They ship worldwide with a flat shipping rate! 

Awesome yeah?!


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