Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Well not something you havent heard of really.. its a super popular product from The Body Shop. Right? Since i assume we are all mostly familiar with Body Butters in general let me just hop onto the main points.

Scent - 

A very artifical scent of strawberries! Its a really weird fake scent. I wonder why it wasnt possible to get the same scent as their strawberry shower gels. Too bad.

Moisturization -

SUPER moisturizing for the skin! Helps make dry skin really soft and smooth and also continous use helps treat dry skin and make it look really healthy and fresh. A bit on the greasy side.. a bit. But its okay for the summers too if you really need some extra moisturization.

Will I recommend?

Yes - If you're looking for something that would help combat dry skin

No - If you're looking for a lovely strawberry scented product.. please stay away. 

If you're in Sri Lanka and you're looking for The Body Shop products at a reasonable price, Check out Nature's Village


  1. Great review! I loveee tbs body butters :D

  2. i agree the smell is fake of strawberry....
    I love the coconut one....But never re-purchased it.. :)

  3. Looks AMAZING
    BTWLove you blog! :)
    Maybe we could follow eachother??!
    - <a href="></a>

  4. i just purchased the choco-mania last week... smells amazing...m soo tempted to lick it....
    yummm.. its so hard not to... giv it a try if ur a chocolate lover like me :P

    1. not a chocolate lover but should try it anyways!!!!!!! i got so many tubs of butter to finish before i go get new ones.

  5. me too...i prefer strawberries :)
    really wanna try this.
    but at the moment using lotus body lotion

  6. i use it n i love it , feels like eating it , it smells yummyyyyyyy

  7. I absolutely love their body butters. i love the body puree's (lotions) that come in a pump. have repurchased them 4-5 times :D
    Wanna purchase coconut now :D

  8. read all ur reviews on body shop.. should get one and try :) thanks


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