Saturday, June 16, 2012

Love Potion Luxury Body Creme from Naturally So Young

When i read Love Potion.. what i remembered was teen magazines coming up with these cute yet so silly love potions and spells during the month of February claiming to be able to win your secret crush's love! how sweet :-) So have you read those? Have you tried them? Haha!

Anyways i think i know why this body creme is called Love Potion, It smells soo nice! Really fresh and fruity.. kinda makes you go hmmmmmm... !!! I think you can apply some all over and go next to your husband and he will be like----------->

Hehe how lovely! So what do you think? Should be handy ha :P


A blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine.. sounds so nice right. Smells as nice as it sounds!! Love love love this scent!! Its not overpowering or too strong or heavy. Its fresh, light and fruity!! I always remember the sea or swimming when i smell this.. i dont know why. I dont think its actually anything related but it just reminds me of fresh waves splashing all over. BUT LET ME TELL YOU ITS NOTHING RELATED ITS JUST THAT MY MIND LOVES TO PUT A PICTURE TO ALL THE SCENTS I SMELL!


Its kinda thick so you got to rub it in your skin for a few minutes for it to get absorbed. Really light and not greasy. Gives the right amount of moisture. Perfect for normal skin.. and dry but if you got really dry skin.. it wouldnt give you the extra moisturise i guess. Use it during the summers for that awesome fresh feeling but not suitable for the cold winters. 

Will I Recommend?

I LOVE THE SCENT!!!! Its truly lovely and it lasts a long time.. atleast a few hours so its great. It feels really fresh and nice!! Its summer time now so its perfect on my skin. The right amount of scent + light moisturisation. When i say light dont think its too light and doesnt moisturise enough. It Does! What i mean by light is - not greasy and doesnt make you feel heavy or sweaty! 

So Whats your Secret Love Potion? Tell me BELOW!


  1. Sounds amazing..would love to try this out :)

  2. no love potion yet.... But loved ur review...
    Did u Mr. Husband react like the pic above ??? :) :) :)

    1. that moment is yet to come so im saving the creme to use when we meet :)

  3. Great review :) btw does it contains parabens?

    1. Yes unfortunately it does!

    2. awwh :'( I wish it didn't .. seems like a good moisturizer though ♥‿♥

  4. I've tried it too and feel the same way! The scent is pleasant, not overpowering. Absorbs nicely, not too heavy!


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