Saturday, August 31, 2013

Inglot Stage.Sport.Studio Mattifying Loose Powder

Im not a foundation person.. i dont like the feeling of totally loading my face with too much makeup. I always try to keep it light and look natural especially during the day. Ofcourse there are some dramatic days and occasions which require a bit of overloading and colours but on a normal Saturday.. its just some blush, a bit of powder and lip gloss and im all set.

What i got here is a product that works so well for people like me - who wants just a tiny bit of coverage and something that helps beat the heat (Doha is VERY HOT at the moment!!) Its light and its comes in 3 shades. Mine is shade 33 which is the darkest. Its amazing.. the way it blends and the sheer coverage it gives. My face is shine free for quite a long time even during the hottest of hot summers! It comes with a powder puff applicator which is very handful. I usually use that to apply kinda pat loose powder onto my face and then i use my fan brush or my powder brush to blend it up a little and dust off the excess.

So there you can see - its a light brownish coloured powder. Doesnt come out loud or muddy.. be sure to blend it in very very well and you will totally LOVE IT!

Here's a video for all you ladies (like me) who want to know how to apply loose powder and what sort of brushes you can use. Do check out this video! Its very helpful and please do tell me your techniques below.


You can see i totally love love this product! Its easily blendable, gives sheer coverage. Does it job well! Love it! And YES YOU KNOW IM GOING TO SAY THIS LOUD AND CLEAR - ITS PARABEN FREE LADIES! SO GO GET ONE NOW.

If you are in Qatar and wondering where you can buy this one - Check out Inglot at Ezdan Mall. To stay in touch with daily updates and makeup tricks from Inglot.. Like their Facebook page HERE.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Closet Ideas and A Lucky Winner!

Looks like Summer is coming to an end and its time for Autumn! Time to do some clothes shopping? Haha! Another excuse for clothing isnt it. I was looking through Romwe (my latest obsession) and saw these lovely leggings. They always have the nicest ones! And my favorite one is the velvet leggings. Super cool! They are ROMWE’s own design. They are black. These leggings are crafted from a soft touch fabric, they have a stretch fit and they are all comfortable to wear. Having these leggings is really awesome considering fall is coming soon. They are almost wearable with everything like dress, coat, sweater and pullover. You can pair them with many bright colors. The key point is they have a good quality with affordable price. So i guess i will get myself a pair of the Black Velvet Leggings! What do you think?

And guess what? he leggings with dress go well with cute HIGH heels! YAY! 

Arent they so pretty? You should definitely have a look! ROMWE provides worldwide free shipping. New customers can see more products on ROMWE and get a 20% off coupon for your first purchase.

So now we go onto the Winner of the Week!

The Winner of the Sixth Avenue Giveaway is ... 

Sangeetha N!

Congrats and please make sure you email me - tell me your full name, address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

And the rest of you! Dont worry! You can enter this 
giveaway again here and IF Sangeetha N fails to respond in time then i will choose one of you as the new winner. So ENTER BELOW!

Rules for Entering:

Facebook name:
Go to this PAGE, have a look and tell me below which pair of leggings you think will be great for Autumn:


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[OUTFIT OF THE DAY] A Lazy Girl's Pair of Floral Shorts!

Well another lazy day today! I decided to go through my new clothes and pair them up! If you missed out my haul post - Check it out HERE. Loved all my new clothes and cant wait to try them all out. Today is a really warm day here so thought ill pull out my floral shorts and here we are!

This is the tshirt you see in the outfit picture. Its simple, loose fitting and high low. Its so versatile and can be worn with jeans, jeggings, shorts anything that you want to experiment with. The high low hem gives a chic yet simple look which i totally love. The colours are so summery and girly! A must have for all girly girls!

Asymmetric Colourful Heart Tshirt from Romwe
Pink Racer Back Tank Top from Glitz
Pink Floral Shorts from Glitz

Hope you liked my outfit and i would love to hear your thoughts on how you would love to pair these up so please let me know below!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

[Mail Day] My Haul, Giveaway Prizes and Presents are HERE!

Last night and half of today was totally spent looking at my packages and trying to click some pictures to share with you all. Im so excited!! All the stuff look soooooo lovely! And i got some presents from my parents as well that made me a super happy girl :-)

Geometric Pattern Shirt from Romwe. Its beautiful isnt it. Looks really simple and chic. Shopping from Romwe has been amazing. Their website is fuss free and their shipping is super fast. I got my items so soon. Within a week i guess/ They ship FREE worldwide so thats a huge plus. Do have a look at their website and let me know what items interests you most because i would be hosting a giveaway very soon and i would love some suggestions.

Ofcourse leggings are a major attraction at Romwe. They got sooooooo many different designs so i decided to go with a few simple ones that can be paired up easily with my clothes.

Asymmetric Colourful Heart Tshirt from Romwe. Love the colours and the price. It was on Sale when i ordered it. Such a beautiful top and feels really comfortable too. Perfect summer clothing.

This cutey skater skirt - Retro Lolita Skater Skirt is the one i won from Chicnova! They always have these wonderful and totally generous giveaways on their Facebook giving out loads and loads of prizes. This was one of the items i won in their SHARE & WIN contest. I also won 2 pretty Racer back tank tops.

Those tank tops are a definite must have! And adds loads of colours to your closet. Dont you think?

Ofcourse a mail post is NEVER complete without some make up! Haha so here i got some lovely products from Etherealle to try. They produce these amazing hand made cosmetics which are cruelty free and vegan so im totally excited to try them out and my reviews will be posted soon.

Honestly out of all the stuff i got.. i was MOST excited about this brush set because they looked so cute and pink! I couldnt wait to see them and YES THEY LOOK JUST AS PRETTY AS THEY DID ON THE WEBSITE! Cant wait to use them! Im still just staring at them and smiling.

Thank you Mama!! I wanted to try this Cleansing Balm from Spa Ceylon forever!! And my mom sent me one. Amazing isnt it. Smells just so lovely and cant wait to try it.

Another lovely gift from my Parents! This beautiful butterfly abaya from Dubai Abayas CMB Boutique. They got some lovely abayas at a good price. You should check them out if you ever want to get one.

Another gift from my parents for my birthday! I choose it myself from The Beauty Avenue! Its such a beautiful bag! Hope i manage to keep it clean with Mr. Baby around. Beige Lace bags arent exactly baby proofed yeah. LOL!

And yes LAST but definitely a great gift from Romwe. A bunch of nail art brushes! They look quite good so im going to try them out and let you know my thoughts!

So hope you liked my mail post! Its quite a long one.. and im really tired writing the post. Hahaha.. and im going to put everything away now. Please do let me know your thoughts and as i said before - hop on Romwe and have a good look. Tell me what you would love to win. ANYTHING BELOW $20. I want to organise a giveaway so i want some suggestions. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Romwe Giveaway Winners and Another Giveaway Alert!

Winners of the Week!

This - Divya Asha 
That - Bushra M

Are you NOT A WINNER? You can still enter my Romwe giveaway HERE! Remember to let me know what to want to win - Nail Art Glitters or Fake Lashes from Romwe.

Another exciting news ------>

Super slim price flash sale!  Only 48 hours!
Hot items back season!  Only $19.99!
Don’t miss, girls!

Here you go! 

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Win a beautiful Clutch Purse from PuaWear!

PuaWear is giving away this beautiful Clutch Bag for one of you! To enter the lucky draw - Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 19, 2013

SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack (Trial Kit) and Some Carrot On My NOSE!

It was a pretty normal morning. It was actually a good morning because i didnt feel sleepy so i decided to catch up on my house chores and also some pampering. I thought i would add a layer of face mask and relax. I used my Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose in it (which i have totally fallen in love with!) and had a good scrub. Then i thought i would use my nose pack and get rid of the blackheads too. Perfect pamper day isnt it.

So as you can see in the picture - this is a nose pack package which has 3 steps. First you got to use the white packet which has a nose pack inside. It looks like a nose strip but its not the sticky kind.. its a mask so its all watery and moist. Dipped in i dont know what. It comes with so much liquid in it. You got to put it over the nose for let it sit for 10 mins. 

Thats the nose pack AFTER 10 mins and you can see there is nothing on it. The pack just softens your nose and makes the blackheads and whiteheads easier to extract. So now we got to use the cotton swab and squeeze out the bad stuff! And here is where i went totally OFF! Too much squeezing (i can be overambitious sometimes!!) and ended up with a red nose. Yes i am sitting here right now with a RED AND PURPLE NOSE! haha.. i know. Its funny.. but i got a doctors appointment tonight and i do not want to look like a total dork. God WHY. And yes i lost my concealer weeks ago and never bothered to get a new one. No concealer and purple nose. I then remembered the eye shadow trick. Conceal using eye shadow. I actually read that on a beauty blog but never tried it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So here i am holding my Front Cover Cosmetics Rainbow Palette in my hands. Looking at the shade - CARROT!

And yes i dusted it all over the purple areas and my nose looked normal. Wow! Well only for about 30 secs.. ok im exaggerating. It was all good for about an hour but after that the purple came back on full display. So ladies - my advise please get yourself a concealer. This eye shadow trick doesnt work at all. So finally i got my powder foundation out and dusted my nose in it.. and im all set for now. Waiting for my husband to come home and LOL on me. He finds such situations quite hilarious. Haha actually now when i think of it.. i do too. Anyways..


My nose is so smooth and soft. 80% of the bad stuff seems to have come off my nose. Looks like a great product. The only thing you got to remember is - DO NOT SQUEEZE your nose too much. Take it slow. And also EYESHADOW ISNT CONCEALER. IT DOESNT WORK! Its time i get some shopping done. And yes i still love my nose strips that do the job in no time.. but i think this product is a tad better since there is no pulling involved which on the long term is more kinder on your little nose. Dont you think?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

[Outfit Of the Day and a Giveaway Alert] Roseo Heart Print Tank Top from Chicnova

Well YES I got my package! I ordered some clothes from Chicnova last month and i was totally obsessing over my PO Box the whole time. And yes i got my package and here we are! An outfit post. Hope you like it. And no i dont iron my clothes mostly. God im so lazy LOL. But is that a bad thing really?!

Its a pretty straight forward outfit. I usually like to take it simple most of the time. You will never see me totally dressed up.. though i would love to.. i guess i dont really take risks mostly. Which isnt always fun but i am trying to come out of that bit by bit. Usually being inspired by all you pretty ladies out there. Yes i am talking about you.

Its summer and its really warm so its an excuse to get all girly and pink. The highlight of this outfit according to me is ofcourse the cute leopard print on the tank top and yes the zippers on my jeggings. They are my absolute favourite pair.

Black Tank Top from Glitz
Black Jeggings from Glitz

So thats my outfit and hope you all liked it. Do let me know your ideas on how i can style these pieces in different ways. And i just noticed that Chicnova has a fun contest going on right now so maybe you might want to enter. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ELF Shimmer Gloss - Love

So i thought maybe i should finish up all my pending lip gloss reviews. There are a couple that i am trying out at the moment and here is one. Im not THAT into deep shades these days.. i have opened up to lighter colours and more nude shades which are great for everyday use. But then again something about this colour.. just makes me want to smile. 

Have a look --->

Isnt that the most beautiful raspberry red ever! I mean its soo cute.. doesnt look so dark or deep as the tube does. Thank God for that! Its a pretty medium pigmented shade that gives you just a hint of colour but isnt too light either. Which is really nice. With or without lipstick - this one looks really good. I love how i can use it during the day just to add some redness to my lips. Noone would ever know i added colour.. it looks pretty natural. And also can be used on top of your lipstick to add that dramatic shine. All red and bold. Love this one! If you ask me the bad side of it - well its really sticky and doesnt have a great staying power but it really doesnt matter. What do you think? Beautiful yeah?


Adds just a little tint.. thats how i like it. How about you?

Monday, August 12, 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush

So yes i found it in Mr. Baby's toy box! Ah! He totally loves hiding my stuff :-) Babies are super cute yeah. They always do these really cute silly things that make you smile. Anyways i know EVERYBODY has atleast one of these and there are reviews all over the internet but ofcourse i had to review it myself and keep up with the trends. For once i did go out and purchase something that was hyped.. well by accident but STILL atleast im glad im wasnt too late. You know what i mean. LOL!

Its a really pretty lip balm tint. Chubby and cute. So easy to use. Just twist it up as you use it up. Though it would take a long time to finish this one. A little is alot in this case. Highly pigmented so just a swipe or two will do the job.


Smells minty. Very light though. You would barely notice the scent unless you smell it. I wonder if anyone else really noticed it. Well i always like to find out what my products smell like so ofcourse i dont miss scents that easily. Not a big deal.. just a little mint going on there.


Its highly pigmented. So even if you got pigmented lips.. this one would show up so well! No worries! I love how it comes on well like lipstick. Its bold and dark.

The camera isnt so fair to the colour.. it looks much darker and brighter on my lips. I think it depends on the colour of your lips but anyways its more towards a deep purple than pink. 


You cant obviously substitute this for your lip balm if you got any cracks or issues that need a proper lip treatment but if you are looking for some colour and moisture - this is perfect! Amazing for day to day use. For the right amount of moisture and adds loads of colour to your lips. Well its lipstick and a lip balm all together. How lovely is that!

Lasting power:

I think one of the reasons for this product to be a major hit would be the lasting power. It stays on for hours and hours. Even after a meal you can see the colour is still there. Fades a bit with all that eating and drinking but the hint of colour remains on your lips. Thats so awesome. You can touch up or just survive the day with just the hint of colour that remains. AWESOME LASTING POWER! 


Highly pigmented and lasts long. Moisturises well and keeps lips soft and smooth. Well the only thing you need to keep an eye on is which shade you are going to buy. This one here is ofcourse a bit too much for me for daily use. Its too bright.. well im not so into such bold deep colours so i guess i need to go get myself a nude colour for everyday use while this one will be perfect for a special night. What do you think? Have you tried these? 

Sunday, August 11, 2013


This week's winners will be announced below and yes you can enter for these giveaways too and in case one of the following winners DO NOT REPLY ON TIME, i will choose one of you from below. Fun yeah? If you are a winner then send me that email NOW, if you are not a winner then ENTER BELOW!

Winners are..

Signed Simply with Love - Rachel Hayes
Thank you from Flavya - Sania Wasif

Rules for Entering:

Facebook name:
Go to this PAGE, have a look and tell me below which Crochet Lace Shirt you love most (Colour):

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me - tell me your full name, address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Yes so here i got an amazing giveaway sponsored by Romwe! We are going to have 2 lucky winners who will win a dress each (chosen from above). All you got to do is - drool over the 2 dresses, think a little hard, decide which one you love to win and FILL IN THE RAFFLECOPTER BELOW!

If you want more information on the dresses you can go check them out here:

Romantic Kiss Print Tank Dress [THIS]

Cut-out Back Rose Pleated Dress [THAT]

Decided already? Enter the rafflecopter below and STAY PRETTY!

Best of Luck and Those who are in a super shopping mood - Check out the amazing sale! CLICK HERE!

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