Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Empties and A Lucky Winner for this Week!

July has been like the most busiest months this year! WOW! So busy.. its like i hardly get time to sit down and day dream. Phew! Thats hard isnt it. BUT it was one of the best months too! Gave me so many reasons to smile. Well anyways i did finish off a bunch of products this month too! YAY to that too!

Im not so familiar with different brands of wax strips. I have used them on and off for years but i hardly paid much attention to them. Im a more 'get a salon wax' kinda person. Sitting at home and waxing and waxing.. GOD! Talk about torture. Anyways after coming to Qatar i havent been to a salon as yet.. so this is my option now. Its in Rose Fragrance  - not that the scent makes a difference really. Does its job well. No irritations or ingrown hair. The only thing i noticed is that it doesnt pull out really short hair WHICH IS ANNOYING but other than that its pretty useful and quite cheap.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser:
Loved the scent. Fresh and lovely! Foams well and cleans well but it didnt really suit my dry skin and makes it too dry. TOO BAD! I guess its just not for me. Will not repurchase.

Loreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo:
Oh God! Now what was with all those reviews all over internet?! This is like one of the worst shampoos i have used. Half the bottle became my bathroom floor cleanser. And finally i finished it up. Freedom at last. LOL!

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda White Tuberose Nourishing Body Oil:
LOVE THE SCENT! ITS AMAZING! Moisturises so well and its scent stays on for hours. A really light oil. Not greasy at all. Does slightly lighten skin when used on a regular basis. This is a travel sized bottle which i got in a cute little gift set that looks like this one. Thanks to my friend for giving this surprise gift. Its AMAZING!

Nivea Soft:
Honestly i must admit i wasnt on my 'blogger mode' while using this. I loved its refreshing scent and used it as a hand cream every now and then. Would have been great for normal skin but i am going through a dry spell on my hands these days. Well the doctor says im allergic to detergents so basic hand creams totally fail to work on me at the moment. 

Nivea For Men Exfoliating Face Scrub:
Haha i can see that disapproving look! No no its not what you think! REALLY! LOL. Well to cut the story short - i ran out of face scrub and saw this fellow on the bathroom shelf. Looked pretty ok. Smelt so GOOD! Men's products are always so fresh smelling yeah. And yes i used it for the first time ever and WOW! I was surprised by how good it was! Scrubbed so well and my skin felt so soft and smooth! NOT A BIT DRY! It looks really harsh but no my skin felt so good. Its been a long time since i felt that way after a good face scrub. LOVED IT! And yes i used it up.. and now my husband is wondering how it landed into my empties box! Not that i will continue using this or get a tube for myself.. but i think i will definitely look into Nivea's face scrubs and see if there is something that is as good as this one for me.

So now we come to our winner..

The Winner of Happy Unicorns is ANA RUTE! Congrats! Please send me the email within 48 hours to claim the prize!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Contact Pink Clouds within 48 hours from now
2. Give 4 weeks for delivery of prizes
3. In case of delay in receiving the prizes contact us before the 6th week
4. Pink Clouds can not be held responsible for the loss of packages while in transit  or for customs and duties etc.
5. Unliking Pink Clouds from any mode of Social Media after joining a giveaway will disqualify you from all future giveaways


  1. Lovely empties! Specially that Nivea face scrub ;)

  2. Aha! Thanks you for the round up reviews. I completely agree with you on L'Oreal Total Repair5. I had tried that before and honestly, completely hated it! It left residue on my hair and left it weighed down and what not!
    I would like to try out the Nivea scrub for men too.

    1. You should try out the scrub and yes thank God i found someone who hates the shampoo like i do! :-)

  3. I so want to try the Nivea scrub for men now! :D Why can't they come up with something like this for us?? Anyway doesn't matter.. will use this :P


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