Sunday, August 18, 2013

[Outfit Of the Day and a Giveaway Alert] Roseo Heart Print Tank Top from Chicnova

Well YES I got my package! I ordered some clothes from Chicnova last month and i was totally obsessing over my PO Box the whole time. And yes i got my package and here we are! An outfit post. Hope you like it. And no i dont iron my clothes mostly. God im so lazy LOL. But is that a bad thing really?!

Its a pretty straight forward outfit. I usually like to take it simple most of the time. You will never see me totally dressed up.. though i would love to.. i guess i dont really take risks mostly. Which isnt always fun but i am trying to come out of that bit by bit. Usually being inspired by all you pretty ladies out there. Yes i am talking about you.

Its summer and its really warm so its an excuse to get all girly and pink. The highlight of this outfit according to me is ofcourse the cute leopard print on the tank top and yes the zippers on my jeggings. They are my absolute favourite pair.

Black Tank Top from Glitz
Black Jeggings from Glitz

So thats my outfit and hope you all liked it. Do let me know your ideas on how i can style these pieces in different ways. And i just noticed that Chicnova has a fun contest going on right now so maybe you might want to enter. 


  1. Hi

    I love the pink tank top

    nice post ;)

  2. Fantastic color combination. This outfit looks so stylish. I love it.

  3. The zip in the Black Jeggings is very cool. A great outfit.

  4. i can relate with u that many of us (including myself) don't take risks of experimenting with our outfits. But a careful transformation without getting over-stuffed can be tried n accepted nicely. But i totally loved the stuff u ordered :) gr8 choice i must say..wish to see u in next post wearing them...very peppy color of the top n zipper is agn very attractive ..

    1. Thank you <3 yeah will do a post wearing it very soon

  5. Loved the pink tank top. Nice outfit. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the leopard print heart on the tank top n the zip .Looks cool.Thanks for sharing this outfit.

  7. I love the top... and those Jeggings are looking super interesting!

  8. PINK AND FABULOUS! Loved it! <3

  9. I like the pink top with heart - I bet it will look cute on you :)

  10. pretty!perfect for the sunnyday

  11. you will look like cute lil barbie doll in it :D


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