Monday, August 12, 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush

So yes i found it in Mr. Baby's toy box! Ah! He totally loves hiding my stuff :-) Babies are super cute yeah. They always do these really cute silly things that make you smile. Anyways i know EVERYBODY has atleast one of these and there are reviews all over the internet but ofcourse i had to review it myself and keep up with the trends. For once i did go out and purchase something that was hyped.. well by accident but STILL atleast im glad im wasnt too late. You know what i mean. LOL!

Its a really pretty lip balm tint. Chubby and cute. So easy to use. Just twist it up as you use it up. Though it would take a long time to finish this one. A little is alot in this case. Highly pigmented so just a swipe or two will do the job.


Smells minty. Very light though. You would barely notice the scent unless you smell it. I wonder if anyone else really noticed it. Well i always like to find out what my products smell like so ofcourse i dont miss scents that easily. Not a big deal.. just a little mint going on there.


Its highly pigmented. So even if you got pigmented lips.. this one would show up so well! No worries! I love how it comes on well like lipstick. Its bold and dark.

The camera isnt so fair to the colour.. it looks much darker and brighter on my lips. I think it depends on the colour of your lips but anyways its more towards a deep purple than pink. 


You cant obviously substitute this for your lip balm if you got any cracks or issues that need a proper lip treatment but if you are looking for some colour and moisture - this is perfect! Amazing for day to day use. For the right amount of moisture and adds loads of colour to your lips. Well its lipstick and a lip balm all together. How lovely is that!

Lasting power:

I think one of the reasons for this product to be a major hit would be the lasting power. It stays on for hours and hours. Even after a meal you can see the colour is still there. Fades a bit with all that eating and drinking but the hint of colour remains on your lips. Thats so awesome. You can touch up or just survive the day with just the hint of colour that remains. AWESOME LASTING POWER! 


Highly pigmented and lasts long. Moisturises well and keeps lips soft and smooth. Well the only thing you need to keep an eye on is which shade you are going to buy. This one here is ofcourse a bit too much for me for daily use. Its too bright.. well im not so into such bold deep colours so i guess i need to go get myself a nude colour for everyday use while this one will be perfect for a special night. What do you think? Have you tried these? 


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