Friday, October 31, 2014

Soap And Glory The Righteous Body Butter Lotion

I got just about 1 day left to pack for Sri Lanka and i needed a bottle of lotion. Obviously it was not a time to experiment with exotic brands and obviously i got no time to waste - i walked into Boots hoping for a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE OFFER. Yes the offer was going on so i grabbed a bottle of this lotion so fast i almost didnt check out what it was. Almost - then i spent 5 minutes at the cash register trying to read the ingredients. Its a terrible habit and im trying to get rid of it. I am. 

For someone like me - who wanted to try pretty much every single product from this brand .. it really was easy to just pick this up hoping i would love it. And yes i did love it. I do and im so glad i did. Well its such a huge bottle of lotion - i would hate to just waste it.


Smells light and fruity. Not like a fruit salad but its girly and really lovely. Not a scent that would turn heads around but definitely something that will make you smile while you moisturize. Well thats the whole point - isnt it?

Texture and Moisturization:

Its light and comfortable. No oil or grease. Moisturizes so well. VERY WELL. Its awesome. If you have very very dry skin like mine - you will not believe that a lotion that feels so light actually works so well. Its amazing.

The Good Stuff:

Smells lovely
Not pricey
A huge pump bottle that locks up well 
Moisturizes the driest of dry skin during summer

The Not So Good Stuff:

Might not be sufficient during harsh winter 

So ..

You know i loved this and im so happy. This will be one lotion that i will use and use and finish it off. And recommend it to everyone i love without any shame. LOL. I mean i will recommend it.

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