Sunday, September 29, 2013

Easy Tuna and Feta Cheese Salad [Perfect for a movie and leftover pasta]

Its sunday evening.. you got a movie downloaded for tonight.. some leftover pasta.. some laziness.. you got to make something for dinner. What do you do? Just whip up some salad. YES. Its easy, pretty cheap and SUPER FAST. You can make it in less than 15 mins. (Depends on your speed in chopping stuff BUT i suggest you take a little time since its dangerous to chop too fast and yes cooking is fun if you take it slow and enjoy). 


3 cucumbers chopped in tiny cubes
1 large tomato seeded and chopped into tiny cubes
1/2 can of tuna (you can add the whole can if you love tuna)
1 handful of feta cheese cubed
A little vinegar

Wash all the vegetables and chop them up. Take a large salad bowl - add cucumbers, tomatoes, tuna, pepper, vinegar and salt. Toss it well. Taste it. Is it eatable? Yes? Ok now you can either add the feta cheese into the salad and toss them all together or you can serve it along with your salad like i did. Either way it tastes super awesome. Go easy on the salt - you got to make your salad healthy and also because feta cheese is VERY salty so too much salt will just ruin your salad. Add just a dash and let it sink in. After tossing everything - serve. 

I love this salad with some hot sauce. 
(I add hot sauce to EVERYTHING!) 
Its yummy!

Hope you liked my recipe. 
Please do try it out and let me know. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

[Review and Winners Post] L'Oreal Paris - Elvive Arginine Resist x3 Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

If i had a twin she would definitely ASK 'Do you EVER LEARN?' Well Sis.. guess i kinda dont give up. LOL! Yes its true i dont and thats not necessarily good at times. LET GO POOR SELF. DONT KEEP TRYING TOO HARD! Are you wondering if im crazy? Nah im talking about my obsession with Anti Hair Fall Drug Store Shampoos. Has anything really worked? NEVER. Why do i keep trying? NO IDEA. 

My Hair Fall Story -

I know EVERY GIRL ON EARTH AND EVEN ON MARS OR VENUS OR WHATEVER has her version. I know that and i know you're thinking- *imagine speech bubble on top right side of your head* 'Please spare me the details. I will still tell you. Why? Because i truly believe you will learn WHAT NOT TO DO to make your hair fall out.. i have pretty much done loads of things i shouldnt and now im trying to reverse the effects. Im not talking about colouring, ironing and all that stuff. This is WAY DEEP. LOL! No i am not talking about smoking or drugs. Dont freak out NOW. Its Saturday morning so relax. OK i will write a post on it soon. Now its just another review.


I love shampoos that smell fruity, fresh and girly! In that department this one just passes with flashing scores! Amazing scent! Love it. MAYBE its just a typical shampoo scent but for some reason i loved it from day 1. Atleast there is something i liked this product for. 

Anti Hair Fall Shampoo? REALLY?

Im not going to go into. Texture. Colour. and all that stuff that seriously (who am i kidding) doesnt really matter. I think i sometimes write it just to fill up the page. LOL.  Just kidding. I mean you know L'Oreal shampoos.. you know the texture and all that. Its just the same. Nothing different really. Packaging is pretty and colourful and mysterious. It calls out to you in this beautiful mermaid voice 'Come get me' But unlike Disney Cartoons, real life mermaids might not always be just as pretty.. remember Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes you got the picture. That doesnt have anything to do with this shampoo.. but i had to say it. Dont ask me why. That movie goes on TV EVERY SINGLE DAY. SO ITS HARD TO IGNORE.

OK anyways - Hair fall situations are tricky. The causes for hair fall are too confusing. Its not straight forward and products that work for me might never work for you so this is my opinion and yours might differ. 

Bottom line: It didnt work. NADA. It cleaned well and my hair smelt good. Hair fall was the same. No changes. No nourishment of the bulbs or restructuring of fiber to make hair grow stronger (im just copying this off the bottle). Nothing at all. For all the stuff that says on the bottle i was hoping it would have some change.. but i guess its just not for me.


Looking for a good cheap shampoo? Yes its quite okay. Looking for something pretty to look at? Yes its quite attractive. Got a major hair fall problem and you're desperate for solutions? I dont think so. Didnt work for me. 

*I dont mean to be mean. Im not a mean person. Hair fall makes me a bitter human being sometimes and i always love to bitch about products that dont work on me. Stress releasing so if you are a super fan of L'Oreal - Do NOT send me hate mails. Instead i would love suggestions of other products that might work. 


Winners of this Week:


Tanya Soyer


Summame Raj

Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you email me - tell me your full name, address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The All New Wishtrend is HERE!

You guys all know how much i love Wishtrend. I have done loads and loads of reviews on products from their website. They got an amazing range of skincare and makeup. Korean cosmetics are like this craze around the world right now and its so lovely to be able to buy them at such reasonable prices especially from a trustworthy online store. Also they shipping worldwide which is pretty AMAZING! Wishtrend has now renewed their website and made it more user friendly and also added like a bucket load (haha even more i guess) of new products so do have a look and let me know what you would love to try. 

Here are some items that kinda (i mean TOTALLY) make me interested so ENJOY!

The packaging of these products are like so cute! Please dont get all cross at me for making you shop more! I cant help it - its my JOB TO SPOIL YOU BAD. Haha just kidding. I am so drooling over these and am saving up a bit to get some items for myself VERY SOON. And i know you love Korean makeup and skincare so thought i would share it with you.

So this is just a very small list of items that i want to try so bad! Do have a look at their website and let me know what you like to try as well!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Sleep Therapy Bath and Shower Gel

So i guess im up today! No sleeping.. well ACTUALLY i dont know why.. its just like i need to catch up on sleep but i need to start getting chores done. Honestly you must be thinking WOW THIS GIRL HAS SO MUCH GOING ON but nah. Im just plain lazy and when i get some free time i like to relax. Too much relaxing has led to a pile of stuff to do. I need to organise and do that fast. I also got my medical test done last night for my visa and im so glad its over with. Its a long wait and all that queue. Thank God. Anyways i was just thinking you know how sometimes you feel you go to a hospital or somewhere and the people working there are kinda mean to the patients. Its so weird. I mean why would you be mean? I know you're having a long tiring day but it just doesnt justify being mean. Maybe it makes them feel superior or something?! No idea. I think some people are just so mean for no reason what so ever. Have you ever felt people at hospitals are mean for no reason? ANYWAYS!

You know how i LOVE Spa Ceylon and im always going on and on about their products and all that. I will spare you that now and if you are new to my blog or this brand please do check out my other reviews on this brand. These products are worth trying and yes paraben free and free from animal ingredients. Amazing!


A nice calm and pleasant scent of ylang ylang. Its not strong and annoying but yes there is a scent and it makes your shower totally amazing BUT does not stay on your skin after the shower. It just disappears after a couple of minutes. I wish it stayed a bit though.. going to bed with a bit of this scent on you might be totally relaxing.


It lathers up very well. Not so foamy and soapy but it does lather enough to give you a good cleanse and it makes you feel totally fresh and no greasy after feel or anything odd going on there. I know some spa products tend to be TOO moisturising and leave this greasiness behind but no this one isnt one of those.

Well, whats the big deal?

This product comes from the Sleep Therapy range which is for washing away stress and helps you relax and sleep better. Which im sure it does.. the scent totally helps calm down and the lavender relaxes your mind. I, on the other hand would not need anything to help me sleep right now because im a total sleepy head already. I just need something to keep me awake. LOL! I love sleeping.. i can sleep all day. BUT i do notice how it totally relaxes me after a stressful day and i love that! I wouldnt recommend using it in the morning.. try it at night and you will love it! Trust me. Sleep or no sleep - this product really washes away the 'CRAPPY DAY TODAY' feeling which i think is a great thing. It has lavender, ylang ylang, orange, lemon and patchouli in it. Also almond, aloe vera, coconut, honey and olive oil. Well thats a bunch of natures goodness in a bottle. RIGHT?!


I love the scent, the whole concept, the green little bottle and the amazing stuff inside. I have totally almost used this up and still love it. Do try it if you got sleeping problems or you just want something to help make you detox after a long day at work. You will love it! 


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Etherealle Vegan Mineral Lipsticks - Whisper, Tenderling and Papaya

I love mineral makeup! Vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients - those are some of the words i love reading on my makeup packages. It makes me feel more comfortable using them because i know im not overloading my body with too many scary chemicals. What i got here are some lovely goodies from Etherealle. They are handmade, natural and cruelty free! Amazing! In other words my kinda cosmetics!

Those are the swatches. Its super creamy and pigmented! I was totally surprised at how creamy it was and it just glided onto my lips. Love it! Stays on for quite a long time - a couple of hours atleast even with a bit of eating and washing my face and all that. It survived! It did fade a little but there's always time to touch up yeah! Cute little tubes, totally travel friendly! It has this slight smell of Water Melon. All 3 of the lipsticks smell like water melon.. sweet and light. I do like it. Its not strong or anything.. but its there. A nice scent. It doesnt taste of anything though. (which is good, right?) 


You can see those are such lovely colours and comes on smooth onto the lips. Pigmentation and staying power is great too. ITS VEGAN! CRUELTY FREE AND FREE FROM NASTIES! Its a super must try! Like i always say - its always better to include as much as natural ingredients into your makeup and skincare and cut off those nasty scary stuff. Always better to stay safe than sorry. 

Shopping Spots:

Monday, September 16, 2013

[Closet Ideas and Winners] Its Time for Some Bling!

It doesnt have to be always Pink Yeah? Thought of using a bit of pink and a lot of bling to style todays Closet Ideas outfit. Hope you like it. Please do let me know your thoughts below on how i can glitter up this outfit or maybe pair these pieces with others to make more fun night time styles.

Black is definitely a stunner. Classy and simple. Easy to pair up and totally comfortable.

The simplicity of this dress is what totally makes you notice the total outfit. The beautiful neckline makes the outfit totally dazzle up giving it the bit of shine and glitter. Simple yet elegant. 

Ofcourse a girl needs her makeup, accessories and a touch of her favourite perfume. Make up can be kept simple. A dark smokey eye and some body shimmer using your favourite body shimmer powder would be lovely. I have chosen my Inglot Sparkling Dust which gives a beautiful healthy glow to my skin. A tiny bit of powder dusted on the shoulders and done!  I chose a rather deep heavy fragrance for tonight as i think it would suit the mood very well. A deep lady like scent.

A no fuss canvas tote bag with rivets was my choice. You can also go for a clutch if you like. I love tote bags a little more so here we are. I added a bit of pink by tying my pink scarf onto it. Just to lighten up the outfit. A girl needs her pink too!

This beautiful statement bracelet makes up for the lack of accessories in my outfit today. I didnt want to add to much of accessories so i went simple and elegant with this bracelet. Its bold and its definitely a classy piece. Its versatile and will blend in any type of outfit and can be worn to dazzle up any kind of outfit you have on for the day. A must have in your jewelry drawer.

Well.. so that was my dress up play today! Hope you liked it. In case you are interested in what items i used - I will list it below for you to see:

Pink Floral Scarf from Odel
Bling Neckline Dress from Tee Shop
Armani Code  by Giorgio Armani

Now lets move onto the WINNERS OF THIS WEEK!





Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you email me - tell me your full name, address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth

Wow! Today is like one of those days you wish you were at home.. you know like at home with your mommy around to fuss all over you. Haha.. AAH i think i might be falling sick or something and its not a pretty sight. Mr. Baby might be falling sick too (i hope not!!!!!) so its one of those BAD days you know. Is the climate changing or what? I feel as though it may be.. not sure.. this is like my first year here in Qatar so not sure but something is up thats for sure. 

Anyways i do miss home sometimes like now - its that sad but nice feeling. I cant help thinking what i would be doing if i was at home right now.. most probably fussing about my runny nose and telling my mom how i DID NOT get a wink of sleep last night (not exaggerating!) and she would make me black tea and make me eat some breakfast because i need to take my pills. Moms are the best yeah. And you know what ..thinking back i just realised i dont remember a day yes a single day my mom slept late or just even stayed in bed saying she was ill and let us fend for ourselves! Seriously! Not one single day! Thats amazing dont you think.. There were those 'mom is sick today' days but never ever had a 'whose making the morning tea today?' days. Amazing. Truly. I really havent learnt much from my mom because i was always busy being the little girl the whole time but there are these little beautiful things i did notice and would love to practice in my life as well. Hopefully. 

ANYWAYS - today i wanted to talk about a product i have been using for about 3 months now. Loving it and will be using it up pretty soon so here's my little review.

Comes in a little bottle. Really cute. AND GREEN! Yes! I think its just to let you know that its almost all natural. 99% of ingredients are of natural origin. Which is a nice thing to hear. Seriously. 


So if you are looking for products that are more towards natural ingredients and all that you should definitely keep this product in mind. 

It comes with a dropper so its really convenient to keep in control. Just about 2 - 3 drops are enough to cover up your face and neck. It sinks in about a minute or 2. ISNT HEAVY OR OILY. No greasiness at all. It is a thick rich serum but not on the greasy side. I remember how i used to feel when i was trying out my Lulu and Boo Organics Rosehip Face Lifting Serum. It used to be so oily.. AAH! I got no problems with this one.

How to use:

Cleanse face - Tone - APPLY SERUM - Apply Eye cream - Lather on your moisturiser. 

I know some of us have a hard time remembering this. You got to apply the serum BEFORE your moisturiser. Yes BEFORE. NOT AFTER. And yes use your moisturiser.. dont skip it. 


Its rich but not the SUPER concentrated HEAVY kind. You can see its running of my palm. Its not too runny either.. I wonder why its so runny today maybe 'HE' doesnt like taking photos LOL.

I have been using this serum along with The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream and The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream. [You can check out my reviews on them as well] I must say its works so well together. It just totally blends in and moisturises my skin SUPER WELL.


Has a fresh scent. Really light and doesnt last at all so it wouldnt be a bother. You may not really notice it.


I always say this about anti aging product - im not sure about the fine lines or wrinkle reduction because i dont actually have that issue at the moment. The one thing i did notice was that my face has become more smoother and healthy looking. My skin tone is more even now. My skin is more soft and the 'dullness' has lifted off. Which is great! I totally love love this serum because it makes me feel refreshed when i use it.. its not heavy at all. Sinks in so soon and leaves my skin feeling soft. I use it every night and sometimes during the late afternoons when i take a long nap. I go to bed totally moisturised and wake up looking bright.. its definitely a good feeling! 


I love this serum and will definitely recommend it to ladies who are looking for something that will help smoothen out skin. I am planning on sending my mom a bottle and maybe i will be able to let you know how it works on her (VERY SOON!). This one is paraben and silicone free so YEAH always better to go for products that do not have too many scary in them.

Do let me know what serums you are using at the moment and hope you liked my review.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Win a Gift Card Worth $100 from CiChic! YAY! Its giveaway time babe!

Good Morning! Its another early morning for me.. I was planning on getting some sleep today BUT i ended up watching a little bit of this extremely creepy hindi movie called Ek Thi Daayan. What does it mean anyway? There was a witch? I dont know.. im not too good in my hindi. And WOW! Im totally freaked out! I didnt watch it fully as yet.. my husband and i watched a bit last night and decided to catch up the rest today BUT i was so curious to see what will happen next so i watched about 30 secs of the movie and now im totally freaked up. I needed to lighten up my mood so here i am. Im posting a giveaway for you guys. Please enter asap and make me smile. Im serious IM TOTALLY LIKE :-O Anyways todays amazingly amazing giveaway is sponsored by CiChic! A beautiful online store that has some really beautiful stuff. I was looking through their collection and YAY! My mental wishlist is totally updated and really long. Lets have a quick look.

I was having a look through their Dresses and i must say they got some unique items. Well i think i need to update my closet a bit. OK maybe a lot. LOL! Early morning window shopping is dangerous especially after watching a horror movie.. dont you think? AND I DONT MEAN TO SPOIL YOU BAD BUT I GOT TO TELL YOU THIS - 


Just trying to bring in some variety into my wardrobe and then there are some lovely Blouses too!

And WOW! Some really cute Skirts! Im so into these skirts right now. 

AND FINALLY THIS BAG! ITS SOOOOO CUTE! ITS TOTALLY AMAZING! Check out their Bags - they got some lovely stuff there too.

So basically i guess you would have set up your own wishlist right now! And they got this Clearance Sale and all that going on so you can have a look! You might find some lovely stuff. If you are wondering: 


Dont you worry - CiChic is super generous and is going to GIVE a gift card worth $100 to one of you so ENTER THE GIVEAWAY NOW! Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY away from Horror movies! Also stay pretty as always!

Best of Luck Everybody and YES tell me how you cool off after a creepy horror movie moment? 

Monday, September 9, 2013

HB Lash Queen Mascara Feline Blacks

Well i did do a tiny bit of shopping a couple of months back from Uniqso. You might be familiar with their website, they sell lovely circle lens and all that girly stuff. I was kinda really curious about the eye makeup they had so i went ahead and bought a mascara and an eyeliner. You can see my haul post HERE.

Yeah you guessed right! I totally went for the packaging! The animal print thing going on there is kinda eye catching isnt it. I havent heard about this brand before.. i dont know if they are popular or what. Just one of those i am shopping COZ im shopping kinda shopping. (God! LOL) Too much of shopping and too much of kinda today COZ i am still kinda (oopsss) sleepy. Its going to be 9 in the morning and i am sleepy. I woke up at 4.45 am (i wake up early every morning) and then after sending Mr. Husband to work i make the decision of the day - Do i go back to bed or do i finish off all my pending house chores and blog stuff?? Thats really a difficult decision to make especially when you're super sleepy and yes i ended up staying awake.. no house chores done.. just experimenting with my new mascara and here i am. Yawn! 

Its a pretty regular mascara. You can see the wand its just a basic mascara. SUPER BLACK! Gives length and bit of volume for the eyes. It doesnt clump or make my eye lashes stick out (i got long lashes so sometimes its creepy). I have used it a couple of times and i never had an allergic reaction to it. Some people like me have super sensitive eyes and not everything suits us so this one passed that test too!

I borrowed an eye from someone (no i will not mention her name here) and there you can see. Its beautiful.. gives a bit of length and a slight bit of volume. Its not one of those OMG dramatic mascaras but it sure does it job well and stays up for a long long time. What do you think? 


I like the cute packaging! Its something pretty to carry around in your makeup bag if you are into the whole animal print thingy and yes it does its job pretty well.

Shopping Spot:

Uniqso $8.90

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