Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Inglot Sparkling Dust

Everybody is taking about Inglot these days.. i see loads and loads of positive reviews on the internet and then i see Inglot at Ezdan Mall! YAY! It immediately went into my 'GOT TO VISIT SOON LIST OF STORES' I got a list and im trying to tick them all out bit by bit and being in a tight spending budget (i set that to myself) its not easy. LOL! Its like when you are not allowed to watch TV during your exams! AHHH it feels like all the best programs are on only then. Have you ever felt the same? 

Anyways on the brighter side - Inglot is somewhere close by and now i can try all those lovely products everyone are taking about! Amazing isnt it? Well here i got something im totally into these days - Inglot Sparkling Dust for Face, Eyes and Body.

I just love the black packaging.. it makes the product look really classy and interesting. Now what i have here is a multiple use product. You can use it as a body shimmer, an eye shadow and YES a highlighter which i am using it for and totally enjoying.

Comes with a cute little powder puff applicator so in case you dont have a brush in hand.. this comes really handy and also keeps the loose powder in place without any fall outs. Which i think is quite useful.

For your Body:

For girls who love shimmering up (no that is not a word! but you know what i mean!!) This is really lovely to give your body the right shimmer and glitter without looking like a dusted clown. No im not being mean BUT sometimes i end up using the wrong kind of shimmer and you know how shimmer can make you look glowy but also a tad tacky if you dont use the right product or if you use too much. Right? Well this dust gives you the nice glowy sparkle that really lightens up for the light and reflects well. Sexy is the right word! 

Looking at the product at this angle the powder looks Cleopatra Bronze.. really rich but it looks really different when you blend it on your skin.. it turns almost silver. 

It was blended using my fingers but if you use a brush you can control the amount and product and get the light shimmer gloss. See how it reflects the light? Beautiful ha.

For your Eyes:

Beautiful shimmer eye colour for a glamourous night! No fallouts and is so beautiful. A little goes a long way so blend blend blend and get the right shade!

So can you see that? It looks really different blended and not. So this is when i picked some product up using my fingers and didnt blend at all.

For your Face:

So this is my MOST favourite! I use this as a highlighter and it looks so good! Just a warning - try to use a brush when you highlight and NOT your fingers because you might end up using a bit too much product and it may not be easy to blend well.. not good! Use a brush and it works like a dream. Well you can also use the powder puff applicator which works good too but unless you are a 'POWDER PUFF QUEEN' or something.. its not just as easy. For me especially.. because i end up using too much and keep blending blending blending.. its faster and gives a better finish using a brush. But if you say - NO i will use my fingers and thats that! Ok do try it out and let me know.. i would love to know your tricks too. Brushes are kinda expensive these days yeah. 


Totally enjoying this one and loving the sparkle it gives! If you are looking for a multi purpose product to lighten up do try this one and let me know your thoughts and to add to the gorgeous of this product - i would like to let you know that ITS PARABEN FREE!! Yes you're right and its singing right to my heart.. PARABEN FREE! Glad arent you :-) 

If you are in Qatar and wondering where you can buy this one - Check out Inglot at Ezdan Mall. To stay in touch with daily updates and makeup tricks from Inglot.. Like their Facebook page HERE.


  1. Lovely glittery product! Nice review! :)

  2. It's lovely and would like to try it <3

  3. Loved the shade and perfect shimmer would love to try this shade.

  4. It looks awesome and it's paraben-free as well. Love it.

  5. hmm.. glad that its paraben free.

    what interests me is its seems a rare glitter than can provide both a bronze and silver finish, depending on the lighting. that, to me, is unusual and i welcome it.

  6. What a beautiful addition to any woman's line-up of make-up/beauty finishes!!! I love the shimmer/glimmer. Very sexy!!

  7. Everybody is talking about Inglot Products. I've never tried them, but i´m very close to do that :D
    You did an excelent job, your review is awesome!
    And I love the paraben free part ;)
    Congrats :*

  8. It looks lovely. Also it is paraben-free. Would love to try it.

  9. I would love to be a winner!
    Name: Kassi Maria-Eleni
    GFC: marialena
    Facebook name: moutoto kiloko
    Country: Greece

  10. Thank for the post! LOve this product and will definitely have to give a try!


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