Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Morocco Orange Blossom Finishing Mist

Im more of a fragrance person than anything else.. there will always be a perfume and a body mist in my bag at all times (and also diapers hehe) and if i am travelling there will be 2 colognes 2 body sprays and 1 perfume LOL. Doesnt matter whether i got enough clothes.. but i make sure i have something nice to spray on.... especially after getting married.. i realised my husband has a nose for scents so it became a fun thing to do. So this is something i got quite recently.. my first body mist from The Body Shop! 


A woody scent!!!!! with a slight twist of orange. Let me tell you - scents are tricky as ever so always try to understand it. So ofcourse when you try the tester at the store you really dont have enough time to sit and understand the scent LOL. But thats how it is - you will NEVER know if something is good for you or not unless you bring it home and try it a couple of times.. sometimes you need to sit and think and feel it you know what i mean. Sounds pretty crazy but thats how it is!

So its a SOFT WOODY SCENT. Not feminine.. not girly.. not strong.. really low and warm. Its a SPA scent so it just makes you feel really calm and peaceful. Its sophiscated.. makes you feel fresh and really clean but it doesnt come out as a scent to call out to others. If you want to feel perfumed up and let the others around you know.. this is just not for you! If you are looking for something that mixes with your body and becomes a part of you.. this would work just great. Alcohol free - thats awesome! Can be sprayed onto your skin without feeling guilty.


Smells really clean and fresh but the staying power is BAD.. it hardly stays for an hour! The scent is too light.. and is barely there. I do enjoy this body mist.. and will do till it lasts but will not repurchase as i want something that stays a bit longer and smells a bit stronger.


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