Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Babes Passion Berry Oriflame for Women

Hey Ladies! Been very busy and a little tired so couldnt blog much past few days but im back now :-D Today my review will be on a cute perfume!

The Babes Passion Berry Oriflame for Women:

Passion Berry is the babe that is not used to be one of many - she is in charge of the team! The fragrance explodes with juicy red fruits and freesia. Confidence comes from the heart due to rose, jasmine and lily of the valley, while patchouli and musk leave an irresistible trail.

Available as 25 ml EDT.

This perfume comes from the Babes range which has 3 perfumes -->

cute :-D

After looking hard at all 3 i decided to get the pink head because she was the leader of the group and had lovely pink hair!

But after buying it i realised.. the head doesnt come painted pink :( we have to paint it pink ourselves! Which was such a disappointment!! 

This is what it looked like:

and it came with these: (the perfume bottle)

and 3 sheets of stickers to decorate your doll:

So basically the idea is to decorate the doll ourselves using the stickers the way we want.. well its a cute idea and its loads of fun really BUT i really would have loved it more if it came painted and ready to get started with!

So after an hour of decorating my doll.. she looked like this:

hehe.. yea you guessed right! im soooooooo lazy i didnt have the patience to paint her hair so i left it white! 

and i decorated the perfume bottle using a few of the stickers that remained!

This doll is just a cover for the perfume bottle as you can see here:

So now going onto how much i liked/disliked this fragrance!

It has a very mild fruity smell.. a smell of fruits and flowers! A very girly fragrance.. reminds you of the days when you were in school and all you wanted to smell of was fruits and fruits! Yes.. its a little girl's fragrance :-)
It has a nice smell yes.. but i dont think it suits us ladies.. maybe our little girls or our nieces and little cousins :P So its a perfect gift to girls who have just started using perfumes.

I was a little disappointed with the smell.. i think i expected something completely different but then again.. its a perfume that comes with a doll so i think its shouldnt really be a surprise.

The fragrance lasts few hours.. it has a decent lasting power.

Reasons to love this:

  • Looks cute
  • If you love decorating then its super fun
  • Something different
  • Its a happy fragrance

Reasons to stay away:

  • Its a little expensive 
  • We have all passed our 'school girl' days
  • Painting the head pink is a pain
  • Repurchasing the perfume would mean you would end up with 2 dolls.. there isnt an option of simply purchasing the perfume without its cover

So overall i would say.. its a cute perfume but its simply not my thing! I use it during the day time sometimes when i go out for a few hours.. its a day perfume and works well for the summer.. makes you feel like a little girl with cute little piggytails :P

Me going off now.. so you tell me.. have you tried this fragrance? What are your reviews?

Have a Pink Day! :-D


  1. Woww they look sooo cute!!! great review :D

  2. I was going to buy this :( I think I wont anymore....

  3. Ooops! why do i always discourage ppl :S Why dont you try the other fragrances in this range? maybe the kiwi one?

  4. Haha! She looks cute :) fun and fruity

  5. She does look cute :) and yes she's really fruity!

  6. Whatever you say in the 'Reasons to Stay Away' the perfume really is CUTE :P

  7. hehehee.. oh so she has gotten alotta fans :P

  8. brzydziej ozdobić nie mogłaś?

  9. I dont understand what you typed.

  10. How can you paint her hair? Please reply me at my adress, vasoulakiko@yahoo.gr

  11. loved it...sooo adorable......
    and i must say...in just an hour...u've done quite a lot of work on her :)

  12. How did you paint the hair? I have the pink one too, but I dunno how to paint it :(


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