Thursday, August 25, 2011

NOWTEES 50% Clearance Sale!!

Hey Ladies! How are you? Im good and im excited :-D WHY? Because Nowtees is having their summer sale and its so awesome. So many colors and designs and its 50% off for a selection of Mens t shirts! So its time to do some shopping for our men for half the price. :-D Who doesnt love deals right.

For those who know about Nowtees clothing.. you will know exactly what im talking about but if you dont. Please do check out their website by clicking HERE and they have a 50% off on a few selected items as their website says so. 

They have a nice collection of womens stuff too! (though we women dont get a 50% off our clothing i guess) Tshirts, Kurtas, Dupattas etc. So maybe you can get something nice for you too.


I had many of their t shirts when i was in Islamabad and i always enjoy the different colors and the silly stuff that says on their tshirts :P its very cute and girly. This one here is one of my favs and i have been using it for 2 yrs now! hehe.. and its still good and looks wearable to me.

It needs a bit of ironing i guess. 

Anyways i used to wear this all the time until i got pregnant and it doesnt fit anymore :( its so comfortable.. the short sleeves and the high neck.. its a pretty top isnt it :-D 

This is what it says ------>

Hehe! i think its real cute! Nothing too fancy.. a simple cute top and you can wear it at home.. when you're out with friends for a bit of shopping.. or even when you sleep. 

They got different sizes so you dont have to worry about whether it would fit you or not.. and this size i got here is S (small).

So is this your thing? If it is, go have a look at their collection and let me know what you think! AND YEA THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE :-D

Have a Pink Day :-D


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