Monday, June 4, 2012

My Day at Cafe Che!

My sister in law decided WE HAD to go out sometime during the weekend because she was complaining i HARDLY go out anywhere after Mr. Husband went abroad. Which is true ofcourse but also because its not easy to take Mr. Baby out. But then i was also getting really bored being at home all the time.. so we decided we will take a day OFF and have some fun.

I had never been to Cafe Che before.. i was expecting a really overcrowded place with loads of people gossiping away.. AHH! Not fun. I would have loved that when i was much younger but now we were looking for a calm quiet place to relax.. have some yummy food and discuss that, this and everything. And to my surprise it was much better than what we were expecting!! Downstairs was all chairs and tables set up like a typical meal place but upstairs was like rooms.. and it was really quiet and kinda private too. So we chose to sit upstairs.

It had this home kinda feeling.. not too made up to look posh or anything.. but really pretty and nice.

So that was our hide out for the next 3 hours! We had the whole room to ourselves.. just us 4 ladies gossiping our evening away!!!! YAY!

Now lets talk food shall we :-)

 Hoi Sin Chicken Spring Roll

Now that was a bunch of really tasy crispy spring rolls! Loved it! A little on the salty side but it was just perfect!

Chicken Tostaditos

 Yummyyyyyyyyyy as ever! The little touch of kidney beans gave the right flavor to this appetiser! Its a MUST TRY!

Cuban Chicken Sandwich

Now this i can say was a boring dish!! Nothing special really.. you know the usual chicken submarine that is given a more exotic name. I would skip this the next time i go there. 

Chilli Prawn Pasta

Kinda creamy and cheesy.. with a hint of spicyness! Really enjoyed this dish but if you're looking for prawns in here.. you got to look rather hard because there arent many to be seen! 


Was told it was super yum yum BUT i was lost in talking that i missed trying it out!!!!!! Talk about dreamy gossip LOL

Cheese cake with Chocolate Topping

Not exactly the BEST cheese cake i have had.. but it was good i guess! 

My Thoughts:

It was a really lovely evening! The atmosphere was perfect.. the food was good! The prices are quite reasonable. And the service was awesome! I will definitely go again SOON.

Food Hits:

Chicken Tostaditos
Chilli Prawn Pasta

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you think this place is worth your visit.. hop on there and let me know what you think!

.. and Yeah the Accessory Highlight of the day is -->

Reviews on that will be posted soon!


  1. You're making me hungry :( i have to go to this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I want that Cheese cake with chocolate topping :drooling: :P And loved that wallet:D Bright ;)

  3. Absolutely love this post. Everything looks super yummy. I'm glad you had a fun girly outing.

  4. I didnt knw it was halal :P.... I wana go out tooo :(

    1. Yeah thats what the manager said :) They are halal!! how are you feeling and when are you due??

  5. Now I'm really craving cheesecake...

  6. Love Cheese cake with Chocolate Topping!

  7. WOW!! i think you need to do more of these reviews! you seem to have eaten in many places knowing ur husband loves exploring food! Why dont you carry the camera around lazy woman!! hahaha..


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