Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Haul and Some Fun Offers at City Lifestyle Centrepoint!

Well its the weekend so its time for a haul! I won a gift voucher from Qatar Shukran on Facebook.  They always got these fun contests going on all the time and they give out loads and loads of prizes. Amazing stuff really. Check them out and you might win too! So i thought OK let me check out City Lifestyle.. they got cosmetics and all that stuff. It totally slipped my mind that Centrepoint was actually have their Mega Offers going on right now - Great Timing.. i think its ending in 2 days or something. Its really a good time to shop because they have discounts on so many products so do have a look. 

Products i have here:

Victoria's Secret My Desire Ultra Softening Body Butter QR 47
Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara QR 45
Rimmel Apocalips in Light Year *FREE
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in Glossy Black QR 40
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Sparkling Black *FREE

I think you would have noticed - its mainly Rimmel products and yes i got some FREE stuff too. They got this offer going on right now at the Rimmel Counter where you can buy products worth QR 99 or you can buy their latest Scandaleyes Mascara and Eyeliner and you will get 1 FREE product of your choice from the stuff they will show you and a scratch card. The scratch card is really fun you get to scratch it off right away and see what you won. They are giving away Samsung products (phones, cameras etc.) or you can win free products from Rimmel. Which is great! So for my free product i chose Apocalips (obviously) and my scratch card said i won 1 free Rimmel product so they added a Kohl Kajal into my shopping bag. That was fun really! Though i was really hoping to win a camera LOL. But anyways - Fridays at City Lifestyle is SO SUPER busy.. i hate that.. especially with Mr. Baby. NOT FUN. If you are an impatient person at the Cash Counter i suggest try the weekdays. Seriously. I HATE LONG LINES.

So hope you liked my haul and do check out Centrepoint if you need to get some shopping done. Victoria's Secret products are all brought down to QR 47 which i think is a great deal if you want to stock up on some products and YES do check out the Rimmel Counter too. I must say the lovely ladies there are so super helpful, NOT PUSHY AT ALL and friendly. With all bright smiles and all.

Anyways i got to go now..  Do let me know if you have done any shopping lately and link me to your posts below.


  1. Wow...That's a great haul..... and you got a free product 'Cool' \m/

  2. great deals really..and u got nice stuff

  3. Ah that sounds like a perfect Friday to me :) Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    Nice haul! I just purchased a Apocalips gloss too, a nude one.
    I'd love to see a swatch of this as I was going to get a darker one too but couldn't decide on which shade!
    Also loving the Rimmel Scandal eyes, I have the nude one for my waterline. It's perfect and not as harsh as using a white liner :)
    I've had a few hauls lately on my blog, and a few more coming up soon :) hihi.

    1. I will be going a review on it in a couple of days :-) Please do stay in touch!

  4. The best ones I liked in this haul came free!! :P Looking forward to reviews now.

    1. hehe yeah i know :) amazing isnt it. Reviews will be coming up in a bit.

  5. wow..Nice haul.. n thank you for ur comment on my hairstyle pic :D
    haha.. This is my first time I've changed my hairstyle drastically.. I had layers and max I had side bangs.. I was very nervous as to how they'd look so I asked the hairdresser to cut it cm-by-cm :P it was worth it.. hehe :D

    1. Yeah i know what you mean.. but its good to take risks sometimes :)


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