Monday, October 28, 2013

Buy the Wishtrend Wishbox14 for ONLY $9.99

I love Korean Skincare, i love Wishtrend and you might have noticed i always talk about them. They are this lovely online store that sells hundreds and hundreds of different Korean skincare and makeup. Amazing discounts and offers, fast shipping and YES a very friendly customer care service. I have never lost a package from them or had any complaints what so ever. So when i saw this wonderful offer i just HAD to share it. 

So here you see this box originally costs $25.62 but now you can get it for only $9.99 which means you get an awesome 61% discount! YAY! Also here are the items you will get inside.

I must admit seeing these products can be pretty dangerous to your wallet LOL. They just make you want to buy them BAD. This one looks really interesting! Cleans and whitens skin. The ingredients list doesnt show parabens which is quite relieving.

I have used this one and loved it. If you are totally not into the whole pulling out your blackheads using nose strips then you NEED to try this one. You can see my REVIEWS HERE.

An anti aging face cream with a roller applicator tip! OMG! Isnt that so interesting?!

OK NOW I WANT THIS! Free from harmful ingredients and a roller applicator tip! Totally on my wishlist right now.

This brand is one i have tried and LOVED! You can check out reviews on their products on my blog. I havent used their haircare range as yet though but this looks interesting.

Masks and masks all over! Korean face masks are like the thing right now! I havent tried it but would totally love to.

So now thats an amazing box with some amazing items at an amazing price! TOTALLY and there is more for you!

Hope you liked my window shopping session! All the products look so good and something you definitely should not miss if you want to try some Korean Skincare products.

Find Wishtrend on Facebook and their Website


  1. I`ll try to do a step by step pictorial next time i do a makeup look :)
    Love Etude House<3 It`s actually really cheap! I almost always buy stuff with free shipping. I`ll give you a link to where I bought my items from :)
    Fast shipping also! :D

    1. Ok I see the link doesn´t work, but visit the store to the user "etudehouse-korea" ;)
      lots of love <3 x


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