Monday, August 19, 2013

SKINMISO Pore Beauty Nose Pack (Trial Kit) and Some Carrot On My NOSE!

It was a pretty normal morning. It was actually a good morning because i didnt feel sleepy so i decided to catch up on my house chores and also some pampering. I thought i would add a layer of face mask and relax. I used my Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose in it (which i have totally fallen in love with!) and had a good scrub. Then i thought i would use my nose pack and get rid of the blackheads too. Perfect pamper day isnt it.

So as you can see in the picture - this is a nose pack package which has 3 steps. First you got to use the white packet which has a nose pack inside. It looks like a nose strip but its not the sticky kind.. its a mask so its all watery and moist. Dipped in i dont know what. It comes with so much liquid in it. You got to put it over the nose for let it sit for 10 mins. 

Thats the nose pack AFTER 10 mins and you can see there is nothing on it. The pack just softens your nose and makes the blackheads and whiteheads easier to extract. So now we got to use the cotton swab and squeeze out the bad stuff! And here is where i went totally OFF! Too much squeezing (i can be overambitious sometimes!!) and ended up with a red nose. Yes i am sitting here right now with a RED AND PURPLE NOSE! haha.. i know. Its funny.. but i got a doctors appointment tonight and i do not want to look like a total dork. God WHY. And yes i lost my concealer weeks ago and never bothered to get a new one. No concealer and purple nose. I then remembered the eye shadow trick. Conceal using eye shadow. I actually read that on a beauty blog but never tried it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So here i am holding my Front Cover Cosmetics Rainbow Palette in my hands. Looking at the shade - CARROT!

And yes i dusted it all over the purple areas and my nose looked normal. Wow! Well only for about 30 secs.. ok im exaggerating. It was all good for about an hour but after that the purple came back on full display. So ladies - my advise please get yourself a concealer. This eye shadow trick doesnt work at all. So finally i got my powder foundation out and dusted my nose in it.. and im all set for now. Waiting for my husband to come home and LOL on me. He finds such situations quite hilarious. Haha actually now when i think of it.. i do too. Anyways..


My nose is so smooth and soft. 80% of the bad stuff seems to have come off my nose. Looks like a great product. The only thing you got to remember is - DO NOT SQUEEZE your nose too much. Take it slow. And also EYESHADOW ISNT CONCEALER. IT DOESNT WORK! Its time i get some shopping done. And yes i still love my nose strips that do the job in no time.. but i think this product is a tad better since there is no pulling involved which on the long term is more kinder on your little nose. Dont you think?


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