Saturday, June 30, 2012

Water Melon Shower Gel from Seri Naturals

Now this is one product from Seri Naturals thats been talked about and commented on so so much on Pink Clouds! Everyone is so curious to know if its good.. does it smell good? Is it worth trying? I had to go get a tube myself because i was soooooooooo curious and had to try it!

Scent -

Smells sooooooooo sweet and fresh! A super sweet scent.Very natural and long lasting! My skin smells of water melon and my bathroom smells so fresh and sweet for hours and hours. Love this scent!

Lather -

Lathers really well and cleanses well too! Doesnt dry my skin at all. 

The Goodness of this Product -

The speciality of this product is that its all natural! I love natural products and its amazing to be able to get such lovely high quality natural products so easily in the market these days.

Mineral Oils

Isnt it amazing? Love it! Sometimes we dont really bother to stop and think what we feed into our skin.. we trust many brands blindly and we always go by the price or the popularity of a product. I think its always best for us to stop and read the ingredients and choose products that have the least harmful chemicals in them. What do you think?

Will I Recommend?

Yes definitely! You got to try this! For 2 reasons - Its a lovely lovely scent and a natural product so its a hit! 

Try it and let me know your thoughts! And also a lovely news is that i got a whole gift pack from Seri Naturals to be given away to one lucky reader so Enter the Giveaway! 

Todays Lucky Winners are..

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!

Aaliyah Giveaway New Winner - 

Nizzi Fathima

Jenn's Lemongrass Spa Products New Winner - 
Neon Gray

Wishtrend New Winners -  

Nila Kussriani
Andra Katerina
Shilpa Gandotra

Hello Kitty Giveaway New Winner -
Andreia Afonso 

the Sugar Shack Giveaway Winner -

Chelsea Rae Hurst

AVON Sri Lanka Winner -

Aqyi Banu
House of Wonderland Winners -

Joana Santos

I Wear My Style Winner -

Shivangi Deshmukh

Terms & Conditions:
1. Contact Pink Clouds within 48 hours from now
2. Give 4 weeks for delivery of prizes
3. In case of delay in receiving the prizes contact us before the 6th week
4. Pink Clouds can not be held responsible for the loss of packages while in transit  or for customs etc.
5. Unliking Pink Clouds from any mode of Social Media after joining a giveaway will disqualify you from all future giveaways


Friday, June 29, 2012

Pink Clouds Steal These Cutey Ear Cuffs from Karmadia ~ Giveaway!

3 Lucky Winners will be getting this really cute Ear Cuffs from Karmadia! Lovely yeah! So enter the rafflecopter and stay pretty!! Everyone in this world can enter! Enjoy!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Well not something you havent heard of really.. its a super popular product from The Body Shop. Right? Since i assume we are all mostly familiar with Body Butters in general let me just hop onto the main points.

Scent - 

A very artifical scent of strawberries! Its a really weird fake scent. I wonder why it wasnt possible to get the same scent as their strawberry shower gels. Too bad.

Moisturization -

SUPER moisturizing for the skin! Helps make dry skin really soft and smooth and also continous use helps treat dry skin and make it look really healthy and fresh. A bit on the greasy side.. a bit. But its okay for the summers too if you really need some extra moisturization.

Will I recommend?

Yes - If you're looking for something that would help combat dry skin

No - If you're looking for a lovely strawberry scented product.. please stay away. 

If you're in Sri Lanka and you're looking for The Body Shop products at a reasonable price, Check out Nature's Village

The Winners List..

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!

Aaliyah Giveaway New Winner - 
Shamila Kamaldeen

Jenn's Lemongrass Spa Products New Winner - 
Jo Slater

Wishtrend Winners -  

Wienna Lee
Saba Babbar

Choose a Dress Giveaway Winner -


Hello Kitty Giveaway Winners -
Georgia Hatheway Beckman
  Rebecca Taylor

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1. Contact Pink Clouds within 48 hours from now
2. Give 4 weeks for delivery of prizes
3. In case of delay in receiving the prizes contact us before the 6th week
4. Pink Clouds can not be held responsible for the loss of packages while in transit  or for customs etc.
5. Unliking Pink Clouds from any mode of Social Media after joining a giveaway will disqualify you from all future giveaways

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneak a Peek: Into my Face Washes and Scrubs Basket

I can guess your reaction.. you're like HA? This is it? haha.. Yes this is it :-) I dont over cleanse my face using 100's of different products and complicate my skincare routine. Actually i think the less you use.. its always better. Over cleansing is not healthy yeah? Thats my opinion but please tell me your thoughts on it.

Products in my Basket at the moment:

Avocado with Honey Face Wash from Seri Naturals
Citrus with Mint Face Wash from Seri Naturals
Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub
St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Ofcourse full reviews on each will be posted soon so till then you tell me Whats in your Basket? Its a tag so if you do a post like this.. please do post the links below!

And yeah if you're wondering about the cutey basket?! Its the one i won from Bubbles Bath Boutique! Cute right?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pink Clouds ~ Win a Pretty Top from Blah!

Yay! A Super Awesome Giveaway!! Enter the rafflecopter to win this pretty top from Blah! 


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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Summer Set from One Love Bath and Beauty

Gift Sets are so fun! I always love to be how products are grouped together and the lovely goodies that come in each set. Here i got a really lovely summery set from One Love Bath and Beauty. Looks so pretty dont you think?

This Summer Set contains :

Japanese Lotus Perfume 
Sage & Citrus Bath Salt
Lemon Meringue Lip Balm

The combination of these scents and flavors are so lovely for the summer. Would make a lovely gift to someone special. At a glance, my most favorite product out of the set would be the perfume because the bottle is so cute!! The butterfly is so cute!! Anyone would fall in love with it at first sight. 

I still have to try these products so my reviews on each will follow VERY SOON. Till then please have a look and comment below on what you think is the most interesting in this set. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pink Clouds Walk Barefoot Giveaway!

A really pretty giveaway i got here! So excited! I got 6 pairs of Barefoot Sandals to be given away! There will be 6 lucky winners who will get a pair each!! The winners can choose between Mermaid and Pearl. Remember to comment your choice below. Fill in the rafflecopter and stay tight!

Open to all the lovelies in this World

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pink Clouds ~ Win a Shower Gel of your Choice from The Body Shop!

Nature's Village is sponsoring a super giveaway for us on Pink Clouds! One of you can win a Shower Gel from The Body Shop. The winner will be able to choose the flavor that he/she likes! So what are you waiting for? Fill in the rafflecopter and stay pretty!!

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Friday, June 22, 2012


Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!

Aaliyah Giveaway - Nimasha Fernando

Apparels Giveaway - Ally Tiwari

Jenn's Lemongrass Spa Products - Shang Jay

A Pink Giveaway - Mandy Hopkins


Pink Clouds Its Raining Bracelets Giveaway!

2 pretty bracelets from With Love DSD are waiting to be given away! So fill in the rafflecopter and remember to comment below telling me which one you would love to win!


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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Super Awesome Giveaway from Oasap!

Oasap is currently running a super duper giveaway of 152 dresses and blouses!!!!!!!!! The amazing part here is - You can enter the giveaway through my blog and i will be able to choose a winner for every 100 entries that go from my blog! Got it? Yes! Enter through Pink Clouds and i will choose the winners!! The more entries.. the more winners we will have!!

Enter the Giveaway Page HERE

Please read the rules properly and do all the mandatory entries so that you are in the lucky draw:

 Mandatory Entries:

1. Sign in your account on No account yet? Register to get a 20% off coupon code. 
2. You need choose a size and then vote, so that we know the size you need if you win. Click on the product image to see size details.
3. One account may have at most 3 entries; that is to say, you can vote a maximum of 3 items.
4. We will select winner(s) at random and contact winner(s) through the email(s) that used to register account(s) on


For Extra Entries:
1. Like Oasap on Facebook
2. Follow Oasap on Pinterest

Best of Luck Everyone! Bring in all your friends here and enter! Lets have as many winners we can get!

Once you enter - Comment below so i know who entered!

Pink Clouds~ Win a Bunch of Goodies from Seri Naturals!

I got an amazing giveaway for you! A bunch of super awesome goodies from Seri Naturals! Im so excited because i have used some of their products and i totally love love them! No parabens no chemicals! These products are amazing! Its a must try so here is a giveaway of one of their Gift Sets. All you got to do is fill in the rafflecopter and Stay Pretty!

The Gift Pack contains -

1 x Watermelon Shower Gel
1 x Strawberry Lush Face Wash
1 x Avocado with Honey Face Wash
1 x Avocado with Honey and Vitamin E Moisturizing lotion
1 x Rose with Milk Moisturizing lotion


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pink Clouds Win Soap & Glory Goodies!

 This is a thank you GIVEAWAY to all my followers and my sponsors! So please make sure you like all my sponsors and gain extra entries. Its not Mandatory but the more entries the more chances of winning!

A Super Lucky winner will be able to win this Cute gift set from Soap & Glory!


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Burst of Pinkness! My Pinkest Pink Bag from Oasap

My days were all black and white.. dragging on and on.. waiting for the rainbow.. wanting some colors in my life..  until one fine day the postman brought in a burst of PINK! Yes a bag of Pinkness into my boring colorless life!!


 Yay! Yes! Sounds really fairytale like doesnt it! Haha! I just love making up these silly stories in my head. Anyways all of you were SO curious about my PINKEST PINK BAG that i got from so i decided to finally show you!

Beware : OVERLOAD of Pink so Hold on Tight!!

So isnt that the most cutest bag EVER! Actually its my most favorite pink bag at the moment! Goes with all outfits and is easy to carry around.

Thats Miss. Pink sitting all pretty and sweet. Its a really lovely bag.. perfect for daily use. Quite big to hold all my girly things but not too big for me.. i love big bags but its not easy carrying them on a daily basis yeah.

Has a really pretty gold zipper.. compliments the pink so well! 

Thats the pretty Mirror Pocket attached with a buckle! So cute! 

Its loaded with all my stuff and its waiting to be taken out for a walk! 

My Shopping Experience at

If you have a look at their site you will know they got loads and loads and loads of stuff to look through! Clothes and handbags and shoes and accessories! Its like a world of shopping. The highlight of the website is that THEY OFFER FREE SHIPPING TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!! Isnt that amazing! I got my bag in just about 10 days of ordering. The packaging is so good as well!! Love it. 

Thats my Pinkest Pink Bag so what do you think? 


And.. the Highlight Accessory of the Day is.. Hello Kitty Bow Ring from Plushable

Pink Clouds A Day at the Beach Giveaway!

Its Summer and its super hot! A day at the beach would be lovely! I got a really cute giveaway! Something everyone would love to have! A Teal Dragonfly Beach Sarong from PuaWear!! A Beach Sarong is a must have isnt it! Were you always wanting to try one? Its on your summer wishlist yeah? It sure is on mine!! So enter this giveaway through the rafflecopter form.. remember the more entries you do, the more chances of winning! Try to do them all if you can.. and share it on Facebook as many times as possible and remember to post the URL of your share below as a comment so i can give you more entries to win.


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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Love Potion Luxury Body Creme from Naturally So Young

When i read Love Potion.. what i remembered was teen magazines coming up with these cute yet so silly love potions and spells during the month of February claiming to be able to win your secret crush's love! how sweet :-) So have you read those? Have you tried them? Haha!

Anyways i think i know why this body creme is called Love Potion, It smells soo nice! Really fresh and fruity.. kinda makes you go hmmmmmm... !!! I think you can apply some all over and go next to your husband and he will be like----------->

Hehe how lovely! So what do you think? Should be handy ha :P


A blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine.. sounds so nice right. Smells as nice as it sounds!! Love love love this scent!! Its not overpowering or too strong or heavy. Its fresh, light and fruity!! I always remember the sea or swimming when i smell this.. i dont know why. I dont think its actually anything related but it just reminds me of fresh waves splashing all over. BUT LET ME TELL YOU ITS NOTHING RELATED ITS JUST THAT MY MIND LOVES TO PUT A PICTURE TO ALL THE SCENTS I SMELL!


Its kinda thick so you got to rub it in your skin for a few minutes for it to get absorbed. Really light and not greasy. Gives the right amount of moisture. Perfect for normal skin.. and dry but if you got really dry skin.. it wouldnt give you the extra moisturise i guess. Use it during the summers for that awesome fresh feeling but not suitable for the cold winters. 

Will I Recommend?

I LOVE THE SCENT!!!! Its truly lovely and it lasts a long time.. atleast a few hours so its great. It feels really fresh and nice!! Its summer time now so its perfect on my skin. The right amount of scent + light moisturisation. When i say light dont think its too light and doesnt moisturise enough. It Does! What i mean by light is - not greasy and doesnt make you feel heavy or sweaty! 

So Whats your Secret Love Potion? Tell me BELOW!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pink Clouds Pearly Bird Giveaway

So now we are going onto Home Decor items :-) Ofcourse i wont talk about anything and everything right.. I talk strictly CUTE STUFF! Dont you agree?! Here i got a really sweet giveaway of a set of Chalkboard Buffet Labels. It comes in a set of 4. The winner can pick out the shapes and colors that they want. Now are you wondering what you can do with them? Use it as Buffet labels.. but you dont host many parties? Then what can you do?? IF I GOT A SET - I would use it to write down today's menu! Yes on everyday basis and hang it on my kitchen.. or give it to my kids (in the future) for them to play school.. or write down my to do list! I can think about 100 things i can use it for. When i asked one of my friends she said ' its very useful when i am angry with my husband!! I can write notes for him on it ' HAHA! Thats super cute! But why angry notes? how about little love notes? Hang it on your bedroom wall and write sweet things on it EVERYDAY for him to read.. or hang it on your bathroom door. Yay! I love this set and one of you will be getting it. All you got to do is - Fill in the rafflecopter and stay pretty!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
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