Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watermelon Soap Slice from Bubbles Bath Boutique

Watermelons are so awesome for the hot hot summers! So cooling and refreshing. But then i have never tried watermelon bath products before! And i was so surprised at how pleasant my shower was. LOVELY. 

Looks so pretty just like a slice of watermelon!! Smells so good! Smells of watermelons.. sweet and nice. Smells natural.. no sign of artificial scents. Love the way it lathers. Lathers really well and is quite a treat on a hot hot summer day or night. 

Will i reccommend?

A MUST TRY!! And hey please suggest some other watermelon scented bath products for me to try! Im loving this :-)


  1. woah yummylicious bath :D By d way checkout etsy (link below) for some more watermelon products :)[]=tags

  2. Looks so pretty
    love it
    good for summer time♥


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