Friday, January 10, 2014

[Store Sneak Peek] Evening Dresses 2014

Well here we are with another 'Window Shopping Session' and its going to be totally dressy and beautiful! I am going to be looking at Evening Dresses today from an online store called DressV. 

Check out the store here:

This website has dresses for all occasions, really beautiful elegants ones. I decided to look into Evening Dresses today because i thought it might be something you would like to see. This online store ships worldwide and the prices seem really reasonable, the choice of dresses are also quite wide with so many options available. So shall we get started?!
That looks soooo simple and elegant. Dont you think? Also looking through the products i just realised that these dresses can be totally customized according to what you like. You can go with what the picture looks like or you can even change the colour according to what you like. They have a huge collection of colours for you to select from.

These dresses are definitely much cheaper than what you get in your local stores which is awesome. You really dont have to break your bank to look like a Princess! I like that!
So yes they got all kinds of dresses - simple, elegant or even really really grand ones. Its so beautiful. The fact that the colours can be customised is definitely a plus if you are something who has a certain design or colour in your mind.. you can totally get your dream dress come true. You know what i mean. Lovely. 

Looking at these dresses and the designs i just have to think back to the days when i was in college and we always had a bad time trying to find dresses for our fashion shows and wedding dress competitions. I really wish i knew these sites back then. And yes when i was going to get married i had to look all over the place for a good dress maker.. i wish i have seen these lovely online stores. It would have made things much more easier and yes alot cheaper.

Anyways i hope you liked my Window Shopping session today and my choices of dresses. If you are interested in looking for more lovely dresses please do check out their website here: 

They do have a wide range of designs and colour selection. They ship worldwide and seem to have a reasonable price too. I havent shopped from them as yet but will definitely keep this store in mind if i ever have to buy some Princess like clothing. You know what i mean! Also they have wedding clothing, bedding sets, lingerie, shoes, accessories and so many other stuff! Ofcourse i will show you more stuff later. Do hop on their and have a look! Enjoy Window Shopping LADIES! Im off now.. its raining so hard here.. its time for some tea and make some lunch!

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  1. Amazing dresses!
    My fav is the first one!the red!
    Thank you for this beautiful post!

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