Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Store Sneak Peek & Winners] Wedding Dresses!

Hello Everyone! So its going to be a Day of Window Shopping! Whose excited?! Well its the NEW YEAR! Loads of weddings, parties and so many fun stuff would be scheduled this year.. which means dress shopping and all that girly stuff would take place. Thought i would show you some nice wedding dresses, accessories and what not.What do you think? Fun yeah? 

And for todays Store Sneak Peek: 

We are going to have a look into

These are like some of my most favourite dresses from their store.. ofcourse they got loads and loads more so do go have a look - Wedding Dresses. Check here:

Ofcourse i am a Princess so those are totally my style of Princess dresses but if you are more of a colourful person.. how about this one?

And yes ofcourse the wedding jewelry is like OMG! Its always a big mess trying to find affordable yet beautiful jewelry that matches your dress.. well here are some really beautiful ones!

Those pieces are on a Sale right now so do have a look if you are looking for this kind of jewelry. Looks so lovely yeah. And how can a girl forget her SHOES!

So that was enough window shopping for a day.. dont you think! Hope you liked my choices and do go have a look and TELL ME KNOW WHAT  YOU LIKE from this store. 

Anyways the Winner of the Trend Shop giveaway is..

Congrats to the lucky winner and please make sure you MESSAGE me within 48 hours TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE USING YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE THAT I HAVE TAGGED ABOVE - Give me YOUR FULL CONTACT DETAILS AND ADDRESS.

For more giveaways:

*This is a sponsored post. 


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