Thursday, January 9, 2014

[Store Sneak Peek, Winners and Redraw] Celebrate Colours with

So todays 'Window Shopping Session' will be really colourful and full of celebrations! Oh yes it is Indian Clothing! YAY! Arent you excited?! Indian clothing must be like the most popular type of clothing all over the world and they got all the beautiful colours and their clothing is definitely the most happiest ones EVER! Right?! Anyways i wasnt really so well past few days so i am hoping these colours totally light up my mood.

So lets get started! We are now going into our store:

Jomso is an online clothing store that delivers WORLDWIDE so you can shop from almost anywhere you live as long as you got a valid shipping address. They have a really lovely collection of Sarees, Shalwar Suits, Lehengas, Kurtis and Accessories. Modern, traditional.. you got them all here. I know the whole Online Saree Shopping experience is totally picking up these days.. everyone wants to buy these really amazing Sarees that those beautiful bollywood actors wear.. their lovely Anarkali Suits and what not. Dont you worry because they have a whole range of Bollywood lookalike clothing HERE! So let me just show you some really nice items that i liked.


These are like such pretty Sarees that you can buy for a wedding or really fun occassion where you can totally get dressed up! But if you are going to be dancing away.. how about a Lehenga?


And ofcourse if you want to dress up a tad simple.. these Anarkali Suits are amazing!

Anarkali Suits

And some beautiful clutches to go with these clothes!

So did you enjoy the whole window shopping session? I really hope you did and here are the links of the store for your reference. Do have a look at the store and let me know what you like most!

Anways here are the LUCKY WINNERS OF THIS WEEK:


Daily Accessoriez Scarf - Spring Cade Stracener

Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you MESSAGE me within 48 hours TO MY FACEBOOK PAGE!

These giveaways are open for redraw in case the above winners DO NOT respond so to enter go to JOMSO.COM and see what you love the most, comment below and enter again HERE

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  1. congrats lucky gals, oh i miss sammydress contest, i really wish to win that.

  2. I love this one! Its simple and elegant! Congrats to the winners and i like the lovely pictures you shared.

  3. wow lovely :* I want to win :)

  4. This is my choice :)

  5. comment on this post, means i can re enter the contest? :)

  6. So beautiful pictures!
    all the models are so pretty!
    I love traditional sarees!

  7. I'm re entering. Let's try my luck =)
    I love this one:

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. This very beautiful clutch

    these bangles are beautiful too

  10. Amazing post! Love all the dresses <3 and want to win <3

  11. i want to re enter.
    email id:

  12. hello- iam Afshan Bilal- my email is i want to enter in redraw-this is my entry-


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