Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Vitamin creams are the new thing!! Well i know its been there for quite sometime now but i just discovered them myself.. LOL. I always discover things a bit too late yeah.. thats because i dont usually run off and buy new stuff that comes into the skincare world. I'd rather wait till a 100 bloggers have used them and loved them and then i slowly walk into the stores and buy away (yes the black or maybe RED robe sweeping through the floors like a Princess). OK THAT WAS WAY too much imagination. I am not that dramatic in person.. trust me. Not these days anyways. 

If you are a regular reader of beauty blogs you would have definitely seen this product featured a dozen times with some really good reviews and well it is true. This is one lovely moisturizer and i loved it from DAY ONE. My skin is ofcourse low maintenance - that is because i got sensitive skin and im paranoid all the time about trying new products.. i dont usually leap into new stuff. I take days to decide what face wash i need to buy next.. toner.. and then moisturizer. God! how many decisions does a girl need to make these days? Its a burden sometimes. And on the rare occasions when i do try a product that doesnt break me out - i totally hug it tight and try to remember to use it everyday. Being lazy doesnt help.. and having a baby who loves eating cream is another threat. I HIDE all my creams! And then i forget where i hid them. LOL! The pleasure of being a mom.. wonderful isnt it. Makes me want to smile everytime i forget to remember where my hiding place is. 


Has a lovely scent.. light and fresh. Not cool fresh but girly fresh.. the kinda breezing through fresh. 


A light moisturiser.. really light. Gets absorbed super fast and says on the face. Moisturises WELL and keeps face feeling and looking smooth and healthy. No break outs or anything fishy. I have been using this one for day and night and works well for both times. It doesnt have any specials claims as such so its a basic skin cream that you can use everyday to keep your face soft and looking lovely. For those hot hot days.. it doesnt make you feel greasy or wear you down.. and for those cold days.. it provides the right amount of moisture. UNLESS you live in a really COLD country.. i wouldnt know if it would be perfect for you but moderate coldness yes. 


If you are looking for a good daily face cream that helps keep your skin super soft and smooth this would be a great choice. Nothing complicated or fishy. This didnt cause any skin irritations for me.. and paranoid me loves it! You might love it too so give it a try and let me know. 

For those who live in Qatar and would love to keep in touch with the updates - Keep in touch on Facebook with The Body Shop Qatar. If you are in Sri Lanka.. you can purchase this product from us. Contact us here. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

a Birthday.. a Hot Oil Splash.. Some Lovely Presents and a Lebanese Grill Dinner!

Heya everyone! Thanks a bunch for the amazing wishes and love that was sent my way yesterday! I really appreciate it.. i am really lazy to reply to each and every message but i will do that bit by bit when i manage to get some time. I promise! Thank you so much! 

I dont write birthday blog posts.. i havent written one before (i think) and wasnt planning to but then something really weird happened to me and i thought i should share it with you all. And before you start reading.. just to let you know i am not NOT NOT comfortable with such personal posts but i am really hoping this will help someone out there so i decided i will let you know so please bear with me.

So it was my birthday yesterday! It was a beautiful day ofcourse kinda weird too.. pretty scary i must say. Anyways on the 26th evening.. me birthday girl (almost birthday girl) was shallow frying a bunch of chicken wings for dinner. Im not the best cook in the world. OK im not a good cook at all hehe.. but definitely super careful and always paranoid about everything.. knives.. oil.. red chilli powder.. EVERYTHING. I try to be careful always. It was pretty much a calm day.. Mr. Baby was napping so i took that time to make dinner.. i dont like to cook when he is around.. i feel its not safe so i always finish up cooking during his naps. I fry the wings and slowly take them out of the pan one by one and turn around to place them on the side and SPLASH! One wing just falls back into the hot pan and a whole lot of hot HOT oil totally splashes on my face. On the right side of my face.. totally. It felt like a hot rain puddle splash straight on my face. My right eye and my cheeks. For a second i was like WTH! I ran to the bathroom and washed my eye and my face with cold water for God knows how long. I was terrified. My eye was burning.. my cheeks were burning.. did oil get into my eye? Yes it did.. whats going to happen.. all those thoughts were clouding my mind. What do i do when hot oil burns the skin? No idea. I just kept washing and washing with cool water. I had no idea how much damage was done. Trust me.. those were like moments of total horror.

Then i google hot oil splash! LOL i know it was like total weirdness.. i didnt feel like asking anyone for help and upsetting them because when others freak out it doesnt really help. Noone was home.. and i didnt want to call anyone up for help. I google and read - cool water.. vaseline.. aloe gel.. then there is DONT USE VASELINE EVER posts. I dont know.. loads of different stuff and well that was definitely not the right time to google. I kept washing and washing. My right eyelid was swollen completely and my eye was burning nonstop for an hour.. then it was burning when i closed my eyes. My face showed no signs of burn at the moment but later the areas that i washed showed signs of burn.. red spots all over the right cheek.. my chin (i didnt know it was burned and never splashed water on it unfortunately) was badly burned and bubbled up. My arms.. i had no idea was burned as well was totally bubbled up. In the confusion with my face i didnt realise my arm was burnt until it bubbled up. Well i finally went to see the doctor.. he gave some eye drops and some medicine and was asking me 'are you sure oil went into the eye?' Well yes it definitely did.. but Thanks to God, my eye seems okay. It feels like nothing happened at all. While the rest of my face is covered with little spots of red and brown. I cant believe this happened.. it was all so fast and so scary. I cant believe i have burnt one side of my face! Oh how we stress over zit marks and scar that are barely noticeable.. it actually makes me smile thinking of the petty issues we care about. Even now with so many burns on my face - i am just so relieved that my eye is okay. My beautiful eye.. which i dont really take much notice. Very scary isnt it.

Anyways the incident cooled down after i got my eye checked and i finally told my parents what happened. THEY FREAKED OUT. But since they are away i didnt give them on details on how much i was hurt. I told them tiny splashes.. so i hope noone from home reads this post! My husband kept joking about it (no i didnt get annoyed i was glad to relax) and things were pretty much back to normal. We went to this lovely Lebanese Restaurant called Kababji and had some kababs. It was yum yum. We ate the kababs while Mr. Baby ate the lemon slices! He loves sour and salty stuff i just realised. 

My husband got me a lovely surprise present - a fragrance! I will show you that in another post i promise. So it sorta become a beautiful day afterall.. and definitely a birthday i will remember for reasons both good and bad.

The reason i wanted to write about this incident is because i wanted to let you know these things happen alot than we realise. I never thought a chicken wing will do so much damage to my face, Its funny really. And if something like this happens - Dont panic EVER. Just go splash the area with cool water for a few mins.. it helps.. its the BEST first aid EVER. I know because i can see that the places that i washed have the least damage than the places i didnt. Then go see the doctor. I have heard people say Vaseline works but i really  dont know. Some people say it does.. some say it makes more damage. No idea. Cool water is the best so go for it. 

As far as the burn marks are concerned i really dont know if it might go away or stay. I am not stressing about it at all at the moment. Im still so happy my eyes are safe. But i know i will be worried about it later on. I spoke to a friend of mine who said 'just conceal it girl!' i guess i will just do that. I dont own a concealer.. i dont. Now i guess i will go around looking for one. And do these marks go away? I heard about vitamin e oil and olive oil? Im not sure.. i will definitely give them a try and see what happens. If you know of any home remedies do let me know. You know how i love suggestions.

So ladies - be careful in the kitchen..especially while frying stuff.. its really dangerous sometimes. Dont have kids near the stove and just stay away from the stove at a safe distance. And always remember -COOL WATER FIRST. Even before you run off to mommy for help.. first splash that miracle liquid while calling for help. 

Hope my post would help someone learn something new.. that was the only reason for sharing this. Other than that you know how i hate talking about these things! And if you are wondering if i am okay.. Yes i am. Its wonderful how strong we are sometimes :-)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Green Tea with Mint Face Wash from Seri Naturals

The words 'Paraben Free' always YES ALWAYS sing to me.. its like this soothing comforting love song that plays straight into my heart.. and then im impressed just by the tunes.. even before i use the product. HAHA! I USED TO BE one of those girls who would stay face wash less rather than use one with loads of weird stuff in them but over the past few months i have reduced doing that. Its not always easy to find good paraben free products and being face wash less isnt a great idea sometimes.. Really. This product was one of the latest releases from Seri Naturals (if im not wrong) and i have been using it for a while now. Its almost going to be over. Its one of those basic cleansers. BASIC as in doesnt have any special claims or doesnt do wonders to your skin. Just a basic face cleanser you can use everyday to clean your face and be satisfied. The green tea extracts are a favorite of mine.. i dont drink green tea these days. I used to.. and i remember loosing a bit of weight and then decided i will keep it minimal. I do love to drink a cup a day but i never got around doing that. Green tea based products are something i am looking out to try for those anti aging properties and yes the scent is also refreshing and very lovely!

Seri Naturals is a lovely brand that offers us products that are paraben free and really safe for your face & body.

Mineral Oils

Available in most supermarkets and priced reasonable so you might like to try this brand and see for yourself. They got some lovely body products too so do try them and let me know.

Scent & Texture:

A refreshing version of green tea. Smells so green and very green tea like with a dash of mint. Its a really lovely refreshing smell. Wakes you up in the mornings! Love it! It has this minty feel of MINT and comes on cool on your face. Love the minty freshness!

The texture of the cleanser is ofcourse very watery.. a bit too watery for my liking but it foams quite well and cleans really well. The only problem with the texture would be that i always end up pouring loads of cleanser onto my palm and its such a waste of product sometimes.


A really good product for daily use. Perfect if you are looking for a daily cleanser without any unwanted ingredients. You might have to always remember to moisturise your skin after using this one.. it doesnt really dry out your skin badly but it doesnt moisturise too so face moisturiser is a must. You can not get lazy like me!!

Monday, May 20, 2013



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Blistex Soothing Splash Liquid Lip Moisturizer

I have used Blistex lip balms before and totally loved them.. they have an amazing range of lip moisturizers.. and when i ran out of lip balm (who runs outta lip balm??!!) I wanted to try something different so i bought this one. 

Its a super cute little tube. So tiny! Fits into a coin purse. Very handy. Its a roller type applicator which i love.. its easy to use and no digging your fingers into the lip balm and all that. Totally glides onto the lips and spreads loads of product making the lip shine.

The roller ball is really nice since its metal! Its always cool and gives you this instant splash of freshness even during the HOT HOT DAYS! You feel the coolness on your lips.. sometimes cool and sometimes ice cold. Love that!


Smells like sweet mint. Polo? Yes smells just like that.


It gives this beautiful splash of shine! Super glossy and shiny. If you dont like shiny lips.. please run away from this one. This is only for ladies who love glossy and shiny lips. Comes on clear.

Moisture & Nourishment:

The main attraction in this liquid moisturizer is actually the coolness that it gives to your lips. During the hot hot days.. you feel so warm and sweaty and then you can use these rollers on your lips to give it a SPLASH of coolness. How awesome is that! But if we are taking about moisture.. i must admit there is no moisturization or nourishment of any sort. It doesnt really work as a moisturizing or treating lip product. If you are looking for something that would have to treat dry or chapped lips then this is NOT for product for you.. dont expect it to make your chapped lips heal.


I bought this product mainly for treating my lips and keeping it soft but ofcourse it did NOTHING to my lips.. but i still keeping using this all the time because i love love love the coolness it gives to my lips. I keep it in a cool place and then use it on my lips. Its so refreshing and cool! If you are looking for something to re freshen your lips - Yes try this! If you are looking for a good lip moisturizer? Run away!

Available in our stores for purchase. Contact us for more details!


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Thursday, May 16, 2013


A really beautiful statement necklace from Dulce Couture! Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dove Indulgent Nourishment Deep Care Complex Hand Cream with Shea Butter

Why are you always talking about hand creams for God's sake?! Yes see i can hear you.. i definitely can. Am i really talking too much of hand creams? Well im thinking too much of them lately. You would have seen my review of The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. I love it! Totally! BUT The Body Shop doesnt come so cheap and also for someone like me who finishes up hand cream like ice cream (no i dont like ice cream but its kinda rhymes so i had to put that in there somewhere hehe) ok not ice cream.. like jelly beans.. like hot sauce.. i CAN NOT always buy The Body Shop can i? I need to look for more options for day time moisturization. So i got this one. 


A thin lotion like texture. Absorbs very soon. Most ideal for day time use. Doesnt leave any grease or oiliness. 


Warm and comforting like a toffee. If you are familiar with shea butter scents.. this is a warm version. I like it.. its not too much but its there. Stays on for long.. the scent is there everytime i bring my hands near my nose. Even after washing my hands. Not strong but light and long lasting.


When i first used this cream.. i didnt like it.. i felt it was not moisturizing.. it just got absorbed so fast. Didnt make my hands soft or smooth. It just went on and disappeared. But after using it for days i realised it works.. it repairs your hands and you do feel your hands are more softer and smoother and less dry. Its a really good hand cream if you want to treat your hands.. if you want to fix it. BUT does not provide adequate moisture at the very moment you apply it. I have been using this for weeks now and i like the long term effect. If you got normal skin and want something light.. you can give this a try! Or if you got patience to wait and see results yes go for it!

You are a Winner TODAY!

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The Twinkly Eye - Anna Maree
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Magnetizing Jasmine Refreshing Body Mist from United Colors of Benetton

Did you know that they had body mists? Well i didnt. Anyways this is a clean transparent bottle filled up with light lilac body mist. Looks super cute and inviting. Very fresh looking.


Its not the usual jasmine scent that you would imagine. For my brain its almost non jasmine! I cant find any jasmine anywhere. But then again its a beautiful floral scent. The bottle doesnt have details about the notes but this is kinda interesting dont you think?

'The fragrance sends you onto Nile riversides into the secrets of Ancient Egypt and gets you magnetized by jasmine'

Honestly the whole Nile riverside effect is totally lost on me. LOL! Maybe i just lack imagination. Yeah? Sitting here in my bedroom and trying to figure out this scent. I do admit that its lovely.. beautiful.. sweeps through me with a floral breeze. SOFT and floral. Yes i think a bit of magnetizing effect in here and a lot of freshness. 


A beautiful modern floral scent.. fresh and uplifting. Staying power is not great.. it stays on for an hour or two at most.. something you might want to try out during the summer for some floral ness!

If you are in Sri Lanka and would love to purchase one of these.. Drop us a message HERE! We got some bottles in stock!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Yes so here we are! Blingbox is giving away this top from Vero Moda (in size medium) to one very EAGER fan of ours. So all you got to do is - follow the rules!


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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is a giveaway from US! Yes once again we are opening our own giveaways especially since our online store is open and all new items we add to the store will be introduced through a review or a giveaway.. maybe even both! Excited? Well i am! So to win this cutey headband.. all you need is a VALID POSTAL ADDRESS TO ANYWHERE IN THIS WORLD and ofcourse follow the rules below.


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Monday, May 6, 2013


A really cute giveaway for everyone who has a little girl! We got 5 of these cutey BABY ON BOARD SIGNS from Learning Minds to be given away! The winner can choose the color she/he wants! YAY! Follow the rules and and ENTER!


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Saturday, May 4, 2013

GIVEAWAY: When I was just a little girl..

Its wonderful being a girl.. isnt it? Being able to be the daddy's little girl and at the same time being mom's major supporter + love. Its truly wonderful being a girl.. having such a huge heart to show love to so many special people in our lives. So on that note - LETS GET TO BUSINESS! Here we have a lovely giveaway sponsored by Just Herbs for you all. Two winners will get a bespoke product recommendation and Just Herbs products worth Rs. 1000 each sponsored by Just Herbs.


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Ends: May 12, 2013

Since you all kinda always wanted an easy NO RAFFLECOPTER giveaway.. here we are. Share away and TWEETY TWEET TWEET!

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