Monday, May 27, 2013

a Birthday.. a Hot Oil Splash.. Some Lovely Presents and a Lebanese Grill Dinner!

Heya everyone! Thanks a bunch for the amazing wishes and love that was sent my way yesterday! I really appreciate it.. i am really lazy to reply to each and every message but i will do that bit by bit when i manage to get some time. I promise! Thank you so much! 

I dont write birthday blog posts.. i havent written one before (i think) and wasnt planning to but then something really weird happened to me and i thought i should share it with you all. And before you start reading.. just to let you know i am not NOT NOT comfortable with such personal posts but i am really hoping this will help someone out there so i decided i will let you know so please bear with me.

So it was my birthday yesterday! It was a beautiful day ofcourse kinda weird too.. pretty scary i must say. Anyways on the 26th evening.. me birthday girl (almost birthday girl) was shallow frying a bunch of chicken wings for dinner. Im not the best cook in the world. OK im not a good cook at all hehe.. but definitely super careful and always paranoid about everything.. knives.. oil.. red chilli powder.. EVERYTHING. I try to be careful always. It was pretty much a calm day.. Mr. Baby was napping so i took that time to make dinner.. i dont like to cook when he is around.. i feel its not safe so i always finish up cooking during his naps. I fry the wings and slowly take them out of the pan one by one and turn around to place them on the side and SPLASH! One wing just falls back into the hot pan and a whole lot of hot HOT oil totally splashes on my face. On the right side of my face.. totally. It felt like a hot rain puddle splash straight on my face. My right eye and my cheeks. For a second i was like WTH! I ran to the bathroom and washed my eye and my face with cold water for God knows how long. I was terrified. My eye was burning.. my cheeks were burning.. did oil get into my eye? Yes it did.. whats going to happen.. all those thoughts were clouding my mind. What do i do when hot oil burns the skin? No idea. I just kept washing and washing with cool water. I had no idea how much damage was done. Trust me.. those were like moments of total horror.

Then i google hot oil splash! LOL i know it was like total weirdness.. i didnt feel like asking anyone for help and upsetting them because when others freak out it doesnt really help. Noone was home.. and i didnt want to call anyone up for help. I google and read - cool water.. vaseline.. aloe gel.. then there is DONT USE VASELINE EVER posts. I dont know.. loads of different stuff and well that was definitely not the right time to google. I kept washing and washing. My right eyelid was swollen completely and my eye was burning nonstop for an hour.. then it was burning when i closed my eyes. My face showed no signs of burn at the moment but later the areas that i washed showed signs of burn.. red spots all over the right cheek.. my chin (i didnt know it was burned and never splashed water on it unfortunately) was badly burned and bubbled up. My arms.. i had no idea was burned as well was totally bubbled up. In the confusion with my face i didnt realise my arm was burnt until it bubbled up. Well i finally went to see the doctor.. he gave some eye drops and some medicine and was asking me 'are you sure oil went into the eye?' Well yes it definitely did.. but Thanks to God, my eye seems okay. It feels like nothing happened at all. While the rest of my face is covered with little spots of red and brown. I cant believe this happened.. it was all so fast and so scary. I cant believe i have burnt one side of my face! Oh how we stress over zit marks and scar that are barely noticeable.. it actually makes me smile thinking of the petty issues we care about. Even now with so many burns on my face - i am just so relieved that my eye is okay. My beautiful eye.. which i dont really take much notice. Very scary isnt it.

Anyways the incident cooled down after i got my eye checked and i finally told my parents what happened. THEY FREAKED OUT. But since they are away i didnt give them on details on how much i was hurt. I told them tiny splashes.. so i hope noone from home reads this post! My husband kept joking about it (no i didnt get annoyed i was glad to relax) and things were pretty much back to normal. We went to this lovely Lebanese Restaurant called Kababji and had some kababs. It was yum yum. We ate the kababs while Mr. Baby ate the lemon slices! He loves sour and salty stuff i just realised. 

My husband got me a lovely surprise present - a fragrance! I will show you that in another post i promise. So it sorta become a beautiful day afterall.. and definitely a birthday i will remember for reasons both good and bad.

The reason i wanted to write about this incident is because i wanted to let you know these things happen alot than we realise. I never thought a chicken wing will do so much damage to my face, Its funny really. And if something like this happens - Dont panic EVER. Just go splash the area with cool water for a few mins.. it helps.. its the BEST first aid EVER. I know because i can see that the places that i washed have the least damage than the places i didnt. Then go see the doctor. I have heard people say Vaseline works but i really  dont know. Some people say it does.. some say it makes more damage. No idea. Cool water is the best so go for it. 

As far as the burn marks are concerned i really dont know if it might go away or stay. I am not stressing about it at all at the moment. Im still so happy my eyes are safe. But i know i will be worried about it later on. I spoke to a friend of mine who said 'just conceal it girl!' i guess i will just do that. I dont own a concealer.. i dont. Now i guess i will go around looking for one. And do these marks go away? I heard about vitamin e oil and olive oil? Im not sure.. i will definitely give them a try and see what happens. If you know of any home remedies do let me know. You know how i love suggestions.

So ladies - be careful in the kitchen..especially while frying stuff.. its really dangerous sometimes. Dont have kids near the stove and just stay away from the stove at a safe distance. And always remember -COOL WATER FIRST. Even before you run off to mommy for help.. first splash that miracle liquid while calling for help. 

Hope my post would help someone learn something new.. that was the only reason for sharing this. Other than that you know how i hate talking about these things! And if you are wondering if i am okay.. Yes i am. Its wonderful how strong we are sometimes :-)


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  2. Belated happy birthday dear.. And yes, we need to be very careful while working in the kitchen.. Oil splash can be very dangerous.. I have a oil splash / burn mark in my hand which I got while frying the fish. And then later it seems you had a fab day.. Waiting for the post the perfume. Take care..

  3. horrible.. I also Had a oil splash on my hand once, while I frying dry chillies. I did wash my hands with water, there was a burn mark then and I applied vesline continuosly for some days. it helps. there is no marks now.
    and wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Take care.

  4. congrats for the gift :) happy birthday

  5. The moment your skin burns please grate a potato and put it on the burnt area. It has natural agents that cool down the skin and prevents blisters(bubbles) from forming. Dont pop the blister because the liquid inside allows the skin to heal.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday :)

    Burns can be so poor thing


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