Friday, June 13, 2014

Bath & Body Works French Lavender & Honey Eau De Parfum

For those who know me would have already guessed one thing - I AM EXCITED! Too reasons - Bath & Body Works has opened at Villagio Mall (awhile back actually) and THE BIG SALE IS GOING ON NOW! Yes! How awesome is that?! OKAY NOW WAIT - please stay dont run off to the mall now, read first ladies! Yes thank you LOL.

Most of you are well aware of this brand obviously - reviews are all over the internet. Everybody has bottles of their fragrances stocked up high all the time! My mom has a couple actually but this is the first time i visited the store. Strange i know. And for my friends who asked me reviews on them, i will be writing more reviews definitely now that i have been to their store and loved their range .. its absolutely awesome .. loads to choose from! You knew that already right. 

I met this lovely lady from BBW a week ago - and she asked me the most obvious question 'whats your favourite scent from our range?' Honestly even after using bottles of their body mists during my college days i didnt recall a single name LOL i just remember calling them 'oh that sweet scent! OMG THAT FRUITY PINK ONE! and that chiffon shimmer thingy 'seriously i felt like a fool for not remembering (they were my way before blogging days and i really did not have to remember names duh!) so i shook my head and said i dont remember - and now when i think of it i wonder if it made me look alot sillier and obviously how can a beauty blogger not remember a name? I wish i wasnt so clumsy sometimes. Then again i think i really loved the Chiffon Shimmer Thingy ~ so now ladies whats that scent called? Let me know.

So what i got here is: FRENCH LAVENDER & HONEY. Sounds pretty exotic and mysterious. This is a new fragrance which is still not available at the stores! Yahoo! Im in early haha. Its their Ramadan Release so i got to try it earlier. Thank you BBW.

My Thoughts:

I always understand my scents in a strange way. My brain works like that so you might agree or might not - fragrances are a personal preference keeping that in mind .. lets explore! When i saw the word 'Lavender' i was thinking more like calm, subtle, boring, sleepy kinda fragrance you know. But then the word 'Honey' meant something else really .. its more sweet, heavy and interesting. So how did they both get together? Once sprayed on - this fragrance comes out really sweet, girly and so pleasant. Its light but not too light, strong but not overpowering. Girly but not in piggytails. See - my brain thinks like that. The scent of lavender is really so subtle and the sweetness of honey takes over. I love that! Its a day scent for me for im really not looking into something too relaxing to make me want to sleep. Lavender is relaxing isnt it.

So ..

A really beautiful sweet scent for summer - stays on for a couple of hours. Nothing too heavy for your nose but definitely something that will keep you smelling lovely during a hot summer day! It has a hint of melon which really gives you a slight summer kick!  

This fragrance will be in store real soon so do check it out and let me know what you think. I love it! And am using it already. Its my new purse spray!

Shopping Spot:

Bath & Body Works - Villagio Mall

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[CLOSET IDEAS] Kiss Me Its Summertime!

Summer Time and its an excuse for dressing up in all colors right?! But ofcourse i have put to rest the pastels and trying to add browns with reds and blues and all that. Well i am trying something different. Hope you like it. And ofcourse its a very college day type style dont you think? Ofcourse i have left college years ago (GOD i feel so old!) But this would be something i would find comfortable for an afternoon with the girls? A walk in the park? A nice walk at Villagio? Well ofcourse a stroll along Villagio would need an abaya on top but you get what i mean .. its a girly summer day outfit.

Scarfs are a staple in my closet i need them every single day - instead of going for a simple one these lace scarfs are kinda chic - can be worn Throughout the year in all seasons. Definite must HAVE.

Those satchels arent really my thing - these are really useful and comfortable to carry books - well diapers, wet wipes and baby stuff for me. Doesnt Looks stylish and make me feel like a walking baby shop. If you are a mom you would .. know what i mean LOL.

This would be the highlight of this outfit! Its a pair of absolutely gorgeous shoes with kisses all over! Who said flats cant be stylish?! Right?

This little fellow would need a full review but just to let you know - these are so cute, tiny, they smell so fresh and AWESOME! Anti bacterial hand gels but they dont make you want to throw up lol! They are so fresh its a shame not to have one in your bag! Seriously try them ladies! They are on sale right now - YES THATS RIGHT! BATH AND BODY WORKS HAS THEIR SALE GOING ON! So run there asap! Stock on your favorites and try something new. They got some great deals going on.

Anyways this will be the end of my Closet Ideas. Hope you liked it! Please do let me know how you make your summer more fun and how you survive in this heat.

Shopping Spot:

Hollow out Lace Scarf in Grey- The Walk In Closet Qatar
Top - Romwe
Brown Leggings - Glitz 
Summer Kisses Shoes -  The Walk In Closet Qatar
Sweet Pea Anti bacterial Hand gel - Bath & Body Works   at Villagio

Sunday, June 8, 2014

May Empties! Oh yeah!

I was NOT lost if you ever wondered - i was just trying to get a few things done and i got busy. I know we always say That but really - i got some new things going on with my life and kinda got held up! Anyways its time to empty the beautiful EMPTIES BIN so here we are.

[Read Full Review HERE Despite the amazingly interesting list of ingredients like 'Super Fruit Complex YUZU' and being paraben free and all that stuff Usually That Excites me - this product just did not do anything great. It dried out my skin like crazy and refused to get any better. Summer or Winter it was the same. Will not repurchase again. QR 45 - Boots, Landmark.

Thanks to Mr. Husband who picked this up for me saying 'it looked like something you will like' Yes i would definitely, infact i loved it! Its amazing. Smells fresh and really lovely. It is so light BUT it works like a dream . Dried up hands or little wrinkle lines on your Fingertips clear up pretty well with continuous usage. It Doesnt workTel like  in 5 mins but trust me - give it a little time and you will see. Its amazing and its so cheap for QR 15. Try it! Its as good as my most favorite cream ever - Cifalfate Avene Anti-bacterial Repair Cream. 

Smells really pleasant but it Did not keep my hands away from getting dry. Nothing special - just like regular hand soap with a pleasant scent. QR 15 - Al Meera.

[Read Full Review HERE]  What can i say - it was the worst face mask i have ever used. QR 5.75-Ansar Gallery.

[Read Full Review Here]  Definitely one of my favorite face Serums! Makes my skin feel fresh and healthy! Paraben and silicone free! It really does Smoothen skin and Moisturizes really well without feeling heavy! Enjoyed it totally and will recommend it too!

[Read Full Reviews Here]  There are times when you feel as though non of your regular hand creams Seem to give you enough moisture - Especially During winter .. your hands go crazy yeah? So That is the time to try this hand butter for some serious business. I used it and loved it! Can be a little too strong a scent for some noses so please sniff it before buying. QR 60 - The Body Shop, Landmark.

[Read Full Review Here] Looking back at my review for this product i just had to laugh. I really thought QR 29 was too pricey for a little tin of lip balm REALLY? Well yeah figures - i was new to Qatar and therefore the naiveness. But when i think of it now - i think its pretty okay especially since its cute and looked really colourful in my handbag for months until my little boy decided its time to do something useful with it and totally scooped up the whole tin of lip balm and moisturised himself head to toe. For a minute i was horrified but then i had to smile - for one he gave me an extra empty for the month of May LOL and finally i finished a lip balm even if it was cheating! LOL! Anyways it was a cute addition to my handbag not that it did anything much to my lips. I am a little sad its over but i guess it really is time to let him go.

So those were my empties for May! I didnt really use too many products like i usually do. Strange! But then again i havent been trying out anything new for the past few weeks so i will be doing That hopefully for the next few months! Thank you for reading and thank you girls for asking me why i was away! I appreciate the love :-) Im back now.

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