Monday, April 21, 2014

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Moisture Mask [Normal Skin]

So now i will go cleanse my face, apply this on my face and neck and will be back in a bit for the rest of the review. And yes i have already used 1 application 2 weeks ago .. i dont remember the finer details so i will have to use the other one now so that i can tell you what i feel.

Its spring here .. well its really warm but since i stay indoors all day long my face feels really tight and dry at the end of the day due to air conditioning so i thought maybe my face needed some refreshing and moisture. So i thought this might be helpful.

Comes in 2 separate sachets which is really convenient so its 2 uses in one packet. Very affordable too.

Kinda very thick lotion like texture that does not dry .. i mean even after leaving it on my face for 15 mins .. its still wet and feels like i got a layer of body lotion on my face. NOT GOOD.

Basically i DID NOT LIKE THIS ONE and i will tell you why. 

1. Did not feel refreshing at all - i wanted something cooling and fresh but all i got was a layer on lotion on my face which felt like body lotion!

2. Did not dry at all - there was absolutely no change in texture even after leaving it on my face for 15 mins .. i wanted some change??!

3. Face did not feel super clean - i kept thinking if my face was washed well enough .. it just felt very odd.

4. Did not moisture at all There might have been a 0.001% change but trust me thats only because i tried my BEST to see if there was any change. NOT GOOD.

So ..

I was totally disappointed. It just did not do anything at all. TOTALLY pointless!! 

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  1. So, it's a big nooooo......very honest review....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. Aww i was not expecting that from any nivea product.. I appreciate your honest review. ♡

  3. Oh my.. i am skipping this.. Honest review Love

  4. Thank you for the review!
    I usually love this brand...but it s the first time I see this product!
    thank you for the sharing!

  5. Going to skip it, some products are totally disappointing.


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