Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My March Empties and Romwe Winner!

Since im in my BESTEST moods today [NOT] I decided to get rid of the trash i have been collecting in my dresser drawer and clear it. Yes, i am in a terrible mood.. dont ask me why. Just annoyed that i am annoyed obviously for something that i shouldnt be annoyed about.. being annoyed is annoying.. and its more annoying when you talk about! You know what  i mean.


Schwarzkopf Palette Intensive Colour Cream 
5-68 Medium Chestnut:

I will NOT tell you anything about this product. It did not work on me. NOTHING HAPPENED. If you still want to see my review and what my hair looked like before and after. See my FULL REVIEW HERE

Avene Cicalfate Antibacterial Repair Cream:

This is my miracle cream! I use it on my hands when its dry.. on my feet when my skin peels.. on wounds that have healed so i can avoid scars. Pretty much on everything! I love it! ITS AMAZING! You can use it on your face and body for repairing problematic areas. Paraben free, fragrance free and preservatives free. MY MOST FAVOURITE CREAM EVER!

Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion:

I bought this hoping it might work on my dry feet.. it didnt. But it was really lovely for tired feet and did make it all worth buying UNTIL it turned white and became fishy!!!! I had left it sitting on my dresser drawer for a couple of weeks and totally forgotten about it.. one day i remember and take it out.. the lotion had become white in colour and it smelt fishy.. not that fishy.. i mean literally fishy. Weird! I didnt want to risk using it anymore so i had to simply pour it out in the sink. What a waste! It still have time and didnt expire but had gone bad for reason unknown. Really disappointed.. had this ever happened to you?
It was pricey too! QR 95

The Body Shop Papaya Body Scrub:

It did have this weird artificial scent of papayas but it was a really good scrub and did the job perfect! Kinda drying.. so if you got super dry skin you might not like it.. drying but i did love the smooth feel it gave. Will not repurchase but did not disappoint.

The Halal Cosmetics Company Ultimate Anti Ageing Cream:

THE BEST ANTI AGEING CREAM I HAVE EVER USED! Seriously! Its the most moisturizing rich cream i have used till late. Free from parabens and other nasties.. cruelty free! I had always thought i didnt have any fine lines or any ageing problems at all.. but turns out i was wrong. Though i didnt have any super serious wrinkle issues.. i think i did have some fine lines around my eyes which kinda smoothen out and became less visible after using this cream. Its really amazing! Kinda pricey but it works. Really! FULL REVIEWS HERE.

Bella Cotton Large Round Make up pads:

These are the big sized 100% cotton make up pads! Its really easy to work with and i realised these huge ones are so much more interesting to use than the regular size. And yeah it was pretty cheap too. Will repurchase.

Dove Regenerating Nourishment Hand Cream:

I do like my Dove hand creams.. the one with shea butter is something i have used again and again - SEE HERE its cheap and works well. I wanted to try more varieties so picked this one. This is the night cream.. well i expected it to be more rich and moisturizing but it totally was the opposite! It was a lighter version and didnt moisture as much as the shea butter version. Too bad! It was pleasant, lovely scent and all that but for dry hands i think the shea butter one works so much better. Too bad.. it didnt work for me.

So those were my empties! Hope you liked them! And now we can go to the lucky winner of this week!



Congrats to the lucky winner.  Please make sure you MESSAGE me within 48 hours TO MY Facebook page through yours! If you fail to message me in time i will be choosing a new winner!


  1. lovely picks dear....xoxoxo....^_^

  2. I have never done an empties post!

  3. Nice products you finished :D that halal cream sounds interesting, where can i buy it?

    1. Thanks sweets!

      You can buy it on their website:

  4. Congrats winner and definitely going to try the Papaya Body Scrub :)

  5. Lovely ...congratulations to winner

    My recent one :

  6. Nice Products that you finished off :)
    Great post!

  7. Thank u so much for this awesum hamper :)


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