Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yay so its giveaway time sponsored by Oasap! and its totally open worldwide! Its amazing isnt it. One lucky winner will be able to win an item of their choice (from the lovely items shown above). I will link all the items below so you will be able to have a good look at them before you decide what you want.

So all you got to do is - Have a good look at all the prizes i have linked below and DECIDE which one you would love to win. 

Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY! 

Contrast Cross Striped Sweater

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[Mail Day] My Haul from Romwe!

Oh how i love it when i  get my packages all together at once! Its like OMG! haha right. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Romwe and i have gotten some of them here. Thought you might like to see them. Hope you enjoy my haul.

Arent these brushes so cute! They got them in a few colours! I didnt want to get a pink one so i thought blue would be a pleasant change. What do you think?

Oh yes! They got the most amazing leggings and all the colours in the world! I got so many more on my wishlist and buying them one by one. 

I got this thing going on with crop tops at the moment! This is a total impulse buy and now i need to see how i can style this little cutie. Well who doesnt love pandas right. LOL.

Well thats my haul from Romwe. Definitely one of my most favourite online stores. They always got amazing offers and special discounts going on all the time. New designs all the time. Free shipping worldwide. Total fuss free shopping and a great customer service. Do check out their website if you are not familiar with them as yet.

ANYWAYS hope you liked my haul and do let me know if you have done any hauls lately. If you have posted a haul post on your blog please link it below. I JUST LOVE HAUL POSTS!! Dont you??!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Buy the Wishtrend Wishbox14 for ONLY $9.99

I love Korean Skincare, i love Wishtrend and you might have noticed i always talk about them. They are this lovely online store that sells hundreds and hundreds of different Korean skincare and makeup. Amazing discounts and offers, fast shipping and YES a very friendly customer care service. I have never lost a package from them or had any complaints what so ever. So when i saw this wonderful offer i just HAD to share it. 

So here you see this box originally costs $25.62 but now you can get it for only $9.99 which means you get an awesome 61% discount! YAY! Also here are the items you will get inside.

I must admit seeing these products can be pretty dangerous to your wallet LOL. They just make you want to buy them BAD. This one looks really interesting! Cleans and whitens skin. The ingredients list doesnt show parabens which is quite relieving.

I have used this one and loved it. If you are totally not into the whole pulling out your blackheads using nose strips then you NEED to try this one. You can see my REVIEWS HERE.

An anti aging face cream with a roller applicator tip! OMG! Isnt that so interesting?!

OK NOW I WANT THIS! Free from harmful ingredients and a roller applicator tip! Totally on my wishlist right now.

This brand is one i have tried and LOVED! You can check out reviews on their products on my blog. I havent used their haircare range as yet though but this looks interesting.

Masks and masks all over! Korean face masks are like the thing right now! I havent tried it but would totally love to.

So now thats an amazing box with some amazing items at an amazing price! TOTALLY and there is more for you!

Hope you liked my window shopping session! All the products look so good and something you definitely should not miss if you want to try some Korean Skincare products.

Find Wishtrend on Facebook and their Website

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nivea Smooth Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Nivea is always on the shelves but i never really EVER thought i should try their products.. i have used them for years when i was young but for some reason kinda forgot about the brand over the years. Weird. Right? So this one was something picked up by Mr. Husband.. i just told him i needed  a drug store body lotion - i wanted him to surprise me with whatever you picked up and yes! This landed on my hands! Surely Mr. Husband loves Nivea. 

So its especially for dry skin. Has shea butter and alot stuff (that i dont really understand) which is meant to keep your skin totally moisturised. Nice. You can have a look yourself and let me know. HYDRA IQ? Well no idea but sounds pretty cool actually!


Not a surprise at all. Nivea products always smell sooooooo fresh and light! LOVE THEM! They smell clean, fresh, cologny, ocean like. Totally loving it. The scent stay on a bit.. not so long lasting but it doesnt matter because the scent makes the whole applying lotion onto your skin process a pleasant and freshening one. 


Its light and lotiony but not the 'pouring out' kinda light but not too heavy too. Can be massaged onto skin very easily. Glides on. Gets absorbed soon. You get this layer of moisture on your skin. The lotion doesnt get completely absorbed or disappear.


Feels slightly greasy. Moisturizes WELL. Makes your skin feel soft and smooth. You can definitely feel the instant softness on your skin. Good for dry skin during the day. I love it! Perfect during summer time definitely.. also during the fall.. it gives the right amount of moisture. The whole 24 hours thingy is ofcourse not something you will achieve by just using it whenever you remember. Apparently you got to keep using it religiously for days to treat your skin and make it soft and smooth. THATS TOO MUCH WORK FOR A LAZY GIRL WHO FORGETS TO MOISTURE. HAHA. Anyways the only problem i felt was that - the whole soft feeling lasts just about 2-3 hours at most and the cream needs to be reapplied. Well if you have the time to do that then yes definitely something you might want to try. Its reasonably priced and available pretty much anywhere everywhere so isnt that convenient?!



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie - Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

I have used them before.. would have liked them.. i dont really remember because those were my days BEFORE beauty blogging and you dont really make it a point to remember this kinda stuff.. right? I picked this one up at Carrefour when i was grocery shopping. Costs QAR 7 which is quite cheap i guess. You can use this package for about 2-3 uses. Depending on how generous you are applying it.

Looks like toothpaste. Smells so fruity and awesome! Love the scent! Totally fruity and sweet. Apply a layer onto your face (after cleansing it) and let it sit for 10-15 mins. It dries pretty fast. And then WASH OFF. The instructions are pretty simple.

Does it work?

It totally cleans out your face! You feel it! You can see a great deal of difference just after the first use. The only problem is - it can be a little drying so its most suitable for oily skin. If you got combination skin you might be able to try it BUT its a big no for ladies with dry skin. 


I loved it! TOTALLY! It cleansed very well and my face felt so much cleaner. It was a bit drying so i will be using this as my 'one a month' facial cleansing treatment. Its made from natural ingredients and is PARABEN FREE. Amazing! I so want to try out other masks from this brand so please let me know your favourites! This pack can be used for 2 full uses easily and it can be stored in a zip lock bag to store.. it doesnt go bad. I kept mine for 1 week before trying it on again and it was just as fresh!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[Closet Ideas and Winners] Come Read by the Pool Side!

WOW! Its been a while since i wrote a blog post.. i have been super busy and not had enough time to sit down for a couple of minutes. So sorry about the delay in posting the winners. FINALLY here i am. Anyways NO i do not have a pool at home nor do i have time to relax with a book at the moment but this is what i want to do the most right now since the climate is changing slowly and its going to become all cold and gloomy very soon.. i think this is the right time to enjoy the sun and yes a nice swim. (ACTUALLY swimming scares the hell outta me but if you are a swimmer this is for you!) I am totally having this DROWNING IN THE WATER PHOBIA THINGY. 

Its such a crappy photo day! See the difference in the pictures! AAH! Anyways its a cute teal top i got a from Now Clothing a couple of years ago. Its oversized and really comfortable to wear. Totally not photo friendly as you can see.. its all over the place but its a really girly cute top. 

A new favourite of mine. This pair of shorts look WAY TOO BIG but its only how it looks because it fits me perfect and is comfortable. I love the colours - it has a total beach vibe to it. 

I have been trying to get a hold of this book for so long now but finally just gave in and ordered it from Amazon awhile ago. Its pricey with shipping and all that BUT Amazon packages reach me in less than a week so despite the heavy shipping i still love to shop from the site! 

HELLO KITTY! My husband bought this for me and i am like totally in LOVE with the packaging! ITS SO SUPER CUTE DONT YOU THINK? And yes you do need a sippy sippy while reading yeah?! So lets sippy sippy Hello Kitty!

A couple of accessories. I always like to keep it simple unless its a dressy occasion.

I can see the look on your face! Hahaha! MAKEUP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh yeah i know i know BUT i wanted an excuse to bring this beautiful eye shadow up. Somewhere anywhere! Just add a little pop of colour on your lower lashes and YAY! You will look fresh and totally beautiful. REVIEWED HERE.

This is definitely one of my most favourite eye products at the moment. Actually im surprised its not all over the internet.. i have never seen a review on this before but trust me! ITS AMAZING! I will write about it pretty soon.

You can check out all the items below:

Teal Top from Now Clothing
Running Shorts from Chicnova
Hello Kitty Juice from Duheil Complex
Heart Hairclip from Lulu Hypermarket
Wing Ring from Sixth Avenue
Soap and Glory You Wont Believe Your Eyes

So now lets get onto the WINNERS OF THIS WEEK!

Marolsha Giveaway - Carrie Steele
Stylisda Giveaway - Renu Lalwani

Congrats to the lucky winners and please make sure you email me - Give me your full address and contact number to within 48 hours to claim your prizes.

And the others who didnt win - Please keep smiling as we got more giveaways going on HERE and also if you want to add your name to the redraw for this giveaway (in case the winner does not respond) 
Comment below - 


Friday, October 18, 2013

My Haul from MV Logos Hope (Books) and A Winner Announced!

So i am finally BACK after a lovely holiday with my family! It was our Eid holidays and we had loads and loads of fun. Well its back to work now! Anyways i think you all might know that the MV Logos Hope Book ship is here in Doha. We decided to go have a look and see if we might be able to get some books for Mr. Baby.. I remember visiting the ship when i was a little girl and it kinda feels nice to be going again after so many many years. So here is what we bought:

Baby Firsts Farm Board Books and Stacking Blocks
Double Trouble by Susan May Warren
Chef Express Low Fat Cooking
Touchy Feely, Lift-the-flap Green by Busy Baby
Magnetic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Not such a big haul but we were totally into getting some fun stuff for Mr. Baby that i didnt really look for many books for myself. Thats like such a surprise.. im a total book lover! Anyways i did get something to read this month.. hoping it would be a good read. Reviews on each of these would be posted super soon.. meanwhile please let me know if you visited the ship as well and what you bought!


Terri Evans Morgan

Congrats to the lucky winner and please make sure you email me with your full shipping address to within 48 hours to claim your prize.

And the others who didnt win - Please keep smiling as we got more giveaways going on HERE and also if you want to add your name to the redraw for this giveaway (in case the winner does not respond) just comment below telling me which book you like from my HAUL. 

Best of Luck!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soap and Glory SCRUB 'EM AND LEAVE 'EM Body Buff

I have been wanting to write this review from the very first time i tried this one.. i never really found the right time and finally here we are! This is a travel sized body buff. Well i assume body buff means a more milder scrub maybe? To use on a more regular basis.. Thats what i think but please let me know what it is in case im totally wrong. (im most likely am lol)

It has Babassu oil and Sea Salt. You can see the oil is totally separated from the scrubby bits and its just there floating about so i need to kinda stir it up everytime i want to use it. Not good. I mean i am lazy! Dont blame me! 


WOW! Yes thats the reaction! The product smells so damn GOOD! Its more like a lovely perfume. Not heavy or annoying but you know its just too good to be a scrub scent. No idea what it smells like.. fruits or vegetables or babassu oil?! No idea but its good and yes thats what matters! ITS so amazingly amazing. 

Thats like all salt and tiny tiny pink beads. No foaming or anything.. its just a plain scrub with huge salt grains. Do you call them grains? Ok crystals? Yeah huge crystals. And its OILY AS EVER! Its all oil in there.

The YAY Stuff:

No Animal Derived Ingredients
Smells like a happy dream

The NOT SO YAY Stuff:

It doesnt scrub. Period.
The crystals just totally fall off the skin


I wanted to like this. I WANTED TO. But i was totally totally disappointed. The salt just fell off the skin and didnt scrub at all. Wet skin or dry skin it was the same. I love the scent and once washed off my skin was smelling so good (for about 10 mins, the scent doesnt last long) and my skin was so soft and moisturised. The babassu oil moisturises so well and doesnt feel greasy at all.. but where is the scrubbing part? There is absolutely no scrubbing or buffing or whatever. I dont know if its just me or the product because EVERYBODY seems to love this product except me. Well anyways i think i will totally stop complaining and try another body scrub from Soap & Glory.. this one was like totally blah.

Shop at Boots for QR 15 
Pink Clouds for Rs. 900

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal - Sparkling Black

Well this is one product im using alot these days! Its sparkling and very glamorous and i love it. I got this FREE with my haul from Rimmel. There was a promotion going on where you can win some products bla bla bla. You can see my HAUL POST HERE for more details. Im not sure if the promotion is still on but do check out the Rimmel counter asap. (That is IF you do want some new makeup) And if you are on a budget please just stay away LOL these promotions and makeup counters just make you buy stuff that you might not really need. You know what i mean! 

To be completely honest, if i were to shop some eye products i might have not noticed this little beauty because:

1. I dont look around so much 
2. I havent seen any reviews on this 
3. Sparkling eye pencils are a little creepy for me

So basically im not such a great shopper.. i lose my patience too soon.. i just go in buy what i want and one more of something i might NEVER USE EVER and im out of the store. End of shopping spree. Unless i see reviews and i know this is something interesting then thats a totally different story. This one was a gift from the store and thank you to the lovely lady at the store who assured i would love it.

The pigmentation is good! It comes onto my lids (upper and waterline) well. Its not creamy but its really smooth when i apply it. Its totally sparkling. It stays on for about 2-3 hours before it fades a bit. No smudging just a bit of fading. Waterproof. Stays on even after washing my face a couple of times.

Now you can see a freaking truckload of glitter in there but trust me in reality - its more black than silver. I have applied it pretty light and simple so the blackness is a little less. My camera is apparently a party girl who loves glitter so SHE has completely caught the silver leaving out the black. (stubborn cameras i tell you!) When applied more dark - the black shows out pretty well with a decent amount of sparkles and not too much. 


I love this one! Its simple but adds the right amount of glitter to brighten up my eye area. Stays on for long. No smudging. Does NOT irritate my eyes at all. I got sensitive eyes but i got absolutely no problems using this. YAY! So its a hit. They do have more colours so i am going to have a look and see if i can get more interesting colours. Perhaps a purple? Well let me see!

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