Thursday, May 17, 2012

Madison Street Beauty Spring Green Eye Shadow

You must be knowing Madison Street Beauty! Ofcourse! I have had an awesome giveaway sponsored by them just a while go. But in case you missed it somehow, you should know that they are a company that offers really lovely natural mineral cosmetics! I found this company when i was on the look out for natural make up. They got eye shadow, foundation, setting powder, lip balms and so much more! You should definitely check out their Etsy Store to see all the products that they offer.

Here i got a lovely shade of eye shadow to show you! Its a lovely green colour with gold undertones! Its a shimmery color but shimmers kinda golden and is so lovely under lights!!!!! Beautiful! 

Its a really pretty FRESH green colour! And i love it! Its kinda light but you can build up on it to give you the desired shade. 

So thats just one swipe! Isnt it pretty! This is a color i will definitely use. What about you? What do you think?

Product was sent by company for reviews but that has no effects on my honest opinions.


  1. wow I love the color. I would wear it.

  2. This is a very nice color, I love it

  3. I wouldn't ever wear that color personally, I am not a big fan of green, but it is beautiful, my best friend has green eyes and this green shadow would be a perfect complement to them!!

  4. lovely shade dear !!! such a bright and fresh color...loved the gold undertones :)

    1. Yes i know the gold is a stroke of genius! silver is kinda getting too old now.. :P

  5. Oh that shade is just stunning! lovelovelove xx

  6. im not a green fan, but then again this looks nice!! love the pigmented eyeshadows anyway :)


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