Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soap & Glory Girligo Spray-On Body Moisturising Mist

I was sooooooooooo curious to try out Soap & Glory products.. and i finally got a chance! I think i had really high expectations or something because.. i wasnt THAT impressed with their fragrances. Maybe thats not really their best products though.

This body mist is a spray on moisturiser.. What do i say.. its not a MUST HAVE product or anything but its just something handy and kinda fun to use at times. Mostly convenient if you just have this super fast shower and need to rush out somewhere.. you need some moisture + fragrance. Yes you can try it. Not that it moisturises THAT GREAT OR leaves skin super soft or anything. OK LET ME BE HONEST: WHO AM I KIDDING? YOU DONT NEED THIS LOL! But we really dont need half the things we own.. we just want to use them for some reason or the other. So lets keeping reading..



A very fruity scent.. almost smells like The Babes Passion Berry Perfume from Oriflame! A girly scent.. i would say like a little girls perfume. Not so great. ITS OKAY! Nothing special about it i guess. But you wont hate it.. Thank God for that. Anyways the scent lasts a really really long time. Which is quite good for a body mist.



Just watery when you spray it onto the skin.. and then you gently rub it in.. its a bit sticky so dont over use it.. especially around your neck or shoulders during summer. It gets really sticky and annoying.



Will i recommend?

Nope. Not a fan of its smell and i would like something more lighter and something that smells really nice. If you have a favorite please comment below so i can give it a try!


  1. i wud luv to try this ... never hav tried anything lyk dis before

  2. sounds pretty good :) Nice review!!!

  3. Would love to try this but out Soap & Glory selection is very poor and expensive here in Canada.
    Sara xx

  4. hmmm.....seems something new to try for fun !!!

  5. Thanks for warning us.

  6. never tried a spray on mist....might be fun to try...bt may be something in a different flavour ...may b lemony orangy :)

  7. i love spray on mist...... :)
    would love to try this :)

  8. nice review. you really love pink color huh


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