Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Peace Luxury Home Spa Set

Yet another Spa Set from Spa Ceylon Ayurveda to share with you! Hope you enjoy the post. How exciting! And also i have sorta edited the pictures in this evening like light. So let me know if you like it!

The Spa Set comes in this really elegant black box! Really posh looking!! 

Inside the box is a really pretty cream colored straw pouch!! All the goodies are kept inside it! Thats so thoughtful of them because its really easy to carry about if you're travelling and also perfect for storing your toiletries! I already have a really pretty pink and purple pouch from Sleep Therapy Set that i had got before so this one goes straight to Mr. Husband! He's always travelling about so i think this will be ideal for him to carry this stuff. And its a guy color too isnt it :-)

Those are the lovely goodies inside! Looks really interesting Yeah. Packaging ofcourse is all green and fresh looking as usual. This set is the PEACE set, contains goodies which help you calm down your senses.. to promote inner peace. BEST used using the evenings and night time. Perfect for soothing your senses and to bring you peace and harmony! I think its BEST for those who have had a long hard day.. or days when you are not in a good mood and want to calm down. For new mothers who are frustrated over little little things LOL. Basically i think people who are stressed out can try this set to bring them some peace. And reduce their tension ;-) Sounds like something we all need to try. We all do need to relax sometimes!

What i really love about their Spa Sets is that they have this range of items  for different uses.. I dont think i would be able to hand pick them if i were to choose items for myself. I think this will make a perfect gift for your loved ones! Really.. a really pampering set. So these are the items inside this set:

Peace Bath & Shower Gel
Peace Hand & Body Lotion
Peace Massage Balm
Peace Soothing Balm
Herbal Compress
Aloe Vera Mint Cleansing Bar

That sounds and looks really AMAZING!!!! And im sooooo curious to try them all out. The first few things i want to try will definitely be the shower gel, massage balm and the cleansing bar. I will use each product and give my full reviews VERY SOON! In case you're interested to know about any product in here.. please comment below and i will do the reviews sooner!

If you want to have a look at their other products and maybe get some for yourself. Have a look at their WEBSITE!


  1. The products had me drooling already and now i am in love with the packing aswell :))

  2. I love your reviews and your choice of products to review! They are all so exotic!! I had a look at this website and i saw so many things i want to try! I will go to odel one of these days and get some products.. they look really expensive.. so i will get the soaps.. hope they arent too expensive because im broke at the moment haha~

  3. ahh .. i love them..... the pouch is soooo cute...m gonna order fr me :)

  4. Sleep and Now Peace..... Wats up girl ?? hehhehe

    1. I am planning to purchase from their Hydrate Line....
      My skin becomes dry very frequently.....Change in weather affects it instantly.....Even during summers my skin peels sometimes....So i think this would be best for me

    2. Yeah it looks really interesting right.. me planning to get hold of a body mist!

  5. really nice and uesful,i loved the packing,its so royal.

    1. I love it too! the pouch is just too cute!

  6. all the products look great :)

  7. The look great! I'd love to try these products!


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