Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peace Hand and Body Lotion from Spa Ceylon Ayurveda

If you want a light refreshing moisturiser for your HOT SUMMERS like the ones we are facing right now in Colombo.. you can give this product a try and you will love it! Totally. See i have used almost half the bottle!


LIME ZEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you tried smelling lime zest! This is exactly the same smell minus the acidity. So fresh smelling :-) Love the smell! Wish it would last for long.. but the smell disappears kinda soon :-(


A light as in REALLY LIGHT moisturiser.. absorbs into skin really soon.. doesnt feel greasy or oily. Massage it on to skin and then it just disappears. Perfect for summers.. because at the moment with this extreme heat its really important to use something that doesnt make you feel sticky or sweaty. But if you are someone who has EXTRA dry skin.. or if its winter time.. this lotion will not work for you. 

Summer time = Perfect!


The Awesomeness of this Lotion:

So whats so special? Well.. this comes from the Peace range.. which means that its mainly for relaxing your senses and help you sleep. Use this at night! I use this EVERY night and i loveeeeeeeee the feeling. It has peppermint so it gives a subtle minty coolness on my skin. When applied to the neck area and shoulders, you can feel the coolness on your skin.. that helps you feel relaxed and you can get a good nights sleep. 

Will I Recommend?

If you are looking for something relaxing and cool during the hot hot summers or you want something to calm down the senses.. you got to try this!!!!!! The coolness on the neck is a must feel feeling :)


  1. hmmm... Peppermint..... :)
    just love the smell of it.... i use the essential oil of peppermint usually and i love it....
    Sounds like a wonderful product :) !!

  2. Looks like a useful and handy product!

  3. I love body lotion especially when they aren't oily. I have never tried Lime Zest scent before. I imagaine it smells great!

    Amy Orvin

  4. Sounds awesome and looks like it would come in handy.

  5. It helps me a lot!
    Elli Petsanidou


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