Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lulu and Boo Organics Rosehip Face Lifting Serum

This isnt something i would actually have bought for myself  BUT i won it on a Facebook Contest held by Lulu & Boo Organics so i thought why not give it a try!

'Regenerates cells, Strengthens and Improves Skin Elasticity'

To understand this review you have to understand my skin:
  • No breakouts or acne
  • Combination skin
  • Highly sensitive
  • Dull texture
  • No wrinkles 

This serum is a night treatment, you can cleanse your face, take around 5-6 drops of this serum and massage well. IF you got dry skin, you got to follow up with your moisturiser! So important point here is : It kinda DRIES your skin so REMEMBER to moisturise!


An oily formula.. its actually a mixture of different oils. So its oily as EVER. Smells BAD! Smells like fish or something. Not GOOD. Takes a long time to sink into your skin.. even after massaging it. You feel really oily and greasy so better lay a sheet over your pillow so it doesnt get stained. 

Comes with a nice dropper so its really easy to make sure you dont waste any of the serum. 

My Thoughts:


This is a love-hate review. So please read the whole thing before you decide whether you want to try it or let it go. 

Week 1: Face looks brighter and more glowly!

Week 2: Few breakouts

Week 3: Discontinued the serum

Week 4: Started Serum again!

Week 5: Face looks brighter and fairer

Week 6: Few Breakouts

Week 7: Discontinued the serum

You can see that it didnt work for me that well but it did work too! The serum brought many surprising changes to my skin.. it was more fairer and brighter and REALLY healthly looking until i started breaking out a little here and there. I know its definitely got to be the serum because i didnt use anything different other than that. I did try to make it fit in but it just didnt work out that well.

My mom used the serum and SHE LOVES IT! I have seen so many changes on her face! Wrinkles are less visible.. face is more fairer and healthy looking!! She got no breakouts or anything. Its working soo well on her. She's using it everyday and its almost going to finish and she is planning on getting a new bottle.

Meanwhile i use.. i dont.. i use.. i dont. And now i stopped because no matter how much i love to use it.. it didnt really agree with me i guess.


Will i recommend? 


Its really hard for me to say yes or no.. because i have had problems but i have seen it work soo well on others so i can only say please give it a try. If you're looking for an anti-aging serum, you can try this one and see.. it might work for you though i cant really promise.


  1. Rosehip oil is said to be good for skin ..too bad it gave u break-outs !!
    Sensitive skin usually breaks out when u apply any oil based stuff on it....
    I use evening primrose oil.... No breakouts at all..And skin is brighter and glowy...Try that... :)

  2. Hmm i think it would work on mom's skin :) i myself dont need to use a face lifting serum at this age, but i guess its best suited for people above 35.

    1. I thought the same thing! i was too young for this.. but when i spoke to lulu & boo they assured me that this serum was recommended for acne prone teenage skin too!

  3. i never thought rosehip oil can be fac lifting serum, first heard it as a scar remover

  4. It sounds and looks pretty good! Rosehip oil is amazing! I'll check it out asap!

  5. Thanks for this open opinion and review. It is useful when reviewer says not only pros but cons too!
    Lubka K.


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