Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Earrings of all Colors and Shapes from eFox City and a List of Lucky Winners!

You know how i love love to surf online stores and make a mental wishlist of what i want to buy! And now its more fun because i can share my wishlist with you all too! So here i am with my choices of really cute, funky and colorful earrings that i found on eFox City. You should definitely have a close look at my wishlist and let me know which ones you would love to own. 

Did you like my choices? Lovely yeah? But ofcourse there are sooooo many other earrings that you might want to have a look at! Check out eFox City! They got a huge range of earrings at amazing prices! Would you like to have a giveaway from their website? Do let me know your thoughts!

Now we can get onto the winners of the week! Please have a look at the list and email me as soon as possible.

The Lippy Lady - Sussi Mallon
A Yummy Giveaway - Ghun Jain
The Crafty Girl - Princess Zee
Rainbow Giveaway - Wania Naeem

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to pinkcloudsz@hotmail.com within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners!


Monday, October 29, 2012

A Giveaway from Clothespin!

Its a lazy rainy full moon day! Thought you might like to enter a few lovely giveaways and snuggle up with a nice book to read :-) Here i got a pretty top from Clothespin for one of you! Enter the rafflecopter below and stay pretty!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ModDiva Clam Shell Clutch Set of 4

Clutches are a MUST for every girl! I totally love them! I use them while travelling to hold my make up and other necessities and also helps me organise my things at home. This beautiful clutch set is from ModDiva. Really cute and comes in 4 sizes perfect if you need a couple of clutches for different use. 

The highlight of this clutch is the shape.. it looks like a really pretty shell. Doesnt loose its shape and looks full and pretty whether its filled up with stuff or totally empty. 

The biggest of them all - i use it as my make up bag to keep all my lippies, blushes and eyeliners etc. Perfect to store cosmetics in your dresser drawer or even if you want to travel.. you can use it as your travel cosmetic bag. Its the perfect size to hold all your necessities.

This is second biggest one - i use it for keeping my panty liners and sanitary napkins in my handbag! Its always in my handbag and is of great importance. (LOL) Its really convenient to store these little personal items in a clutch rather than throw them into my handbag and search and search for them when i really need them panicking and wondering if i brought them or not.

Thats my lip balm clutch!! I store all my lip balms there so its easier for me to keep them safe in one place! I dont carry this clutch around.. its always in my drawer safe and sound.

The smallest and the cutest of them all - you can use it to store coins but i use it to keep my rings safe in my handbag. I always wear my rings when travelling and half way i want to remove them and put them in my handbag. So this little tiny clutch is so useful to keep my rings safe and easy to find later on when i want to put them back in my jewellry box.

So those are my 4 cutey clutches! Really useful and makes organising and storing so much more easier for me. Especially a lazy person like me needs something like this to help keep my dresser and hangbag more organised.

If you love these and want to have a look at other colors and designs of Clam Shell Clutches - Go have a look at ModDiva! They got some lovely colors and designs.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Giveaway: Win a Cutey Top from Chimes - The Top Pick!

A lovely top from Chimes - The Top Pick waiting to be given off to one of you! Isnt it super cute? If you want to be in the lucky draw - Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

Hawaiian Goat Milk Charcoal Facial Soap from SkinCaring Soaps

I havent used soap on my face for years!!!! Maybe because i always felt it was easier with face wash.. and also my mom isnt a great fan of soap and she never allows me to use them. She says soap dries out your face! But ofcourse that was before i found this lovely charcoal soap for my face! Gentle and safe.

Charcoal is ideal for deep cleansing your face - to remove impurities from your pores yet being really gentle. After loads of researching on the internet (i do that whenever i want to try something new for my face) I decided to make this my 'before bed' deep cleansing product. I have been using this for a while now and these are my thoughts.


Has a really natural scent.. my nose cant really figure out what it smells like exactly! But its really light and natural smelling. Not a lovely scent or anything.. but not something which would bother you. Its light and just there i guess.


Lathers really well! Perfect for a bit of massaging onto your face before you wash it off. The soap bar doesnt melt off easily so it would last a while.. a small bar of soap can be used for quite a long time. 

Does it work?

I have been using this soap EVERYDAY now for a while.. sometimes even twice a day. Depending on my mood. Love the way it cleanses my face.. makes me feel really clean and leaves my skin soft. Doesnt dry out the face.. doesnt make it look dull. Love the way it cleanses yet seems to be so gentle. Perfect for a good cleanse before bed night because it removes all the dirt and helps your night time skin products to really get in there and work better. I had no breakouts or allergic reactions after trying this.. i usually dont get any zits unless i try something new and it doesnt suit me. I got super sensitive skin and i am really careful on what i use for my face. This soap has really helped soften my skin.. and make it look more fresh and healthy. 

If you are looking for a good charcoal soap for deep cleansing purposes.. you might want to try this one from SkinCaring Soaps.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giveaway: I Love... Giveaways! Do you?

An amazing giveaway sponsored by I Love...Cosmetics Ltd! Doesnt it look so awesome! Im so excited for you guys! I still havent tried any of their products but im glad 3 of you will be able to win some lovely goodies! I Love...Cosmetics Ltd! are super generous and want to giveaway 3 pretty gift sets from their Christmas Gift Sets (Limited Edition). I thought i would like to let you choose what you want to win. So here are the prizes.. have a look and remember to comment below telling me which set you would like to win.

Prize 1: I Love... Body Butter Collection
Prize 2: I Love... Cranberry Celebration Treatbox 
Prize 3: I Love... Sparkling Snowflake Treatbox

So all you got to do is - fill in the rafflecopter and stay pretty!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Love Affair Body Spray from Goya

The firstest time i have ever tried a fragrance from Goya! And i must that i do like it! Lovely to discover products that are easily available and also quite cheap. Especially body mists and sprays!


A fruity scent.. a soft fruity scent! Really girly and simple. Nothing sophiscated or complicated about the scent.. its fresh and straight forward. A splash of fruits onto your skin.

The staying power:

The staying power on the skin is really poor.. it disappears too soon but once sprayed onto your clothes the scent stays for a couple of hours before it starts to fade.


I quite like this body spray.. because its a cute little bottle perfect for travel so if you want a purse spray you can try this. Not something that stays all day long but is quite good for the price. The scent is enjoyable and can be re sprayed whenever possible. Looking forward to try the other body sprays in their range. They seem to have a cute range with cutey little names!

A World of Perfumes! ~ Giveaway!

So many of you wanted a giveaway of perfumes so here we are! Rosemary and Rue were so generous for giving away 3 perfume oils for one lucky winner! AMAZING YEAH?! All you got to do is - Fill in the rafflecopter and be super pretty!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marine Lip Treatment SPF 18 from Gabriel Organics

The area on my face that needs least attention seems to be my lips.. especially living in a tropical country i hardly have chapped lips or any other problems. Then again i think using a good lip treatment everyday wouldnt hurt really. I totally overlooked that all these days! But glad this product made my realise i was missing out on something real important.

If you are someone like me whose always SEARCHING for cruelty free companies that are organic and free of nasty ingredients then you should definitely checkout Gabriel Cosmetics! They are organic, cruelty free and vegan! Amazing! They got a whole range of skincare and makeup that you can go have a look! Quite interesting.

What i have here is a Lip Treatment- is suppose to help relieve chapped lips, keep them moiturized and help get rid of fine lines and dull skin. 

I dont really have any problems with my lips at the moment but i did give it a try. I use it atleast 2 times a day and this is what i think..

Scent & Flavor:

Has no scent at all! It doesnt really bother me.. it seems to be a relief especially when using it before bed time. Flavor is also real mild.. almost not there but you can feel a slight hint of citrus.. its so slight.. kinda nice but not the lick it off kinda flavor i guess.

Texture & Moisture:

The texture is watery as you can see in the picture. REALLY light.. gets a bit whitish and bit thick during the rainy days but once applied it turns watery and it really easy to spread onto the lips. The tube is designed in such a way thats its so easy to apply this product onto the lips. It simply glides on. Gives this amazing shine to the lips and makes lips feel moisturized and looks lovely too. Its safe to be used throughout the day wherever you go since it has SPF 18. Cant get better ha!

So does it work?

I wouldnt know how it works on chapped lips or dried up lips.. it looks like it might be good but i got no idea! The change i saw in my lips was that - i got kinda pigmented lips and i realised that this product has reduced the darkness and brought some pink onto my lips. I feel my lips are improving as days pass. The change is slight and the improvement is slow but it really does work and i love that! I use it EVERYDAY and I LOVE IT!

I know this might not be something you would have on your imediate wishlist BUT i feel your lips shouldnt be ignored.. its the smile that brings in the sparkle in your lovely eyes! Try this and let me know if it worked for you too!

Wishlist and Some Winners: Some Super Cute Necklaces from Clothingloves

Necklaces are always like this craze for us girls.. we can never have enough of them! There is always something new and cuter that we need to add to our huge collection. Right! I was going through Clothingloves to have a look at their collection of necklaces and yes! They have a lovely collection - at such low prices! So if you are looking for products at reasonable prices or wholesale buying of clothes or accessories you should definitely have a look!! If you are a necklace collector you got to have a look at this website. They got loads of lovely pieces at amazing prices. This is my wishlist! Have a look and tell me what you like most!

Arent they like so cute?! Love them all!! Which ones do you love? Let me know below.. and here are some of the winners of this week.

Cranberry Giveaway- Saba Butt

The Lippy Lady - Hana Clay

A Yummy Giveaway - Tara Smith

Pink Candy Girl - Nagia Stalitsa 

The Crafty Girl - Akansha

A LOVE-LY Giveaway - Meenakshi Kapur 

Summer time Giveaway - Sajana Dawani

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to pinkcloudsz@hotmail.com within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners! 



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Package of Love from SkinCaring Soaps

Its always such a lovely surprise when Mr. Postman comes with a package of goodness! Awesome! Today my package from SkinCaring Soaps finally arrived. Packaged so well and delivered safe!!!!! Thank God! I got loads of new soaps to try and im soooo excited that i had to show them to you. All the soaps were wrapped up well with pretty tissue paper.. labelled well with their super cute names and they have a full ingredients list too. Amazing! Smells lovely too.. though i cant tell which one smells how.. i still need to sniff sniff them all.

This is What I Received -->

Hawaiian Goat Milk Charcoal Facial soap
Baby Carrot & Milk Castile Soap
Lavender Pink Himalayan Salt Bar
Pink Geranium Rose Salt Bar
Calendula Castile Baby Soap
Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap
Cherry Overload Soap
Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Soap

Thats like a whole load of soap and i dont know which one to try first.. so please do let me know which ones you would like me to try and review soon. Hope you enjoyed seeing my mail today.. let me know what you got in your mail and do send pictures if possible.

Oh i forgot to tell you! The owner was sooooooo kind to put in a cutey little ducky for my baby to play with. So sweet of her! Thank you so much. He loves it!

Robe your Wardrobe ~ Giveaway time!

You love clothes? Blouses.. dresses.. tops.. bottoms.. How about a free gift voucher? Do i hear a yes? Right here we go ----------------->

A lovely gift voucher worth Rs. 2000 from 20 Robé ~
for one of you! YAY! Fill in the rafflecopter and STAY PRETTY!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Juicy Giveaway! Win a Body Mist from Victoria's Secret! [Sponsored by Victoria's Secret Chic - Malaysia]

I know! Body Mists are my MOST favorite! And a giveaway is the bestest thing EVER! So here we have Victoria's Secret Aloha PINK Tropical Juicy Body Mist to be given to one of you from ANYWHERE IN THIS WORLD! All you got to do is - fill in the rafflecopter without cheating and stay pretty!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Super Haul from Spa Ceylon Ayurveda!

Yes i know i am on the spending ban!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!! But i got a HUGE list of things i want to shop!! A long long list LOL! so im doing it bit by bit. Is that cheating? Its okay to cheat once in a while yeah.. life is quite short. Dont you think? 

Anyways i did go to the Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Boutique today.. i did ask you guys what i need to have a look at.. but i didnt get any suggestions so i just bought what i felt like.

I wanted to get some soap and also a Spa set so here we are:

Sensual Sandalwood Cleansing Bar
Forest Trail - Discovery Set

Its not a huge haul but its quite sexy i guess. Love the items i got and love some more items which i still didnt. Maybe i will get some more items next time.. since my lotions and potions are going to get over.. YAY! i can make that an excuse for more shopping!

I did want to let you know this - if you are looking for gift sets for the ones you love.. you need to go have a look at their stuff! Amazing i must say!!!! The products are ofcourse of high quality, packaged well and the gift set look so lovable. Free from nasty ingredients, full of ayurveda loveliness! Its worth your every penny.. its not mighty expensive too. If you want to buy something special for someone special you need to have a look. Trust me you will definitely thank me for pushing you! You get special Spa Sets for your man as well.. surprise them and they will definitely feel so pampered and ofcourse quite surprised too. Haha! We always get them perfumes and gadgets.. why not a super pamper set? Its good to introduce them to something healthy yeah.

So thats my haul! Hope you liked it! Reviews will follow real soon.. If you are interested in anything please let me know below.. i will review it sooner!

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