Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hawaiian Goat Milk Charcoal Facial Soap from SkinCaring Soaps

I havent used soap on my face for years!!!! Maybe because i always felt it was easier with face wash.. and also my mom isnt a great fan of soap and she never allows me to use them. She says soap dries out your face! But ofcourse that was before i found this lovely charcoal soap for my face! Gentle and safe.

Charcoal is ideal for deep cleansing your face - to remove impurities from your pores yet being really gentle. After loads of researching on the internet (i do that whenever i want to try something new for my face) I decided to make this my 'before bed' deep cleansing product. I have been using this for a while now and these are my thoughts.


Has a really natural scent.. my nose cant really figure out what it smells like exactly! But its really light and natural smelling. Not a lovely scent or anything.. but not something which would bother you. Its light and just there i guess.


Lathers really well! Perfect for a bit of massaging onto your face before you wash it off. The soap bar doesnt melt off easily so it would last a while.. a small bar of soap can be used for quite a long time. 

Does it work?

I have been using this soap EVERYDAY now for a while.. sometimes even twice a day. Depending on my mood. Love the way it cleanses my face.. makes me feel really clean and leaves my skin soft. Doesnt dry out the face.. doesnt make it look dull. Love the way it cleanses yet seems to be so gentle. Perfect for a good cleanse before bed night because it removes all the dirt and helps your night time skin products to really get in there and work better. I had no breakouts or allergic reactions after trying this.. i usually dont get any zits unless i try something new and it doesnt suit me. I got super sensitive skin and i am really careful on what i use for my face. This soap has really helped soften my skin.. and make it look more fresh and healthy. 

If you are looking for a good charcoal soap for deep cleansing purposes.. you might want to try this one from SkinCaring Soaps.


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