Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wishlist and Some Winners: Breezy Beach Dresses from Clothingloves!

Its been soo long since i actually went to the beach! I remember the last time was when i was 5 months pregnant and we went on this super awesome trip with my sisters in law :-) It really was great.. and now another vacation is due.. but with Mr. Husband away.. i wonder when that would be. Atleast hoping to get back HOME TO Mr. Husband real soon. I think that would be the greatest trip ever. hehe.. Dont you think? (im secretly hoping he reads this blog post and makes the arrangements soon) LOL!

Anyways even before my vacation plans are set.. i have been looking through a bunch of clothes that might be good for a day at the beach! Are you aware of Clothingloves? Its a lovely online store that has like an amazing collection of clothes and accessories for us girls! And the awesome part is - its priced quite reasonable!! So now we got more excuses to shop online yeah :P 

Having said that - there are some lovely dresses that i found on Clothingloves so have a look and tell me what you like BEST! And yes tell me what are your beach essentials? 

WOW!! Those are like really happy colorful summer time dresses right. There are must haves! I just realised i havent gotten a pretty hat.. and sunscreen.. and a huge cute beach bag... and slippers! OMG a huge beach haul to be done real soon :P

So now you got to tell me all your beach essentials BELOW and tell me which dress you love most! 

And here are this weeks lucky winners - Been really busy so i couldnt announce them any sooner.

Cranberry Giveaway - Mussarat Sultana

The Lady with the Clutch - Lu Gasper

Steal my heart - Fathima Nazleeya

Argan Oil - Tannu Khatter

The Lippy Lady - Toa Modak

Congrats to the winners and please make sure you email me to within 48 hours to claim your prizes or i will choose new winners! 


  1. I would carry a book to read!! And sunglasses. btw love the dresses! the first pink one is sooo cute!

  2. Congrats winners!

    love your wishlists.. they are always so cute! Pretty dresses.. i love them all!

  3. congrats to the winners.
    and zathy you have such an awesome taste in dresses. i like the 5th one so very much :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Congrats winners

    The dresses are really pretty.


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