Saturday, October 20, 2012

Love Affair Body Spray from Goya

The firstest time i have ever tried a fragrance from Goya! And i must that i do like it! Lovely to discover products that are easily available and also quite cheap. Especially body mists and sprays!


A fruity scent.. a soft fruity scent! Really girly and simple. Nothing sophiscated or complicated about the scent.. its fresh and straight forward. A splash of fruits onto your skin.

The staying power:

The staying power on the skin is really poor.. it disappears too soon but once sprayed onto your clothes the scent stays for a couple of hours before it starts to fade.


I quite like this body spray.. because its a cute little bottle perfect for travel so if you want a purse spray you can try this. Not something that stays all day long but is quite good for the price. The scent is enjoyable and can be re sprayed whenever possible. Looking forward to try the other body sprays in their range. They seem to have a cute range with cutey little names!


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