Monday, October 29, 2012

ModDiva Clam Shell Clutch Set of 4

Clutches are a MUST for every girl! I totally love them! I use them while travelling to hold my make up and other necessities and also helps me organise my things at home. This beautiful clutch set is from ModDiva. Really cute and comes in 4 sizes perfect if you need a couple of clutches for different use. 

The highlight of this clutch is the shape.. it looks like a really pretty shell. Doesnt loose its shape and looks full and pretty whether its filled up with stuff or totally empty. 

The biggest of them all - i use it as my make up bag to keep all my lippies, blushes and eyeliners etc. Perfect to store cosmetics in your dresser drawer or even if you want to travel.. you can use it as your travel cosmetic bag. Its the perfect size to hold all your necessities.

This is second biggest one - i use it for keeping my panty liners and sanitary napkins in my handbag! Its always in my handbag and is of great importance. (LOL) Its really convenient to store these little personal items in a clutch rather than throw them into my handbag and search and search for them when i really need them panicking and wondering if i brought them or not.

Thats my lip balm clutch!! I store all my lip balms there so its easier for me to keep them safe in one place! I dont carry this clutch around.. its always in my drawer safe and sound.

The smallest and the cutest of them all - you can use it to store coins but i use it to keep my rings safe in my handbag. I always wear my rings when travelling and half way i want to remove them and put them in my handbag. So this little tiny clutch is so useful to keep my rings safe and easy to find later on when i want to put them back in my jewellry box.

So those are my 4 cutey clutches! Really useful and makes organising and storing so much more easier for me. Especially a lazy person like me needs something like this to help keep my dresser and hangbag more organised.

If you love these and want to have a look at other colors and designs of Clam Shell Clutches - Go have a look at ModDiva! They got some lovely colors and designs.


  1. wao these are very good for an organized hand bag

  2. i love these cute pouches! i have 3 like these in orange! yeah, i agree while traveling i tend to clutter my suitcase, with these i can stay organized! (:

  3. So cute! Perfect travel companion xx


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