Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marine Lip Treatment SPF 18 from Gabriel Organics

The area on my face that needs least attention seems to be my lips.. especially living in a tropical country i hardly have chapped lips or any other problems. Then again i think using a good lip treatment everyday wouldnt hurt really. I totally overlooked that all these days! But glad this product made my realise i was missing out on something real important.

If you are someone like me whose always SEARCHING for cruelty free companies that are organic and free of nasty ingredients then you should definitely checkout Gabriel Cosmetics! They are organic, cruelty free and vegan! Amazing! They got a whole range of skincare and makeup that you can go have a look! Quite interesting.

What i have here is a Lip Treatment- is suppose to help relieve chapped lips, keep them moiturized and help get rid of fine lines and dull skin. 

I dont really have any problems with my lips at the moment but i did give it a try. I use it atleast 2 times a day and this is what i think..

Scent & Flavor:

Has no scent at all! It doesnt really bother me.. it seems to be a relief especially when using it before bed time. Flavor is also real mild.. almost not there but you can feel a slight hint of citrus.. its so slight.. kinda nice but not the lick it off kinda flavor i guess.

Texture & Moisture:

The texture is watery as you can see in the picture. REALLY light.. gets a bit whitish and bit thick during the rainy days but once applied it turns watery and it really easy to spread onto the lips. The tube is designed in such a way thats its so easy to apply this product onto the lips. It simply glides on. Gives this amazing shine to the lips and makes lips feel moisturized and looks lovely too. Its safe to be used throughout the day wherever you go since it has SPF 18. Cant get better ha!

So does it work?

I wouldnt know how it works on chapped lips or dried up lips.. it looks like it might be good but i got no idea! The change i saw in my lips was that - i got kinda pigmented lips and i realised that this product has reduced the darkness and brought some pink onto my lips. I feel my lips are improving as days pass. The change is slight and the improvement is slow but it really does work and i love that! I use it EVERYDAY and I LOVE IT!

I know this might not be something you would have on your imediate wishlist BUT i feel your lips shouldnt be ignored.. its the smile that brings in the sparkle in your lovely eyes! Try this and let me know if it worked for you too!


  1. That's looks nice!!


  2. sounds good, never heard about it<3

  3. This is soooo incidental; I live in India and I am not a chapped lipped lady; but of late my lips have been too much trrouble. So even I decided to write a post today about chapped lips, my lip balm haul & an overnight remedy for chapped lips! BTW where did you buy this treatment from?

    Check my blog here-

  4. I was always skeptical about using lip treatments! But this looks great :) Nice review and good to know it showed some pigmentation on your lips! :)

  5. There are many products for lips treatment but i dont find any 1 effective . After reading your positive review , i would like to test it <3.


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